To all fair and wide!

  • Long has my stay been on this site. Yes, stretches have existed, but somehow this site always found its way back onto my Google Chrome browser. But everything must come to an end.

    This site has taught me much as it has most likely taught others much. This site may have even been the reason my career starts soon, as it shall. I doubt my songs would be half as good without the constant trial and error I have experience with fellow member of this forum. It has been a pleasure, really, to write next to you.

    The truth is I am not motivated anymore to RP. Music is my life now. It has enveloped me and left little room left in my passion world for such writing. My position on this site has been left to waste away where others such as Penblade or Temperance or Denya (Who has been very patient) have drooled over it and probably could have put it to better use than I.

    I bid a very fond farewell to all those who have helped me find some success in my future. I won't delete my account and, who knows, this site may tug at the back of my mind seeing as it is more than just writing I have sunk into Redwall's Legacy. Chances are I will drop in every now and then to see how things are and to update you guys on where things are heading, publishing-wise.

    I give special thanks to Cyber, for his though provoking characters, Biddy, although his stay was quite short, for his inspiring writing, to Tj, for her constant companionship at the most lonely times on RL, to Namaste, for her constant encouragement, to Seth for the many battles we verbally fought, to Orion Fulcry, who always kept me on the edge of my seat, to Jetfang for all of the threads we shared, to Kiara for the same and embarking on a wonderful "Escape" with Brint, to Gingivere Blue Eyes, who took my mentoring seriously and would play with wolves instead of ferrets, to Captain Hamster and Ordova for the biggest laugh of my life during the Winter Feast of '09, for Rorgus, now dubbed Denya, for his everwatchfulness in my posting, for Sparhawk who stood by my side when it seemed nobody else would, to Avelrak, who's weaknesses physically were made up for by four fold mentally, to Hon Florion for that ever frustrating episode a year ago, to Rogg Streambattle, may his mother rest in peace, to Cedric Skiv who has indeed found a friend in me, to Vladek of the Mists, who kept me current by almost always having a thread open, to Snagtooth for his ever helpful feedback in "Pond Jumpers", and to the countless others I only just met or have helped me in other ways I could not even begin to imagine.

    I have many friends now when I had few.

    May you post all the more, my good friends…

    &=) (Bunny should have appeared. You may want to fix that Seth)

  • Oh old friend, it was just yesterday that we were RPing together, with all of us members working out the very first plots (Cyber and his crazy character with the scythe) All the people just joining everyday, new threads popping up every other hour, was some crazy fun times in 2007.

    Everyone grows out of things, or loses interest, which I understand, especially with busy schedules and more important matters. Which I can see you found!

    Time flies, from 2007 to 2011 already, you're one of the last oldies I'll remember, good luck with everything.

  • It saddens me that one of the veteran members of this place is hanging up his hat, but unfortunately such is life sometimes.  I wish you luck with your dreams and your future!  It would have been nice to have gotten to know you a little better, but perhaps there will be another time for that.  Personally I think it's a good thing that you've found something that you absolutely love to do, and even though that means no longer rping here, it's still great that you're going to be doing what you're inspired to do!

    We'll all be looking forward to your visits, and your updates on how things are going for you.  I know we'll all be patiently waiting to greet you once again and chat away!

    Hopefully this isn't a permanent farewell, just a goodbye until next time.  Then you'll be able to elaborate on your success when you make it big time! ^^


  • Of all the things with which to replace RPing, you couldn't come up with anything more worthy than music.

    Good luck out there, mate.  Maybe we'll hear your stuff someday.  🙂

  • Ah yes, seth really needs to fix the bunny, we're a couple of years due for another bunny war and uzi's

  • Marshall, you shall indeed hear my stuff, within the next two years. You may not know it as me, but I will be somewhere out there.

    Temperance, I only just met you and I was excited to go beyond the initial 'hello's, and it saddens me that it shall have to wait.

    Shadowflame, yes old friend. I will miss you a great deal. And I agree whole heartedly. The bunnies have been out of our system for a good deal too long.

  • Cool!  What sort of music are you doing?

  • Not to worry Creigon, I'm fairly certain that I'll still be here.  And I can say in all honesty that it has been a pleasure. 🙂

  • If you do remember us, make sure to tell us how things go with your career.

    Keep practicing and working hard! I have a good feeling that you'll do fine

  • Bye CQ. Were going to miss you, you've been an old friend I can rely on. You have been a friend to me when times are dark. You (among others) are the reason my writing has improved so much. I wish you luck, out there in the big world.
    Until next time.


  • Hey dude, good luck with your life! You did a really good job on this forum, modding and helping us noobies use punctuation and capitalization. You did seem a little hard on people when I first joined, but now that I look back, you weren't, you were just doing your job. I think I can safely say that you are the best mod I've ever seen. I admit I haven't seen very many, but… 🙂 I hope I can help fill your shoes, give Seth the occasional punch to wake him up and stop the site from crashing!

    Cya mate!

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