Overlord Bloodbane

  • Name: Bloodbane

    Nicknames: Overlord, Tyrant, The Dark One.

    Species: Wolverine

    Sex: Male

    Age: 20- 31

    Height: 8'2

    Description: Bloodbane is the epitome of evil. His massive size is only matched by his legions of vermin followers. Blood is evil all to the bank, to the grocery store, and back to his huge mountain fortress. He is evil, get it? It's either; raze a town to smoldering ash or enslave its population with his dark magic, or go half and half. You’re always on his bad side so don't make it worse.

    Appearance: Bloodbane is a massive creature with staggering strength. His eyes glow yellow, hidden behind his spiked crown helmet. His muzzle is scared and nary a smile to be seen. His armor is large black and thick sporting a ragged blood red cape. The lower body armor is also black and made from the same material as the upper body. Both are rumored to be from a star fallen from the sky.

    Possessions: Other than his armor, Bane carries either an executioner's ax, a large single edge sword similar to a briquette, or a battle hammer. He owns more gold and precious items most would ever see.

    Strengths: He is tremendisly strong and is very gifted in the dark arts. He can swing giant wepons with such ease and controls a hoard with well over eighty-two hundred strong.

    Weakness: Speed is sacraficed for his power. His armor also makes it very difficult for him to swim.

    Background: Blood was born at the end of his family line. His father was the first Overlord and his mother, the first mistress. She fled the confines of the fortress. She feared its inevitable doom, a fear that was soon reality. It caved in. Five months later he was born in a little cabin being raised by his mother. The harsh years came and went, and then things changed drastically. The two were separated in a snow storm and young Blood was taken in by survivors of the old hoard. Bane took to it like a fish to water. Evil was easy for him, it's in the blood. As he reached his matured age and large height, the reign of Blood began.

    OOC: I can take his magic away for trad. threds.

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