Nick Name: Crim

Full Name: Crimson Velseras

Species: Wild Cat (vermin aligned)

Age: 18

Description: A slender black-striped orange feline. Large emerald green eyes. Wears a full suit of studded leather armor with spikes protruding from the bracers.

Weapons: Two combat daggers at her sides. A total of twelve throwing knives mainly hidden in fitting sheaths beneath her armor except for the two on her waist behind where her daggers are hoisted. The knives are comfortably situated near her wrists, elbows, shoulders, thighs, and ankles.

Also carries around a small vial of soil-extracted botulinum toxin, which is extremely lethal upon intake or close inhalation. More so the former. A single drop could kill just about anything. It paralyzes the enemy's bodily functions and leaves them to die in excruciating pain. She often uses it to coat her knives or claws. She is very careful about making sure it stays away from her food, face, and open wounds.

Personality: Evil. Highly aggressive, and daring in the face of the greatest dangers. Moderately intelligent in terms of combat strategy and covert operations, for the most part. Is very terrible at hiding her current goals, as she excites over them quite easily. Highly ambitious, and desires nothing more but to become a figure of utmost terror and power. Think Etna from Disgaea XD kinda.

Strengths: Lethal poison
Highly accurate with her throwing knives
Deadly with her daggers against targets with smaller weapons (as compared to a massive axe)
Combat Intelligence
Highly ambitious
Effective climber

Prone to Envy
Overconfidence, often fails to plan for failures
Empty threats sometimes
Intimidating by nature
Weak against heavier weapons in melee
Out-ranged by bows and other more advanced weapons.
Hates water

Background: Based on "The Razing Begins(open)". An odd skilled soldier enlisted in Overlord Bloodbane's army, who was never accepted as one of his loyalists. This is mainly due to her obvious intentions and Bloodbane's informants rather than disregard. Wants nothing more but to slay Bloodbane and become the new overlord.