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    And guess who this fanfic drabble is about. I'll give you a hint, it's a major villain and… ah heck, it's Badrang.
    And one of my many fan-lady friends of his, Adriana the Gold

    He didn't know how long he had been walking or how far away from his fallen empire he was, all Badrang knew was that he was miraculously alive and that the rain felt like stones on his bruised and beaten body, and the fact he had a limp didn't help him through the ankle-high mud. He looked back, panting like a winded dog, no beast was following him, but why was he running? Or at least trying to run with this excruciatingly painful limp. Badrang didn't even want to look at it and at least get a vague idea to if it was broken or twisted in some way in some feeling that if he did, it would be even more painful than it already was.
    The fatigue finally took its toll on the former tyrant, he collapsed to his knees but the rest of him didn't want to go with it. Badrang crawled, his pelt and tunic caked with mud until he had found a spot underneath the safety of a drooping tree that the rain hadn't touched. He was silently grateful for a chance to find some rest, and he could care less about the leaves that fell on his mud covered body. He stayed there until his vision faded into black, and the cold hand of unconsciousness passed over him.

    "Mah word, mizz Adriana, ah dinnae t'ink ah ever saw it rain like this 'afore." Said a young weaselmaid by the name of Destiny, or as she preferred to be called Dex, to a light brown, almost golden furred stoat. Adriana shook and looked around but the rain poured down to heavily to see any farther than about a yard in front of her. "D'you think it'll pass by tomorrow Dex?" The weasel shook her head, then removed her glasses and wiped them on her cloak, when she put them back on they made Dex's eyes look as large as saucers. "More 'n likely."
    Adriana sighed thankfully and turned the small group of about a score and a half of vermin. Ferrets, rats, weasels, a widowed old vixen and her twin grandchildren, and a handful of other stoats made up Adriana's 'horde in the making' as she would affectionately call them, they looked up miserably at their leader. Adriana bit her lower lip out of pity. "We have to make camp here until this blasted storm stops." She announced as proudly as she could possibly muster. A heavy sigh of relief passed through their lips and the assembling of canvas tents began.
    It was a slow and tiring process, Adriana helped as much as she could until the largest of the tents was up. Realizing that it took nearly a half hour to set it, Adriana decided it was best that they all sleep in this one.
    It was a bit crowded, and the ground was still wet from the rain water but the youngest members, an eight season old stoat named Grant and his little sister May, couldn't help but spark up a story. Grant started as he always would, stopping every so often to keep from stuttering. Over time, the rest of the horde joined in, laughing heartily or pretending to be scared. It was one of those moments that made living in such deplorable conditions tolerable for only a moment.
    The story ended, and all of Adriana's horde including herself slept as though they were in proper beds under the most comfortable blankets.

    Morning reared its head in the same place it would since the beginning, and the only ones of Adriana's group awake where young Grant and the male fox twin, Ron. Despite the season or two difference in age, Ron and Grant were close friends mostly because they shared so many things in common and came from similar backgrounds.
    "'ey Grant," Ron stretched out his arms as he and Grant stepped over the roots of trees they passed by. "Why are we out 'ere?" The young stoat shrugged, "I d-d..." He stopped speaking out of embarrassment. Even though Ron knew about Grant's stutter, Grant still felt self-conscious about it around him. He faked a cough and thought of better words. "I ain't-t-t..." He stopped again, covering his mouth. Grant spoke much slower, it helped a bit. "I ain't sure, Ron." The young fox rolled his eyes, it was fun to get out of doing chores, yes, but it was better off for them to be able to find their way back in case of an emergency.
    Grant nearly tripped after stepping one what he thought was the roots underneath a pile of fallen leaves from a hanging tree, it was when it seemed the tree kicked back and growled that Grant knew something was wrong. Ron was startled, but slowly began stepping toward the tree. He was cautious while he moved, he extended a paw to brush away the leaves from whatever it was that kicked Grant. As he did this, Ron jumped back when he saw it.
    It was an eye, a dull hazel colored eye blinking weakly. Then it moved over to where the fox was, and it tried to move, flipping over and laying  with the leaves on it's side, the other was scraggly furred and filthy, as if it were a tall beast coated in a thick layer of mud. None of them could comprehend what was going on. It was Grant who took off first, screaming. "Leaf monster! Leaf monster!" Ron wasn't too far behind the stoat.

    Badrang couldn't understand what happened. He was only awake for a few minutes, so rudely awakened by the weight of that short stoat looking kid on his foot paw, then having to listen as both he and the fox he was with scream loud enough to wake the dead about how he was some 'leaf monster'. Badrang shook his head and began picking the leaves from his body. Maybe if anybeast came by to check the 'leaf monster' out, they'd see he was just a wounded stoat in need of medical treatment... and a bath.

