Exploration of Intrest (Oli and Danker)

  • It had been some time since Danker had been to Mossflower. His time had been preoccupied by his hoard at the sea. He decided he needed sometime to himself. As he walked through the mass of trees and bushes, he thought of how became the leader of such a thing. The very odd and interesting visit to Redwall and the caverness under ground city that lived there.
    "Oh okay…. where am I?" During his musings, the young fox had wondered off the trail and was moderately lost. "Well ain't this a dandy little thing?" He said sarcasticly to himself. "Not the first time I got lost, but I still hate it.
    Knew I shoulda brought one of my trackers with me, they'd know what to do." He took out his rope and iron ball and twirled it. "Doo do da do I am lost tum tee tum tum tumm." He repeated as he somewhat sung, badly."

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    Knock, knock, knock!

    The sounds of a hammer pounding against something was very apparent to nearby beasts. It came from a small group of woodlanders being led by a giant RIver Otter. Some type of home building project the group had.

    Dallas Irontail, the leader of the group kept the hammer pounding up, knocking two pieces of wood together with some nails. The rest of the group kept doing what they were doing; cleaning, painting and using their concrete mix from mud, water, and sandstone to lay bricks together. The project was moving smoothly for the group even if it was the dead of winter and freezing outside. They dressed accordingly.

    Dallas stopped hammering, noticing something down the road, from the corner of his eye. "Hmm, a fox?" He looked over and hoped it wasn't trouble. "Ah, 'opes fer 'im t' be a good beast. Its too cold fer slayin' an' we 'ave too much work, t' attend t'." Dallas sighed and unbuckled his sword from his back, letting it plop onto the ground next to him.

  • "I'm so lost, I don't care la lala la! Oo, what’s that?" Danker heard the sounds of hammering and followed the rhythmic pattern of hammers and found a group of otters building a house. He waved and began to speak. "Hello there otters! What are ya doin'?"
    His cheerful attitude was much of contradiction of the warrior tattoos patched on his face and arm. "I be friendly if you are." Danker laid his two noticeable weapons, the sword and iron ball, down next to him. He kept his spice jars hidden from view, just in case things got risky.

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    OOC: For reference (I already what your fox looks like) Heres a new pic of Dallas I made, this is what he looks like now Dallas
    He's wearing winter clothes now though

    Dallas watched as the Red fox approached and sighed with relief at his friendly tone. "I usually don't trust foxes, but this one seems different.. he said in his thoughts. The giant of an otter walked off, signaling to his crew that everything was fine before meeting the fox. Dallas pondered at the strange tattoos, but thought nothing of it afterwords. As he stood in front of the fox, he realized how much taller and wider he was compared. He wasn't used to being around beasts of smaller size.

    "Well, thats fine lad, I'm as jolly as any ol' beast 'round these parts." Dallas stuck out his large, calloused paw to shake the Fox's paw. "The name's Dallas, Dallas Irontail. I build 'omes an' design ships, buildin's, furniture, you name it.You mighta heard of me, but maybe not, I'm well known, 'round this side of Mossflower." He said with a gruff, and deep, but friendly voice.

  • Danker grabbed his rough, hard paw and shook it. "Nice to meet you Dallas, I'm Danker Ristol." He bent over and picked his weapons back. The young leader was coiling the rope as he spoke. "I don't meet too many carpenters, especially in winter, when I travel. It’s also nice to see ya didn't assume me to be like most other foxes."
    Danker placed his signature weapon back in it's holster then he sheathed his sword. "But when I see carpenters in summer, they usually complain about the heat." He laughed softly.

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    "It's no trouble at all, mate. Oh yes, there is less work in th' winter, but we gotta get what we can done!"

    Dallas smiled and let his weapon rest against the wall, he tossed the hammer that was in his paw back to where he was standing before

    Dallas nodded at the last comment; it was a very true statement for most. "Aye, sometime they be complainin' too much. Haha! They jus' need to git more work done is all! They are jus' bein' big babies about a little 'ot weather."

