The Lonely Castaway (Danker, Deyna)

  • "Ohhh!" A ermine voice moaned out. "I hate the seas… Why did sneak on ta the ship?" The whiner keeled over the side of the small dingy, dry heaving. The unfortunate creature was Prattel Hafter.
    The stoat wanted adventure and he got it: By being thrown over board as a stowaway. He had drifted for days on end with barely any food or water.

    Hours later he was face up singing an unidentifiable song loud and slurred. He had hit an Island, but he hadn't known it yet. As he continued his song it attracted gulls and pelicans, both wondering what was going on. Prattel grabbed his little travel sack and traveled to the end of the ship and said, "Ga' bye cruel world!" And face planted on the sand.

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  • The Sea Lily hove to and coasted into a cove. It anchored 50 yards or so from the beach. Denya Wildrudder just as quickly dove over board and swam for shore. Some of the crew came along after him in the longboats, they had empty kegs and barrels, that they were going to fill with fresh water. They hauled them ashore as Denya was scouting around for fresh water.

    He found it in the form of a river, it was a slow meandering river, too big to be called a river, but not a large one. He went back and showed it to the crew who then began filling the barrels. Denya also headed a foraging party, they wandered off into the woods of this little island. It was a beautiful day in mid summer, the sun was shining through the green canopy above.

    They came across a few fruit trees and berry bushes, which they then began to pick with delight. Denya wandered off toward the coast, he hadn't explored this island yet and was intent on mapping it someday. It was perfect little island.

    As he neared the sand he noticed a ship that had beached, he couldn't tell if it were vermin or not so he proceeded with caution.

  • The realization of what Prattel had fallen onto took some time to reach him. "Sand… sand... I AM ALIVE!" The stoat rolled around in the sand cheering he hadn't died at sea. His mind was in a bliss of joy. "I'm gonna live! I'm gonna live! Huh?"
    The stoat spotted Denya, an otter, a woodlander, a warrior. "Aww, I'm gonna die!" The stoat wept in the sand. He was tired, hungry, and very thirsty. All the energy had left him and he couldn't even reach for an object to defend him self, if the need be there.
    "Oh it's not fair. All I wanted was a little fun on the ship and I get thrown over board on dingy with hardly enough food and water. Now a otter is gonna finish me off! Oh woe is me. Woe is me!!" The dehydration was affecting his mind and making him look like a fool.

  • Denya took a closer look and saw it was a vermin boat. He ducked down into some low bushes in case there were too many of them. But he had no need to worry, it was just one, very drunk stoat. Denya shook his head as he watched the stoat stumbled ashore and fall face first in the sand.

    Denya stood up and started to walk toward the helpless stoat. He could see he was crazed from lack of food and water and wouldn't be very dangerous. He could see that, of course, the stoat was expecting to be killed. Denya approached the stoat and looked closely at him. He wasn't exactly sure what to do with him. He would probably have to feed it, though he didn't know why he had the feeling he wasn't supposed to kill this beast.

    So instead he went back to the foragers and got some fruit, vegetables and water. He brought them back, turning the stoat he splashed some of the water over him then giving it to him and put some food next to him.
    " Your lucky this time stoat. You should be glad I havn't killed you yet. I'm going to let you live this time though."

  • The cold water was like a shock of surprise to Prattle. He shot up like bent sapling. "Whoa!" He looked at the otter. "You have no idea what kinda three days I just had."
    The stoat said cool and level headed he could possibly be. He bent over and picked up an apple. "Oi, thanks fer not killing an' stuff. My names Prattle, what's yurs?" Prattel went back to his ship and got the few things he had, then placed them in front of Denya.
    "That's all of my stuff in the bag, feel free to look through it to your hearts content." The stoat went back to feeding his famished gullet.

  • Denya had slight look of disgust as the Prattle started gulping down the food. Oh we'll, it's only natural for vermin. He thought to himself.

    "Whoa!" "You have no idea what kinda three days I just had."

    "Oh really?" Denya said with one eyebrow raised,
    " Let me guess. You stowed away on a vermin ship, you were discovered and sent out in a boat to starve? How close am I?" It was typical, he had come across many the same such vermin. He shook his head at Prattle.

    " My name, is Denya, and I am the captain of The Sea Lily.
    So, what are you going to do now? Beg at my paws for me to take you off this island? That would be typical."

  • "Congratulations Denya! Ya hit the nail on the head. I snuck on to see if any exploring kinda stuff was gonna happen." Prattel took a sip of water and went on. "Well I won't beg but seeing that you have the expiernce in sea fairing, I'd be most abliged if ya did take me off this tiny forsaken isle."
    He put his paw on his chest. "I promise I'll behave myself. I can even help out around the ship. I can cook an' enertain the crew with carvings." The stoat pulled an otter carved from pine. He was holding a sale fish with a large hook in it's mouth. "Imma nice vermin, really I am."

  • Denya sighed heavily. He knew if he left this vermin here on the island he would probably die, (even though there was food and water) so he decided he may as take him along and dump at the nearest place they land.
    " Alright," he said grudgingly." Get up, your coming with us, this time, but mind you…" He said in a dangerous tone " If you make one, just one false move your going over board instantly. We will drop you at the nearest stop."
    Denya turned around and started walking back to the ship, his crew had restocked their provisions and they were ready to leave now.

