High Queen Rhulain Haileigh Angharad Riley Wildlough


High King and Warrior Aedan Sean Patrick Riley Wildlough


Queen’s Age: 34

King’s Age: 35

Queen’s Gender: Female

King’s Gender: Male

Queen’s Species: Eurasian River Otter

King’s Species: Eurasian River Otter

Queen’s Appearance: The Queen is a lithe well-built little otter. She is youthful in appearance. She has a rather athletic body. Flexibility is one of the more prominent characteristics of the Queen, and it is noticeable by the shape of her body and by the way that she moves. She also has a very light build. Her fur is a sort of rust color. She has large, long-lashed, baby blue eyes that seem young and yet at the same time very wise and loving. Haileigh has little scar on her left hand, from half-way above her wrist, to the base of her finger-tips. (It's easier to tell what I'm talking about if you look at your own arm/hand. 🙂 ))

King’s Appearance: ???

Queen’s Personality:

King’s Personality:

Queen’s Possessions:

King’s Possessions:

Their History: Apart and Together