    The giant of an Otter signaled Danker to follow him over to the area, "So, Danker, what brings ya 'round this side of Mossflower?"

  • Danker stretched and followed. "Oh, not much. I needed time to clear my head and think. I may not look it, but I'm the ruler of a former under ground hoard, a tale that needs time your, I think, doesn’t have." He drew his golden sword and showed it.
    "This is my status as the leader. It's mostly ceremonial, but it's handy when ya need it." He sheathed it. The vulpin's eyes sought the scare on Dallas. 'Was that an 'On the job.' injury?" He said pointing."

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    Dallas scratched his head at the thought and wondered, "Ruler ya say? Well, I wouldn' 'ave guessed, but yer tattoos kind of give somethin' of importance away. I can believe it." He stared down onto the golden weapon as is gleamed with the light reflection. "I see, makes sense to me! Pretty weapon too, my sword is just plain and borin'."

    He didn't realize that his scar was noticed, but he didn't mind telling the Fox all about it. He unbuttoned his thick long-sleeved tunic more to reveal more of his scar to the visitor. There lied the scar, thick, ugly, running down this behemoth of a creatures large, barrel chest. "Yea mate, it's quite tender still, I don' think it'll 'eal properly. It 'appened when I was twenty four, a big beam I was 'oisting up with a rope snapped an' fell. It sliced me open good. It still 'urts and I'm thirty now, somethin' I jus' deal with."

    With that said, he buttoned back up the thick long sleeve, as the weather was too chilly for it to stay undone.

  • Danker grimiced, not knowing the scar's full size. "I gotta scar on my leg from a sword wound, I don't really feel the scar any more." The fox showed his leg to Dallas. "The weapon I actually use is this." He pulled out his ball and rope.
    "It takes somebody who has trained with this to use it, other wise you stand a good chance of getting your nose broken." The vulpin leader swung the object around him at a high speed gracefully, he then struck a tree. A large dent was made on it. "Neat huh?"

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    Dallas frowned as he saw the younger beasts scar, "Awh, scars are no good lad, they bring back painful memories." He watched Danker as he pulled out the weapon; it was simple, but seemed pretty effective if used the right way.

    "Haha! I believe it Danker, looks like it could knock somebeasts teeth out." The big Otter watched as the fox worked the weapon and smashing it into a tree to leave its mark. He clapped happily, "Good show lad! That's some impressive 'andlin' if I do say so myself." Dallas nodded from Danker's comment. "Well, I wouldn' wanna be 'it with one of those things. Well come on, I'll give you some of the finest ale our group has to 'elp us through our work."

  • Danker pulled his weapon back, smiling, and put it back away. "No thank you Dallas, I don't drink, but it was nice of you to ask." He followed Dallas. "If you need any help, I'd be happy to oblige. Just remember I'm not built, but I'll do the best I can, as long it doesn't impede your work. That's the last thing I'd want to do." Danker spoke.

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    Dallas smiled and winked, "Aye, that's all fine and dandy, Lad. Come, if'n ya want to 'elp, by all means. Grab a 'ammer an' start poundin' away. Or you can 'elp put the glass windows in th' empty spaces on th' wall" He showed him to the special concrete mixture and the freshly made glass that was just cooled after being made from a kiln. "Jus' slather some of dis over th' edges of th' window and place it in; it's that easy!" He said with great excitement. Dallas poured himself a large mug of their special beer, which was loaded with hotroot, downing it quickly with one gulp.

  • Danker shrugged. "Sounds easy enough." Ristol scooped some  cement with his finger and shoved  it into the gaps of wood. He repeated it a few times and then stuck the glass in. He put a bit more on the out side of the cracks to insure it wouldn't move.
    Danker put in two other windows. "This look… wha?" The fox looked at the window, which was not there. He checked behind the structure to make sure it didn't fall out. "Uhh, Dallas. Dallas, one of the windows is gone! It hasn't fallen out, it's just gone!"

