Kaala Nightshade (The Denizens of Sythys)

  • Character created specifically for The Denizens of Stythys.

    This was my guilty reference:

    Full Name: Kaala Nightshade

    Species: Red Vixen (good vermin… sadly)

    Height: 5'10"

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Above average muscular build. Blue-green eyes. Red fur. Bushy white tail. Dark brown robe. Hooded black cloak loosely bound by white rope around the neck. Brown leather belt. Black baggy trousers.

    Weapons: Short sword behind her back at her waist, often wielded underhand. Single-edged long sword strapped behind her back over her shoulder.

    Personality: Enduring and headstrong, for the most part. Can be very cold-hearted against other vermin. She is particularly cold and restless while performing an act of vengeance. High sense of justice. Breach of fairness can have harmful twisted affects on her mood and actions. Highly emotional, but skilled at suppressing and ignoring them often times. Very serious-minded, but in spite of herself, susceptible to delight with the little positives every now and then. Very self-protective, cautious, prideful, and independent. Tries her hardest to follow moralistic principles. Protective of other good beasts, as she is trying hard to distance herself from her vermin nature. Was often spited by good beasts due to her vermin form. It is considerably difficult for nearly any beast to earn her trust.

    Strengths: Strong build
    Enduring and headstrong
    Strong in heart
    High pride
    High sense of fair justice
    Adept in close combat
    Experienced traveler adept in survival

    Weaknesses: Highly emotional, and sometimes twisted
    Terrible at handling betrayal by the beasts she chose to trust
    Cold-hearted on particular issues
    Engages in high risk situations to uphold her values, enact vengeance, defend her pride, or a mixture of the three
    Highly defensive and independent. Will not willingly accept help from others without trading an equal gesture
    Lacks ranged weapons
    Not the fastest runner

    Background (outline): Raised on a farm located near an lone oasis in the Ophidian Desert of the Southsward. When she was young, she grew bored sick of the quiet life and ran away, taking with her the polished old weapons that hung from the walls as decorations.

    At some point in her life, she lead the life of any typical vermin beast, mugging necessities and valuables from others. Some kind of memorable event led her to reevaluate her principles and her way of life.

    Learned much from speaking to other beasts and listening to intriguing tales from the elderly.. Was able to catch glimpses of the looming Tower of Stythys while traversing the southern border of Mossflower. Had not realized the significance of the tower, and the state of the world in Mossflower.

    When the skies were covered in ash, she immediately headed back to her home to check on her parents. They were dead. Everything was looted, then pillaged to the ground. With nothing else left for her, she took anything of use she could find and headed northwards, seeking a hospitable habitat abundant in food, shelter, and other supplies.

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