Droon Rudderwake

  • Nickname: Droon

    Full Name: Droon Rudderwake

    Species: River Otter of Green Isle

    Description: About forty-eight in human years, has dark brown fur with a pale throat and belly, blue-brown eyes. He is of medium height, wears a plain green jerkin bound by a length of white cord. Dressed for battle, he wears a brown jerkin, a suit of chain-mail and plate-body and a full helm, but no helm.
        Typically, he wears a rapier, but in battle he brings his broadsword and a dirk, strapped to his waist on opposite sides. He is also left-pawed.

    Possessions: He has a great many things, but most of them are useless trinkets. He has nothing of emotional, historical or great intrinsic value. He has his weapons, his castle, his men and a small family.

        - Swordplay
        - Swimming
        - Keen eyesight and hearing
        - Fantastic leader and strategist
        - Strong
        - Not easily distracted
        - Lots of other stereotypical things you might expect from the general ofa large army.
        - Unusually good at visualizing outside-the-box possibilities
        - Good at sneaking around
        - Good at climbing… something frowned upon by some otters

        - No special talents beyond climbing
        - Doubts self-worth
        - Overly stoic as a leader, childish as a soldier
        - Has trouble falling in love
        - People rarely treat him as an equal. His a tool and a leader, not a companion, friend or lover. He feels that he is seen as an untouchable of sorts.
        - A dreamer, which isn't a bad thing unless you take it to the extreme that he abandons self-worth and normal responsibilities.

    _I was born on Green Isle to the cousin of the last Rhulain. I have been trained for my possession since I was a child. Fantastic… inspiring... fascinating, I know...
        Ever since I first took up my training, I've wanted to be an extraordinary person. At first, I thought I could attain that through my training, becoming the greatest swords beast on Green isle. As you might expect, my ego got nearly as big as my reputation.
        I began to find that I didn't fit in anywhere at all. I slacked off in my training and didn't even fulfill that first dream, but instead began to wish I were a normal beast. After a time, I took to running away for brief periods, but got scared and returned home even before the day was through. Coward. And I think that every time I went out like that, it was to see Lily. Of course, I couldn't go speak with her. In the streets I could pass for any child, but to Lily I was 'Young Sire Rudderwake', the Captain of the Guard in training. She would have thought I was there on business of some kind. I was only twelve seasons of age, but that was the excuse that would cross my mind...
        Now she is known as Lady Lilian and I am General Droon Rudderwake. Many times I have almost fallen in love with others, but I always caught myself hesitating, for some reason willing myself not to love them. Stoic at heart, I could not love them. Or perhaps I did, but did not allow myself to believe it.
        But whatever the reasons, I am a loner.
        I still run away at times in some futile attempt to leave myself behind. I climb down the castle tower, evade the guards and run for the woods. I constantly drill and increase the size of the Guard, but whether it is to challenge myself or perturb their Captain, I'll never know. I've never liked him.

    As I have gone through my life, I have seen many fantastic men pass me by. Some of them orphans, forced to live on their own and fight their way to the top. Some of them had lost their families in battle and were driven by a powerful will for revenge. Something drove each and every one of them. There was something... great... almost god-like in them all. They inspired me.
        I am a normal, boring young stoic. Without a life. I have a job to do. I have neither the time nor reason to chase a dream. And so I find myself chasing shadows, imagining what could and never will be. I am stuck with nothing, no one and no way out.
        May Fate make me into something extraordinary._

    From the recordings of Typon Slade

  • Seems pretty good, although I personally wouldn't have picked "Typhon" for a goodbeast's name. However…

    I find myself wondering how "everyone sees him as a superior" is a disadvantage. Perhaps in the sense that it prevents people from interacting with him as true friends and equals, but on the whole a presence that makes people view you as an authority figure decidedly does not seem a drawback to me. Not to mention that it makes assumptions about how other characters will view this character.

  • True. To explain; the way I wrote it was more or less from his point of view. He feels that people view him as more of an untouchable than a person. I should have worded that better.

    Not to mention that it makes assumptions about how other characters will view this character.

    OK, now that's a very good point. I'll re-word that as well.

  • There we are, that addresses the matter perfectly.

    Although in your position I still wouldn't be naming a goodbeast after a vile monster from Greek mythology and a diabolical villain from Teen Titans, but that's just my personal taste, so whatever floats your boat I suppose.

  • Haha, I had forgotten about the monster and have never watched Teenage Titans. I just made it up and thought it sounded cool. lol
        If anyone can think of a better name, I'm open to the suggestion.

  • Well, I wouldn't presume to tell you a specific name to give your character, but an exercise I always find useful is to look at the page for a species' category on the Redwall Wiki. It gives a list of all the named individuals of that species, so it's really useful for getting a feeling for their naming conventions.

    Here's the one on otters:


  • How does Droon Rudderwake sound?

  • Sounds better to me but I'm not so picky when it comes to such things because I'm 100% guilty of not having Redwall-ish names. 😕

  • That's all right, but you can keep the original if that is your choice Seth XD

    Much like Night, I also tend to name things by gut rather than keep to a Redwall naming convention, not that it isn't better that we do.

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