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  • Alright. Here we go folks.
    I am setting up some new special code for use inside of the forum. I am also killing some that we don't want.
    Nothing is worse than having a n00b walking around using marquee everywhere that they can.
    To prevent these thing, but also improve the usefulness of the forum, we are creating new sets of code.
    I have already created [spoil]. This should be used around anything that could be considered a spoiler. It makes the text only visible on highlight.

    Are there any other features that you would like to see here on the forum? Or any that ought to be removed?

  • [spoil]This is a test. But SHHHHH!!!![/spoil]

    We should have a [whisper] tag, that makes the text inside it very small, a [thougt] tag to make all the text inside it very small and italicized, and a [shout] tag to make it larger than average and bold!

  • I'm worried that those would be over used.

    I'm thinking about creating an OOC and BIC tag however.
    Anything inside of a OOC set of tags would be slightly different from anything inside of BIC tags.
    This would help cut down on the amount of





  • cool if you are really good with HTML then on other formus you do to skip a line by doing

    and to bold somthing you do this
    and to end it do

  • Tessa, we don't use HTML in the posts. It's BBC (not the broadcasting corp, sadly).

    As far as OOC/IC stuff, I know I put parentheses around small parts, and a line-separator with some method of marking which is which when I have major paragraphs.

  • Actually, the BBCode is created using HTML so Tessa's idea would work.
    What I was more or less envisioning though was some thing like this though:

    Something kinda like this except not as small and without the annoying border or color.

  • Ah… Put the OOC in the box, and the IC can stay in the base post? It'd be easier, that way, for people who use the quick reply for an all-IC post.

  • true to use the
    and you have to know alot of HTML and this is ok we don't need to know any HTML do we?

  • No, we don't need HTLM expertise or experience (I'm rather lacking myself).  We just need to know the codes installed by the admins for our own use.

  • There should be buttons for them all too.

  • no there should be no buttons. It took me awile to learn a code like
    so ya I know know some new ones

  • I will be making buttons for all of the codes. They will appear on the posting section.

    I'm having some trouble with the OOC tag, but I'm trying my hardest on it…

  • It may be beneficial to post the code you're looking at… Maybe one of us here could lend the fateful paw of making it perfect?

  • LOL. That's not very likely considering I'm already using a humongous forum out there called TinyPortal (The software used for this forum) which is filled with developers, to create this piece of work, and they haven't figured it out yet.
    The code involves CSS and HTML to create a single block.
    I know both but am still have a problem.
    If you know both, send me a PM and I can send you the code.
    I don't want to post it here, cause it'll likely clutter up the forum.

  • Sorry, but my HTML experience is limited at best, and I've never heard of CSS… Forsooth, I have trouble with < p> and the other basic codes in HTML...

    EDIT: Although never was too big of a problem. 😮

  • LOL.
    Oh well. I'll keep working on it then.

  • I know some HTML. I might be able to help. Go ahead and PM it to me. I'll see if there's anything I notice right off the bat that's wrong with it.

  • I can make more smilies

  • More smilies? That'd be nice! Especially a Martin the Warrior one! 😉

  • typo, me bucko. 😉

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