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  • Ok so, you might notice that there aren't actually any pictures up there… And that I will have to change this post as soon as there are, so-

    This is the deal: Right now all we have is a stereotype Facebook Icon as our Redwall's Legacy Online profile picture. We need something cooler. This is a contest to see who makes the coolest one.
        I will post the links as the options. It would be nice if the submissions could be anonymous until the poll expires.

    It has to also have a cool thumbnail for the "Like" box here on the site (Facebook crops that automatically, so the initial picture has to entail that).
        Good luck 🙂

  • I can draw something, it'll just take a bit X3  Is there a deadline?

  • Does it need to be something original, Seth, or could we use something like, say, a sample from the Redwall Graphic Novel?

  • Oh I see how it is, you're gonna steal my thunder as an improving artist by going off and doing something AWESOME?  Fine fine, be that way 😞

    Lol I'm kidding XD  I was actually wondering that myself.

  • Ooooh, Temp. I'm definitely not an artist. I tried my hands at a small comic outing in high school, but kept that within the walls of the home. You don't need to worry about me stealing your thunder, unless the contest is "Let's See Who Can Scare the Most People With Their Horribly Drawn and Seemingly Inappropriate Banner/Icon."

  • LOL -hugs you- I was kidding, no worries 😛  Believe me I'm not that great but I still enjoy drawing ^^  And I bet you're better than you say you are :3

  • Sweeeeeeet, my art ain't great but I'll give it a shot xD

  • No, it doesn't have to be completely original. Just be careful what you put up. 🙂
        There isn't exactly a deadline, no. I'm trying to have it up in about a month, but a little sooner or a little late is fine. I just want to make sure that we have enough good options. Voting is locked until then.
        Also, there are two votes per user.

  • Ok, I sent you a pm with mine Seth, so Iiiiiiii'm done OwO

  • I like the door and path a good deal.

  • I vote on the Coat of Arms, I think it should have some texture though. It' looks like it was made in paints as is.

  • Oh so mine didn't make the cut? Figures.

  • Warrior Member

    I second my vote on the coat of arms, its like legit.

    Also, I have dat dere idear, nawm sayin? :3

    We need a nice banner too, where each member draws/has drawing of their main character (One thats used the most or favorite, etc.) Standing in front of the Redwall Gate, side by side.

    I think it would bring more publicity :3

  • Temp, yours will be up in a moment. I only noticed it this morning, just before my operation. lol

  • Who did the coat of arms?

  • It's largely anonymous for now. Some of the artists will be obvious, but ah well…
        And guys, you can have more than one entry. 🙂 Just to let you know.

  • Yay mine are up there now 😄

  • We have seven pictures now, so we'll open the voting if no one else has a submition.
        Remember, everyone has two votes. Don't vote for variations of the same photo.

    I'll start the voting tomorrow if no one speaks up. This is the last call. It's not to late to put something up.

  • I am no artist but perhaps an idea would be to make a picture that puts all three members of the month together. This way the picture would change every month giving it some variety to the image and also allow people to demonstrate their various artistic skills, perhaps several members could work together on the picture as a kind of joint effort.

    Another idea may to have clan flags and rotate them through the display every month or so.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Interesting thoughts. I think we could work out something like that. What do the rest of you guys think?
        (In the meantime, I'll go ahead and unlock the voting)

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