In the tradition of Vikenti's list, I thought it prudent to create a list of my own–mostly for my own references, but everyone can feel free to use it (I'm planning on working in a few more characters, and wanted to get their names down here before I forgot them!). I'll adjust this list as I add to it, to reflect "alignment" and such. Thanks.

o Everett Morton
o Shoreloam
o Deckerdon Willoughby Swiffer Carapace
o Thalon Brusk
o Dànaidh a'Sginnearach
o Fate Bock
o Jacob Thinwhistle
o Abe Vanguard
o The Clerics of Epyon (Haiku, Dimdacil, Verrus, Alkarda, Galad and Firith)

  • And when we vest our flashing sword and our paw takes hold in judgment, we will revere and avenge the righteous upon our enemies, and slay those who hate our lord and king. Epyon!
    o Ailein
    o Dr. Dorian Lachlan Lexine

o Brandisher Spoor Duskback
o Bith & Shula
o Citius Gadare
o Raspira
o Kiriath
o Lithe Fleshbiter
o Nethers (a lizard sage)
o Feroda
o Vox
o Tyrus Raide, the magnificent pine marten
o Ralthalter Mako
o Giles Artemis