The Razing Begins(open)

  • KayLee nodded at Crimson’s answer, though still wondered what this son of Bloodbane’s was going to be like. She did however hope he was nicer then his father. But all they could do now was to wait it out and see for themselves.
    Really, how bad could any child be? That was the golden question. Then again, she didn’t know just how old this son was. Maybe he wasn’t a child anymore. And if he wasn’t a child, then it’ll be more likely that the son would be similar to his father which neither of them wanted.

    The squirrel-maid jumped a little as she had seen Kataran’s head pop up through the bottom of the carriage. She hadn’t even noticed that he had made a hole in as she was talking with Crimson.
    She nodded not saying a word, then smiled as he pulled out some food for them. “Thank you” she whispered back to him before he went back down the hole and covered it back up.
    “Hey! Wait!” She called to him though it was too late. He was gone and the hole was sealed. “…We could have used that to escape!” She looked at Crimson then sighed.

    She wondered how much longer it’ll be until they go to where they were going. It would be nice to take a break, get out of the carriage and stretch a bit.

  • Crimson barely caught the last sentence as she grabbed one of the apples. "Ah, finally some food! I'm starved! Wait a minute. 'Ey, dat's true!"

    She knocked on the hole piece. "'Ey, Kataran! Open de 'ole so we can escape!" she called in a hush tone. She grumbled to herself and sat back again. "Why dat dense li'l pine martin! Well, den again, I suppose der's only so great a chance we could escape unnoticed drough dat way. Der's no telling what dey might do to us if we were caught, or if we could survive de winter on our own. Still, any chance ta be free from our impending fate seems word de risk. Grr!"

  • Blood and his men trudged on as the winds howled and the storm worsened. The wolverine has had his fair share of bad winter blizzards, but this one seemed especially nasty. It was as if the land it self was trying to rid Bane and his army. "Keep moving forward men! We have to get to the fortress!! Just don't lose sight of the beast in front of you, or your dead!!" The overlord's booming voice was barley audible with the winds.
    Thick wax woven clothes covered the captives cage to protect them from the wind, though it provided little help from the cold. They huddled together for their warmth. Bloodbane's home was close at hand, but the storm made it feel it was thousands of miles away. "Don't lose hope!! We are almost there!! Just keep pushing!!!"

  • Kataran shivered as snow was shoveled down his tunic by the wheels of the wagon. He was gonna freeze to death if he didn't do something. He was furious at himself for accidentally leaving his cloak at the old camp. Kataran grinned as an idiotic, dangerous idea came to him. He unsealed the hatch and climbed inside, smiling at the relief of warmth. He sat near the entrance so he could climb back in at a moments notice. Kataran looked at KayLee and Crimson, "What? It was getting a bit cold down there." He thought for a second, then said, "I would normally try to get you guys out, but with the blizzard, we wouldn't last two hours at best. I have….friends, who can help me get you out of this. They know where I am, and are going to assist me in your escape."

  • KayLee sighed, then nodded at Crimson. It was true, there would be no possible way to escape through that way. There’d be guards all around the carriage, and if they did manage to slip off unnoticed, they’d be in the middle of a blizzard with no protection or equipment. They would just have to ride it out and escape when they get to this fort, and when the storm lets up.
    “We just got to be patient, that’s all.” She said cuddling up to save her body heat.

    KayLee’s ear twitched as if she had heard some beast yelling, but with the sound of the wind, it was as if a child whispered it, and couldn’t make out what the words were, or if it was just the howling of the wind itself.

    Her ears twitched again as she heard another noise. Looking up she laughed a little to herself as she seen Kataran pop back up through the hole and climb into the wagon.
    She smiled at him. “It’s OK. You’re welcome to stay in here as long as you can.” Her smile grew even bigger at the mention that Kataran had friends who would help them. The only troubling thought was the way he paused before he said ’friends’, though she quickly put that at the back of her mind. “Great, hopefully we survive long enough for you and your comrades to help us. We’d be very grateful … Or at least I would be …” She said glancing at Crimson.

  • "Brrrrrr…." Crimson shivered then glanced back at KayLee, not entirely listening to what was just said. "Hm?... Oh. Well, I suppose I will allow yer friends ta lend us der aid. 'a! But don't dink I couldn't get out o' dis mess meself!" she said in a not-so-modest tone.