    Dex followed Adriana as she helped set up more tents. Adriana blew out her cheeks. "When Grant and Ron get back, I'm going to give them the tongue lashing of their lives!"
    "Och, yes mizz Adriana, those two are a 'andful, en't they?" Dex nodded, on account of how many times the two caused trouble she wouldn't care if either of them came back. Dex didn't care much for children or young beasts of any kind.
    Adriana's ears twitched at the sound of something in the woods, but she ignored it. The birds were awake anyway and were probably out looking for food. But something seemed odd.
    May sat on the lap of a female ferret as they both ate the last bits of their breakfasts. The ferretmaid, named Ellane, cleaned the stains from May's face. The stoatbabe struggled and openly fought against it. Ellane looked over toward Adriana, who took notice and went over to her. "I'll take her off your hands, mate." Ellane fell back as soon as May was with Adriana. The babe pouted at the idea of being cleaned. There was nothing wrong with being a bit dirty. "Oh, you quit making that face May." Adriana playfully scrunched her nose and stuck her tongue out playfully. May giggled and wrapped her short arms around Adriana's neck and head in a hug.
    It was the sound of heavy panting that caught her attention, and she didn't need to lift her head to know who it was. Before any Adriana could get a word in edgewise, Ron spoke for himself and the winded Grant. "We... Walking... Tree... Leaf monster... Tried to... Get us..." Ron collapsed, coughing heavily as he tried to suck in as much air that he could fill his lungs with. The horde behind Adriana started questioning what the fox had just said.
    "Did he say leaf monster?"
    "Darn kids! Tryin' to scare us with monsters..."
    Adriana set May on the ground and approached them both, kneeling and placing a paw on their shoulders. "Now tell me about this leaf monster." Dex swallowed hard, she knew what was going to happen next.

    "So how far were you two when you found it?"
    "I d-d-d..."
    "'S'alright, Grant." Ron patted the ever stammering Grant on the shoulder and continued for him. We was-" Dex cringed at the grammar and wanted so badly to interrupt and correct him."-about a few more yards this way, and it was a drooping tree." Adriana held her weapon, a simple and dull kitchen knife, at her side, squinting to get a better view of what was ahead. In the distance was a drooping tree that fit the description of what Ron and Grant had described, and underneath it sat the silhouette of a tall beast who was busy picking off large flake looking objects from its body. Adriana could definitely tell that they were leaves. With a confident and slightly smug grin on her not to exceptionally pretty feature, she calmly strolled over toward the'leaf monster'. Grant was mortified with Adriana's actions and darted off behind her, Ron followed Grant, and Dex, realizing she had no other option, joined them.
    end chp 1

    Chp 2
    There were words that guaranteed concerned looks from maids and mothers, words that would result in having one's ear tweaked painfully and get scolded for using them, then there were the ones that made even the surliest searat feel violated, and Badrang was using a combination of all of them. The language got worse as he proceeded in removing leaves from more sensitive areas on his face and on wounds from that horrid squirrel. Badrang didn't notice the appearance of a light furred stoatmaid who leaned on the trunk a few feet away from him. He ripped another leaf from his face and cursed again. "My my, did you talk to your mother with that mouth?" He flinched at the combination of the sound of her voice and the stinging pain of another leaf being torn from his face. "Didn't you mother tell you not to talk to strangers? Badrang's voice was harsh and dry from not having anything to drink in almost two days.
    Adriana raised an eyebrow, stung at the comment about her mother. She and her mother were never close, and they fought constantly, and it was one which led Adriana to her eventual leaving of home. She exhaled and watched him pick more leaves from himself.
    Grant slid to a halt a paws step away from them, and when Ron tried to stop he bumped into Grant and both flew head over tail into the ground. Badrang shook his head. "Not those two again..."
    "Oh, so you've met them before?"
    "Never seen 'em before in my entire life." His voice was deep with sarcasm. Adriana snarled and was tempted to dump the leaves over his head. But she kept her temper in check. He looked like he could snap her neck without even trying. "How'd you get yourself in this situation? Get caught in the rain?" Badrang thought for a moment, the things he saw at Marshank were almost too much, his army being thrown from the walls, spears and blades stuck into pitiful bodies, that mouse...
    He shuddered at how close that mouse got to plunging that knife into his heart. He replied, "In a way, yes." By that time, Badrang had managed to remove every leaf from himself, the mud was a different story. Curious little Grant stood watching him, taking a few cautious steps to get a closer look at the beast he once thought was a monster. "Grant, don't stare. It's rude."
    "His a-a-a... ank-k-k... ankle's broke."
    Dex, who had been half hiding behind the trunk of the bent tree, had emerged after Grant's announcement. She had her healers pouch at all times, and from it she produced enough bandages to bind herself to the tree. "Ah'm on it. Dinnae worry, mah dear ah'll have ye fixed up in no time at all." The weaselmaid spoke at a mile a minute and her accent made it impossible for Badrang to understand whatever she was saying. He had no choice but to tone her out.
    "So, where did you come from anyways?"  He turned to Adriana, who had sat down next to him. Badrang didn't realize how though simple her features, she was kind of pretty. 'Huh, you look good, but I've seen better. Much.'
    "Uh... The western coast."
    "How so?"
    "There was some Warlord who had taken over that area a few seasons back. A stoat, I think he was. Heard he didn't like other stoats or whatever and that he was a real vicious brute. " Badrang swallowed nervously knowing she was talking about him, but played along as though he had just heard about it. "Any idea what his name was."
    "No idea, I only heard about it from travelers and such, and we had a gimp rat come by a day ago and say he was one of his soldiers. Poor thing, we offered him a place to stay but he never did."
    Badrang had to hold back a snarl, how dare that rat desert his army! Then again almost every beast there died, even he would've been killed had the knife not been mistakenly dragged across his chest.
    Dex was done bandaging the break.


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