Miss Isobella Landreau

  • Name: Isobella Marlena Landreau
    Aliases: Columbine Forthingby, Julietta Marrakesh, Leoline Mumforde, Abby Black, Lucretia Welshington, Philomena Rinesward De Cousteau, and Cyrana de Bergerac. Those are only the ones the combined authorities know her by. There are more, of course.She allows her friends to call her Izzy.
    Species: wood mouse
    Age: 23
    Build: Slight
    Origin: A tiny, sea side town in the southern regions
    Languages: Common Woodlander
    Occupation: Former Scribe's Assistant, courier, assistant candle-maker, and laundress. Safe-cracker (and designer) freelance thief, and occasional pick-pocket.

    Eyes: Bright gold
    Hair: Auburn, wavy, and generally tied back with a scarf. For more formal occasions, she'll pin it back in a bun, a look that while suits her, she rather hates.
    Scars: Oh, a few, mostly on the pads of her digits, and a small, vee- shaped scar on the back of her right leg, from a tiny little knife fight in a back water pub on the River Moss
    Fur/Markings: Izzy
    Attire: She favors loose clothing that allows for full range of movement. Loose, long skirts and blouses, simple dresses, sleeve-less tunics. If meeting with a prospective client, she'll don a lovely dark grey suit that rumples just slightly as soon as she puts it on.
    Accessories: lock picks. A wide silver cuff on her left wrist, a family heirloom.
    WOC: Her mouth, and a good sense of when to run. Her lock picks can be used in a pinch, too.
    Appearance: Petite and slender in a combination usually described as 'slight', with a slightly rounder face. Wide golden eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and a smattering of freckles on her cheeks, nose. Her auburn hair tends to go a somewhat wild. All these little details combine to give Izzy a look that is younger than her age, and while not stunningly beautiful, she's definitely cute.
    Personality: Impulsive and impatient, and not afraid to use her temper if the situation calls for it. A little flirtatious, especially if the gentlebeast she's flirting with is also the one whom pockets she is currently picking. She's often uneasy in one place for long stretches of time, usually moving from one place or another at least once a season. Her loyalty isn't normally easily won, but once someone has it, she will literally follow a friend or loved one into barfights and battles. However, when she's working at thieving, she is frighteningly focused and ghostly quiet. Can be highly methodical and perfectionist, especially when on the job.
    Special skills: Lock-picking and safe-cracking abilities. Can live well even on a tight budget. Great dancer. Good reflexes, and charming smile.
    Weaknesses: Aside from her almost compulsive habit of making up and giving false names, she is a horrible, horrible liar. She doesn't deal with grief well. Her impulsiveness and quick to react temper has gotten her into more than a few scrapes. There's also a slight bounty on her head.
    Fears: Bees, needles, getting buried alive, her mouth getting her into the kind of trouble that she can't get out of, her parents or someone else she loves dying.
    Likes: Tomatoes. A challenging lock. Anything sweet. Honest work, but only to an extent
    Dislikes: Having to make up detailed lies, getting honest work, getting fired from said honest work, contracted to finicky, cheap, or otherwise complicated employers.

    History: Blame the pick-pocketing, safe-cracking, and otherwise general thievery on her parents. She was raised in a loving but illegal home, and taught from a very early age how to get into places she wasn't allowed, like the places other people kept their money, important documents, valuables, and highly-sought after items. They moved around a lot, her parents running the occasional small operation, and doing big heists in the more metropolitan areas.  When she was still a young beast, her parents were caught and arrested during the  robbery of a very wealthy official's manor, and are currently in prison. She's been on her own ever since, but stays in contact with them by letter, even though they've become quite out of touch since she's been traveling in wider circles as of late, making friends, contacts, and enemies where ever she goes. Late last season, she fell into a patch of bad luck and almost got caught, and now the bounty hunters are looking for a maid calling herself Cyrana de Bergerac. There's even a few wanted posters scattered about.

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