    She huddled up against the corner near her pack, her teeth chattering after a passing chill. "Oh, 'ow I 'ate winter with a passion!..." she grumbled.

  • What was only a few hours seemed an eternity to the captives and troops in the unrelenting blizzard. As the winds howled the soldiers struggled to stand, even Bloodbane began to waver. Then a beacon of hope shined. "There!" Blood shouted.
    "There is the signal fire of the mountain!! We are almost home, don't up now!!!" His shouts was enough to get every ones adrenalin rushing, their speed increasing drastically.

    A watchmen in the fortress just barely made out blood's troop. "Eray one! It's Blood!! Get th' blasted gates open at once, ya 'ere!!!!" The watchmen's word echoed down to the gate hands.
    They began to crank the monumental doors open.
    Clakclakclakclak the chains rattled as the doors began to open.
    Wroaan The gigantic hinges moaned. What looked like a crack was really a large opening. This  made the moral of the troops sky rocket, and a large lurch of motion could be seen.
    They all ran, as fast as they could. Each one was filled with joy of surviving the nightmarish trek. This moment felt like seconds to them. They rushed in, warmth surrounded them, and the gates slamming shut.
    "Gentle beasts, hm hm. Welcome home!" The Overlord shouted, his baritone voice ringing like a giant bell. Cheers of the successful raid was defining, the cries of the woodlanders went unnoticed.

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    BIC: Kataran the Avenger listened to the sounds outside the wagon and slid down to the floor of the wagon. Opening the hatch, he turned to KayLee and Crimson while he lowered himself down. "Keep your packs well hidden. I and my friends will be doing all possible to get you out. Be careful." With that, he slid into his harness and closed the hatch. Kataran shivered. "Shoulda brought a cloak." he said to the snow.

  • KayLee just rolled her eyes a little at Crimson. It was her own dumb fault for going against Bloodbane and failing, and then getting captured. At least with her own story, she tried to help those of the village, and she almost escaped a few times before surrendering.
    “At least we’re not in the blasted storm…” She too huddled up we her bag.

    Once again the squirrel-maid’s ears picked up the yells of Blood. She could only hear his sound of his voice, however, the wind was much too strong to be able to pick up any audible word.

    Once they entered in through the gates, KayLee stood, now able to hear the words of the Overlord. “…I take it we’re here.” She said, stopping to watch Kataran drop back down through the hole he had made in the bottom of the wagon.
    She gave a sigh as he disappeared once again. “Hopefully sooner rather than later…” She softly replied.

    There was no place to hide her pack, so she just emptied the contents and hid them individually over her body. Slipping her coin skirt on, and hiding her tambourine within it along with the few blowing darts she had left over from the raid.
    All that could now be heard was the cheers of Blood’s crew. “Oh, just listen, they’re cheering for a performance already!” She joked to Crimson. Laughing she walked over to the door of the wagon and tried to open it, not knowing if it was locked or not, as it was suppose to be Blood’s personal wagon, she doubted it could be locked from the outside. The coins of her skirt jingling each time she moved.

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    "At least it's warm now…" Crimson sighed with relief.

    “Oh, just listen, they’re cheering for a performance already!” She joked to Crimson.

    Crimson listened to the cheering outside. "Oh, w-will ya look at dat? Hehehe, hehe, eh…" she laughed nervously.

    Oh, just wait till dey find out Crimson's been demoted ta a slave… she thought bitterly.

    "Crimson'll be de laughin' stock o' de entire fort… I refuse ta go out der!" she growled childishly as she huddled deeper into the corner.

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  • Blood raised is arms in glory, basking in the cheer of his legion of soldiers. The warmth of his fortress filled his nostrials and heated his thick fur. The solders hauling the captive village made it's way around blood and into a large hallway, they were to be taken to the caves, a large holding area for prisoners and captives. The Overlord made his way down a large isle to his chamber followed by the cart with Kaylee and Crimson. His large door opened and slammed shut as he and his two special captives entered it.

    "Release them." Bloodbane said calmly as he sat down in his large throne, waiting to see the two. "Also, prepair my son for his company."

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