Tarivo Sorthen (Black Sapphire)

  • Character created specifically for Black Sapphire.

    Nickname: Tari, Treasure Hunter

    Full Name: Tarivo Sorthen

    Species: Mouse

    Age: 19 seasons/years

    Description: Moderate build. Light brown fur, bright blue eyes. Often wears a red tunic over a white shirt and white trousers.

    Possessions: Carries around a long sword with a brown handle. Wears a black belt with a ration pack and canteen on the right side, and a red leather sword sheath on the left.

    -Intelligent strategist
    -Protector of his comrades and the innocent
    -Decent with sword play

    -High risk taker, when the stakes don't directly involve other beasts besides himself
    -He may remain persistent, even after a venture becomes far too dangerous to continue
    -Vermin may easily manipulate him by placing innocent beasts or his comrades in immediate danger
    -Good swimmer, but deathly afraid of water (lol)
    -Terrible climber
    -Highly prideful, and will make excuses and lies to cover up his weak points

    The ever "fearless" Tarivo Sorthen. A daring treasure-hunter born in a hut near the river in Mossflower. Finding himself bored to death of the quiet life, he left his home and family to travel and seek his own adventures. He had read a lot about pirates and other thrill seekers in books, and wanted nothing more but to be like them.
    He spends most of his time chasing after rumors and tall tales he finds spread around the villages around Mossflower, and even little tidbits he's read at Redwall he thought worth investigating.
    To this date, he hasn't actually found anything. People who've gotten to know him find him eccentric and laughable.

    Why? His main motive is to seek out rare treasures, which could easily tie him into looking for the Sapphire, and keeping its well-being intact. The last he would ever do is turn a blind eye to conflicts such as hostage situations, regardless of whether it involves his comrades or innocent creatures. His weaknesses may directly influence their chosen paths. Otherwise, someone will have to pull him up a wall, or tie him up to a ship mast, which should be perfectly fine with everyone else.

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