  • "Wahoo!!" Prattel grabbed his burlap sack and followed behind Denya, at a moderate distance. " I don't wanna get hurt so ahm lettn' you explain the thing with the other otters." The stoat hummed to himself as he pulled out some sling rocks and juggled them. "Oi, so how long ya been floatin around in yer lily pad huh?"

  • Denya shook his head as Prattle jumped up and started following him.

    " I don't wanna get hurt so ahm lettn' you explain the thing with the other otters."

    " Good idea! I wonder how you thought of that." He said with heavy sarcasm.

    As they neared the to stream the otters were hauling the barrels back to the ship. Denya, with Prattle tagging along behind found the first mate,
    " I picked up this vermin off the seashore, the usual story. What do you think we should do with him?" The first mate grinned maliciously at Prattle.
    " Why don't we do whats we did to the other ones eh captain?"
    Denya shook his head sadly,
    " I'm afraid not, sorry. We'll take him the the nearest port and dump him off their."
    After that, they all headed to the ship as the crew prepared to set sail.

  • Prattel glared untrustingly at the otter who suggested something bad. "Why aren’t chew a little leech huh?" Prattel took a bight into his apple and looked at Denya's vessel. "That's a pretty impressive ship ya got. Hey, you wouldn't hold nothing against me if I have to break an unfriendly nose would you?
    I don't like the looks I'm gettn'." Though the stoat looked like a weak individual, when push comes to shove, he's an excellent fighter armed or not. "Thanks for the food skipper, I really appreciated it, and later I'll tell you what happen that got me booted from the ship. It ain't what you think it is, I guarantee you

  • "Yes as a matter of fact, I would mind if you broke a few noses. My crew needs to stay intact for sailing. And if you stay out of trouble you won't need to." He walked up the gangplank, but just before he left he gave the first mate a wink. He grinned and winked back.
    " Ok matey!" Said the first mate throwing a paw around Prattles shoulder.
    " I'll show ye to your quarters!" He then took him down below decks, where the crew sleeps.
    " This is where you'll be staying. And while you're aboard you may as well make yourself useful! You can help out by scrubbin' the decks!"

  • "Okay." Prattel started scrubbing. "I won't cause trouble if trouble doesn't come looking for me." He looked squarely at the first mate. "Besides, it's not like a broken nose can keep some experienced sea hoper crew from sailing now would it?
    I mean I've seen crews that almost every one had and has a broken bone or missn' appendage… well I guess I really have nothing to worry about." The stoat dunked his brush in water and rid the grime of the ship. "I could easily take on any these feller's. I'm one of the best fighters east of River Moss!"
    The little creatures 'uh oh' sense was going through the metaforic roof. The words came out his mouth like a freed lark going into the sky. Every otter near him had heard the proclamation. "I shouldn'tve said that." He whispered to himself.

  • "I could easily take on any these feller's. I'm one of the best fighters east of River Moss!"

    The first mate turned around just then,
    " Hey Prattle, I would like to introduce you too one of my crew, his name Alar. I'm sure he would like to take up your challenge." Then a very big otters stepped forward, he was a sea otter and he had several scars and he was…big.. He grinned at Prattle as he flexed his muscle.

    "I shouldn't said that."

    " Your right you shouldn't have mate. Now stand up," he moved a step closer,
    " lets see how good ye really are,"

  • Prattel thought for a moment and scratched his head. "This mean I won't be in trouble if I fight?" The stoat looked at the large otter. Pat made a noise that was something between 'Hmm' and 'Huh'. "This… isn't much of a fair fight.
    I should have known there was one big otter... I'm gonna refraise meself, I could take most otters here, but not him. He's huge, but I know I could take on him!" He pointed at the first mate. "I am, after all, hiz size." Prattel nodded his head in self confidence, in his head, he was cursing himself out.

  • The first mate chuckled to himself.
    He was trying to back out of a fight he thought to himself.
    " We'll, if you really want to…then I suppose I could oblige you!" He moved closer to Prattel, he spread his legs apart and looked at Prattel.
    " Are you ready stoat? Bring it on!"

  • Prattel gave a sigh of relief, and then he took a fighting stance. He kept his eyes focused on the otter and slowly circled him. The stoat waited for the otter to make the first move. You can take this guy. Prattel thought to himself. He shouldn't be too difficult.

  • The first he brought his fists up. One blocking and one ready to punch. As he circled Prattle he got ready to punch. Just as Prattle was starting to relax a bit he punched straight forward as fast as he could. He hit him in the stomach and then he made an uppercut aiming for under Prattles chin.
    " Is that all you got? Come on attack me!" He said dauntingly.

  • Prattel was sent to the floor stunned. He shook his head and jumped back to his feet.

    " Is that all you got? Come on attack me!"

    "Well if you insist." Prattel made three quick kicks at the otter's waist, then a jab to the jaw. "Come on ya wee sea fairy! Give me what ya can!" Prattel mocked the otter's accent.

  • He quickly knock Prattles footpaw away as he tried to kick him, but he missed the jab to the jaw. He shook his head as the dizzys went away.
    " Oh rly?" He brought a paw up to punch Prattle under the chin, then at teh last moment he stopped while he brought a footpaw up under Prattles guard.

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