Cecil Deepglaive

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    Nickname: Cecil

    Full Name: Cecil Deepglaive

    Age: 50

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mouse

    Size: Average

    Build: Average/lithe

    Job/Title: Ex-Mousethief/Ex-Warrior

    Physical Description/Gear:
    Cecil stands at average height and weight for a mouse; filling out from when he was rather lithe and small twenty years ago. He retained many scars in the battles he fought, mainly showing his experience not only as a warrior, but as a mousethief and also the experience in life. His tanned fur with gray ends shows his age and a thick mustache to add to it. Cecil's fur is somewhat longer than most mice, but also his creamy and gray belly fur have added length as well. The most noticeable change in his figure is the absence of his left arm, lost because of a miscalculation in time while spying on an enemy who cut it off.

    Cecil wears a long sleeved and hooded black tunic with navy blue pants with added black shoes. His brown belt contains his old jeweled dagger and a hidden pocket with assorted throwing knives, each sleeved to prevent from cutting through the pouch on the belt. Another pocket on the belt contains small utensils that make lock picking easy for the aging Mouse.

    Cecil is a very optimistic fellow who is always around to help cheer up others. The aging mouse is very wise, full of experience. He gives positive advice helping others through their problems. He's cheerful and full of life; life that's being drained by the day..

    He holds his head up high and insists that others do the same to prevent from feeling bad for themselves. He's kind and caring talking with a gruff voice. Cecil's very approachable and very affectionate towards others. His hatred for vermin is the only thing that passes as grim in his mind.

    Cecil has a very positive outlook on life considering his fatal disease.

    -Agile fighter; greatest attribute is speed
    -Highly experienced with a Dagger, can also throw knives very well
    -Retained his skills on picking locks and sneaking around to take from larders or inventory of his enemy
    -Very seasoned and experienced

    -Having only one arm causes all fights to be much harder in many scenarios
    -Isn't very strong in terms of brute strength, also tires easily in battle due to age.
    -He contracted Systemic lupus erythematosus while he was in his twenties
    -His disease causes him to frequently cough up blood; he's been fighting it off well, but it will attack him later on.

    Note: it attacks and destroys the whole body system including organs and joints. It will end up leading to his downfall and death.


    Born and raised in Noonvale, Cecil grew up a young rip, always causing mischief and sneaking about at night. Eventually he would always be punished with his treats being locked up in the larders. He was optimistic ever since he learned to speak; the young mouse found various tools and started to practice picking the locks to get to his snacks, his optimism pushed him not to pout, but to further teach himself to sneak around and harmlessly break into food inventories to have a late night snack. Even with his new hobby it took him hours to pick one lock, let alone two or three at once.

    No one ever knew he was the little thief! As he became older he learned that his father was a warrior at Salamandastron and his mother was born in Noonvale. They met up while bumping into each other when they were on separate journeys.

    As soon as he was sixteen, they set on a journey, moving to Salamandastron, where his father would teach him the ways of becoming a fine warrior and to learn about the legendary badger lords with the Long Patrol hares. Cecil loved this idea, yet he wasn't fond of sword fighting. Instead he used a dagger in his practices, and focused mainly on fighting with speed instead of strength. He also took a liking to throwing knives, learning to use them with deadly accuracy.

    The young mouse told his father that he was the one picking the locks those many seasons ago only to make his father laugh. His father thought so, suggesting that he should be a spy against vermin. Cecil naturally liked this idea and continued to practice his agility, sneaking around, knife throwing, and lock picking.

    Cecil set out for his own journeys in his twenties, joining various groups of good beasts to aide them in their battles. He made many friends with his kindness and optimism, and made many enemies with vermin groups. He was wanted by various groups, one of them being Kino's parents and their band of trouble makers for stealing and picking the locks of their inventories and treasures. All these events led to that fateful night where his life was changed forever.

    One night the clever mousethief was with the resistance that wanted to rid Mossflower of the evil Lizards and pack of vermin. They all planned a time to take the rest of the vermin's rations so they would starve and an assassination attempt to follow up. Cecil greatly accepted this challenge and went off into the night, but little did he know the tables would be turned on him.

    Cecil went and worked his magic, picking the locks with great skill and speed, but he wasn't aware that he was being watched! While the young mousethief reached his paw out the stoat watching him swung his blade, a clean slice from Cecil's shoulder sent his arm to thud on the ground. His instincts kicked in while he grabbed the severed spot, screaming with great anguish. The resistance ran in and a full blown battle waged on. One of the healers pressed a burning piece of wood against the shoulder, burning the wound shut followed by herbs and any other medical treatments she had. This later led to his cold sweats at night, vomiting blood and all sorts of pains.

    Cecil was sent to Salamandastron for healing and rest. He was given the best herbs and healing treatments which suppressed the deadly disease, but it didn't mean it crept up on him from time to time.

    In his thirties he kept up with his training, which helped keep his disease from taking his life, but it was a ticking time bomb ready to go off. He still coughed blood, his joints became weaker, and his body started to feel sore. The older he got the more the disease took control of his life. Cecil's optimism and guidance to others is keeping him from losing his ability to fight, though he tires much easier.

    He currently resides in Salamandastron where he retired from battle and thieving. He is now an adviser to any beast who needs help with their problems and he tells the stories of his adventures leading up to where he lost his limb and became infected with his strange disease.

    Cecil has to stay on herbs and medicines for the rest of his life in order to be able to stay active and to train.

  • I think I've read this somewhere before. Did you have this guy posted on a forum called Spirit of Redwall?

    Anyway, overall this looks interesting!

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    Thank you very much, and thanks for taking time to read it!

    Yes I did, I am the head moderator on that site, but everyone became busy there, I tried numerous times to contact people to get them to join here since they wanted to RP so bad xD

    I told them after my four years of being apart of Redwalls Legacy, its definitely very active and could use you guys. But maybe one person took my advice.. oh well 😞

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