• Note- This is a work in progress.

    Nickname: Ruka
    Full Name: Berukka the Blade
    Species: Otter
    Berukka is a tall, athletic otter with a somber expression and sad amber eyes. Her sleek black fur is thin in some places and her body is decorated with heavy scarring, a testament to her life of hunting vermin kind.  She has some particularly nasty scars on her throat and chest though the latter scars cannot be seen as they are hidden beneath a russet tunic.

    Possessions: Berukka dual wields a pair of swords which are sheathed, one at each hip. She wears a pair of crossbelts that criss-cross over about the chest and back. Said crossbelts hold a total of six throwing knives each.


    • Blademaster: She is proficient with all manner of blade weapons. Swords, axes,knives etc.
    • Stealthy:  She’s not the ideal assassin but she does know how to tread lightly so as not to advertise her location when she’s sneaking about.
    • Literate: Her grandmother encouraged her to read and write a lot. Her ability to write comes in handy as she doesn’t have a voice to
    • Strong Swimmer: She’s an otter so this is to be expected.
    • Patient : She’s willing to wait for whatever it is that she wants. Sometimes, when she’s close to achieving her goal, she will forget herself and do something reckless but in most cases she won’t act hastily. 
      +Light Sleeper: This often saves her life when someone is trying to sneak up on her while she’s sleeping and kill her. : )
    • Mute: Berukka cannot speak and this makes communication with other beasts challenging. Especially if they cannot read. Her inability to speak often causes other beasts to mistake her for being rude and anti-social.
    • Recluse: Berukka usually travels solo and normally does not like company. She will tolerate company but she typically will try to discourage others from following her and it is rare that she’ll follow any beast for an extended period of time. She doesn’t like forming emotional attachments.  If someone is persistent, however, she may give in (depending on the personality of the one following her) and tolerate their company. Perhaps even grow to appreciate it.
    • Stubborn: She doesn’t like to give up. Ever. She doesn’t like showing weakness and she doesn’t like having to rely on others.
    • Vengeful and Vermin Bias: Berukka’s family was murdered by vermin and so she seeks to kill them all. She doesn’t believe in a “good” vermin and she will try to kill any that she sees on sight.
    • Selfish: She will often put her desire for vengeance before the needs of others.
    • Wanderlust:  She can never stay anywhere for more than a couple days.
      -Depression: She misses her family and her friends and she thinks of the old days often. There are periods where she’ll go without eating or sleeping whenever she becomes consumed by her grief.
      -Climbing: She's rather bad at it.



  • I like how this character is turning out so far. The mute characteristic is a particularly interesting character flaw. ^^ I like forward to reading the finished background.

  • ^What Kyrodo said.  Playing a mute character should be an interesting challenge!

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