• Ful Name-Rallag Bowbeast
    Species- Sable Ferret
    Size- Average
    Description-typical sable ferret, light brown back  neck and facial fur with black "bandit mask" of dark fur around eyes. Black underbelly and limb fur. Noticible loss of left ear with only stump left behind. Juska tattoo on left forearm
    Possesions-Brown travelling cloak and and simple leather belt with knife in it. Carries bow and quiver of arrows ,often poison-tipped, and satchel whitch contains flint,a line hook and tackle for fishing and a rope.

    Execptional skill with bow (gentical-read taggerung)
    No features that make him different from other vermin so can easilly join groups of vermin/hordes
    Above average intelligence (for a vermin)
    Ability to swim
    Friendly and likeable to most vermin

    Fear of heights
    Questionable morals
    Not a very proficient close combat fighter-is often caught out by this
    Is likely to be attacked by woodlanders, due to his "typically vermin" appearence
    Habiat of answering most questions sarcasticlly

    Raised by parents in a not particularlly renknowned Juska tribe on the south western coast, he was destined for a life of petty raiding and theft,but  when he reached the age to be considered an adult he left the tribe too se more of the world. He was trained by his father in archery in an attempt to carry on the family tradition  and much of his spare time was spent perfecting this so as to not be seen as a  disappoint by his father.
    Since heading east he has travelled on his own for most of the time, joining gangs and hordes when in need of supllies or companionship and has made a name for himself winning archery competitions and making himself available for hire for vermin willing to pay for long range assasinations.
    He has no problem killing if it is nessercery for personal gain.

    He drew in a breath,it seemed like an eternity before he had the elusive squirrel alligned properly with his bow, all he could hear was his own heart thudding in its ribcage, it was like he was oblivious to all sounds around hiim. But that was, after all, a product of his exstensive training which had taught him that sounds were a distraction. There was a satisifing twang as he let loose the arrow, the feathered shaft flying towards its unfortanute target. He then heard the cries of the squirrel as the poison took hold, Rallag cursed under his breath, it wasnt supposed to scream, the arrow through its windpipe was meant to take care of that…No matter,  there was very little risk that the squirrel had friends nearby he had the file on him, he was a loner."Gittup ferret" came a harsh voice from behind The curse that came out of his was a lot more vulgar then the last one. Fighting the instinct to run as fast as he could in the oppisite direction, he slowly turned to face the unkown creature. A otter, he should have been more aware of his surrondings. The otter had a snarl across its face and held a uncomfortably large sword up too his neck. He put on his most whineast pleading voice and begged for his life, after all whats a ferret to do in these situations "P p please sir spare me life I was only carrying out orders Id swear it on me affidavit,," "Silence scum, I know your type, as soon as I let you go  youl just go and murder some other poor and innocent creature!" " Rallag sighed inwardly, these woodlanders were all the same. " I swear I wont kill another goodbeast again if you let me go...and Ill give you all the coins that I have on me." He saw the otters eyes flicker, glancing at the pouch that the ferret had on his belt. That moment of weakness was all the ferret needed he  pushed the otter sword away, above his head and away from his Jugular vein he pulled out the knife from his belt a gutted the otter with it. The Water loving mammel's eyes widened in shock before rolling back as the rest of the otter crumpled at Rallag's footpaws. The sable ferret sighed and retrieved the knife from the otters corpse, carefully wiping it on the otters tunic as an afterthought. "Well that was fun" he exclaimed to no one in particular,st then he noticed the trickle of red liquid  flowing freely from the stump where his ear once was "owwwwwwwww damm riverdog" the obscenities flowed like the blood, with him beggining with insulting the desceased otters facial features and ending with a particularly nasty remark about the otters mother and general ancestory which involved a toad. After having managed to stem the bleeding somewhat the ferret tenderly touched the stump which used to be attached to his left ear, the ferret ontinued on his merry way with every intention of being paid extra and spending it all on strong drink.

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