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    Dallas dropped his second mug full of liquid and ran over to Danker, "This is awful! Did you notice anythin' strange while you were doin' the other windows? This is very odd, fer a window to vanish.." Dallas was disappointed in what had happened and started to search the area for unwanted guests. The giant River Otter kept his eyes peeled and his ears opened while keeping his guard up, just in case of vermin. "We'll git to th' bottom of this, don' worry Danker." He said with an assuring voice.

  • "No, nothing at all! Who'd want windows any ways?" Danker was truly stumped. Out all thethings that has happened to him so far, this was the strangest. "This doesn't makes sense, this  isn't going to delay anything is it?" He walked around the constuction, only to find nothing. The fox walked back to Dallas, dumbfounded. "Now what?"

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    Dallas kicked his sheathed sword up, catching it in his paws. "It shouldn' 'inder any of th' buildin'. But it looks like we're goin' 'untin'." The giant Otter waved his friend to get his weapon and come. "No beast messes with my work an' gits away with it. C'mon laddie, we 'ave some investigations to do!"

  • Danker smiled. "Good! Well lead on Dallas, if I try to track them we'll all be lost as sure as the sun sets in the west."

    A couple dozen yards away from the build site… "… but Tartoo I'm tired!"
    "You are always tired Hugo."
    "We've been walking for three hours now and I'm getting cold. Can we please stop and build a fire?"
    "Yeah Tartoo, I'm not the one to complain but we've covered a good bit o' ground. Can't we just take a breather?"
    "Oh now you too Baiben? Fine!" Tartoo huffed at his two brothers. "Hey where'd Ruby go?"
    "I thought she was behind Hugo." Baiben said.
    "I thought she was  behind me too."
    "Ello' ya duckies!" Ruby lightly shouted at the three.
    "Ohhh!" Hugo jumped off his seat.
    "Look wat I done scarfed off some otters." She placed the window on the grass.
    "Why did you steal a window?" Tartoo perplexed.
    "Cause I could."
    "Of coarse." Tartoo sat on stump and caught his breath, the rest did the same.

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    "Har har, no worries mate, I 'ave this feelin' that we won' 'ave to travel too far.." Dallas lead the two around the building site for a good ten minutes. It was until then he heard some faint noises..

    Dallas gripped onto the hilt of his blade, ripping it swiftly and quietly from it's sheath. "Ya 'ear that, Danker?" He said with a whisper, crouching down low, looking between some bushes. "Looks like some scavengers 'round 'ere. They don' look too friendly either.." The giant Otter beckoned his friend to arm himself, just in case something suspicious came up. He saw a glistening in the grass next to one of the rag tag travelers and squinted. "Is that what I think it is?.."

  • Danker watched intently with Dallas. "Is that them?" He whispered to the carpenter.

    "Well wat are ye gonna do with a window anyways? It's just extra weight." Tartoo moaned.
    "I don't know, maybe I'll smash it up and make me sum pretty jewlrey." Ruby smirked back.
    "It's not jewlrey if there's no jewls nimrod." Baiben dryly stated.
    "No one asked yew!" She kicked at her brother. Hugo rolled his eyes as he entertained himself with a stick and leaf.

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    "Yer right, I think it is them!"

    The giant Otter clenched his paw into a tight fist as his blood started to boil quickly with anger. No one messes with a beasts project and gets away with it! "Back me up, bucko, I'ma go confront those 'ooligans!"
    Dallas, stood straight up, walking out behind the group, teeth barred, fists balled up, muscles bulging from each part of his body. Not a happy one this beast was. "Excuse me.. I think that piece of glass belongs t' me.. He said with a trembling, angered but quiet tone of voice. "Maybe you can give it back t' me?.."

    His footclaws were digging into the dirt as he was getting himself prepared to pounce.

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