Music that matches your character

Everytime a new thread starts and when a thread ends this song always comes in my head. xD

Redwall Theme Song for the TV series.

but anyways..

Post some music that you think go with your characters.

It could be a theme song, their song that plays when they battle, etc. I'll start.

For Oliver:

Oliver when in Bloodwrath: (this song usually comes to mind)
Audiomachine - "Red Warrior" (fitting title amirite? xD)

Victory music: (Eiither when he wins a major battle with a big group by his siide, and when he goes back to Redwall alive and beaten, but with a win for a battle.)

Wanna Be Free!!  by SoundTEMP

For Kino:

His introduction/ theme song

Two Steps From Hell - "He Who Brings The Night"

Kino's Charge to Redwall (his pre battle music):
Night on the bald mountain (one of my favorite classical pieces btw)
Kino's Battle music:
Two Steps From Hell- Lord Of Chaos

I'll post more for my characters later, this took a lot of time to find the songs I thought fit the most (so many to pick from xD)

Yeah, I agree with you on this actually, I know exactly what voices my characters (all of them) have, at least I can hear it in my head how they talk (from imagination)

But, I also know they might fit a certain music, especially in different scenarios they might be in (such as Olivers bloodwrath)

Nice songs btw, they aren't too bad

Kaala Nightshade from The Denizens of Stythys:
Burn My Dread -Last Battle- (Persona 3 Reincarnation version)

Tarivo Sorthen:
Gladiator Theme

Crimson Velseras from The Razing Begins (open):
Etna Rock (Disgaea 2)

Drati Barcelo of The Lazy Badger / The Secrets in the Stream:
Normal Boss Battle (Final Fantasy XII)

James Ashton:
Metal Gear Solid 3 Theme

Halicon Silver:
Final Boss Theme (Final Fantasy ūüėĶ

Leonid Haiden:
Finish the Promise (Tales of the Abyss)

Red Firecross:
Sad Violin (hehehe)

Talina Blackheart:
Heartful Cry (Persona 3)

Kadan Blackheart:
Final Boss Theme (Final Fantasy XII)

Kyrodo Blackheart:
The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3 - Reincarnation version)

Nice choices of music, I only know of the first couple, but the rest I never heard before :3

Listened to them all, helped me recognize some of them right away xD

Haha, thanks! ^^ Wish I had a broader selection to pick from really, but I'm happy with this. Helps me visualize them better


Haha, thanks! ^^ Wish I had a broader selection to pick from really, but I'm happy with this. Helps me visualize them better

Yup! ^^

I had a nice wide selection, then I went to the "Epic" Orchestrated groups that had some wicked music that I thought fit best for my charries.

Okay, this was harder than I thought it would be, but finally I settled on what I think is some good neo-medieval music…  ^^

Tristin St. Caens:
Gryphon: Kemp's Jig

Braid Kelphelm:
Gryphon: Three Jolly Butchers  [  xD  ]

Osgod Fitzroy: 
An Danzza: Fallen Heroes

I still have yet to locate muzak for my other characters…  I'll get back to y'all on that haha...

Haha, same here matey, that will take another eternity to find music for the other three.

Like the choices in music, especially Braids. xD

I know…  But it's fun.  I don't mind taking forever to look for music.  BD

Haha thanks!  Yeah, I heard that song and lol'd.  xD

Dude, that's just about it, isn't it.  Epic stuff!

Dragonforce for just about every thing man. Maybe Eminem's Cinderella man for some.

Nice danker! Any specific songs by DragonForce?

Like maybe Heroes of our time or fury of the storm? :3

Oliver/Brad's theme for their hatred of their nemesis, Deathclaw

Dragonland - Blazing hate

Valley of the Danged for heroic things, Cry of the brave. Ground and Pound too. Bloodbane would more be like Overlord ll's them song.

Nice choices my good sir!

Bradley's theme

Domine - Arioch, The chaos Star

Harr, I love Nightwish!  I think the song fits the character quite well…

definitely like the choice with nightwish Bel, sounds great!

Brad and Oliver's Sad theme: (For the death of their bestfriend Aureorado and the death of Brad's brother, Gordon. Both who passed on the same day in combat)

Audiomachine  - Fallen soldiers

Sijra, all-around this is his character:
Arrival of the Fallen[Cracking the Russian Codes]

Nyran Mooneye, the fight between his two halves, the musical and the dark.](http://Nyran) Cracking the Russian Codes

WHIP MY HAIR - Willow Smith
No video necessary.

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