Braid Kemphelm

  • Yeah, it's pretty much an outline, but I can use him now, eh?  I'll work on him more when I get the time.  🙂

    Full Name: Braid Kemphelm

    Species:  Sea Otter

    Description: Average size otter.  Thick greyish brown fur.  Age 25.

    Possessions:  Long sleeved seaweed fibre tunic., crossed canvas chest belts, a fighting knife that he wears in a scabbard under his left shoulder, and a midlength cutlass that he carries in a scabbard across the large of his back.

    ~Swimming, Scouting.
    ~Marine based combat.
    ~General mateyness.
    ~Knife fighting.

    ~Doesn't operate well under authority.
    ~Rather prejudiced.  Doesn't easily take to good vermin. 
    ~He's a decent swordsbeast, but is not by any means the best.  When engaged in combat with a veteran fencer, he'll probably lose unless he can get his opponent on the ground and in a position to be shanked.


    Braid is your typical every day sea otter.  He is fun loving and rather mischievous, and never takes anything too seriously.  He was raised in a comparatively peaceful holt a few hundred leagues north of Salamandastron, and has been familiar with the mountain and its inhabitants his entire life.  His has been a fairly uneventful existance, and he is eager for something interesting to happen to him.

    He was trained in swordplay by the otters of his holt, and while he can hold his own against the average opponent, he has never been in a real life-or-death fight in his life.

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