Chelsea Nolan

  • Nickname: Boston Babe

    Full Name: Chelsea Nolan

    Species: Fox

    Description: (Eyes, fur, height, typical expressions, scars, typical clothing etc…)
    Eyes: blue-green
    Fur: reddish-brown
    Height: small for a fox
    Typical expressions: She is usually smiling, but she keeps her mouth closed.
    Typical clothing: gypsy attire

    Possessions: longsword, dagger, shortbow, quiver with 30 arrows

        - is skilled in the use of the longsword
        - can climb average sloped surfaces or surfaces with a moderate number of handholds
        - can heal cuts, bruises, and scrapes
        - can jump simple distances
        - knows extremely obscure, distantly related facts about Mossflower lore
        - is able to spot small details
        - is handy with the shortbow
        - is able to run challenging distances
        - is a novice in siegecraft and is able to hit a target at point blank range
        - knows how to hide herself, how to shadow others without being seen, and how to move silently
        - knows how to live in the forest by locating food, water, and shelter
        - can follow tracks across packed soil, grass, or the like
        - can interpret average-quality tracks
        - can listen to movements within two to four miles

        - her heroic conduct and goals have earned her an enemy who grudges her achievements and would keep her from further success if they could. The foe in particular? Searats. Chelsea's loathe for searats causes her to be blind and often discriminate against rats that wouldn't cause a person harm.

        A fox of Mossflower, Chelsea prefers a leisurely life beneath leaf and bough, and the pleasures of feast and song, to the rigors of adventuring. But searats, vermin, and things fouler still have come to her beloved forest, forcing her to pick up her bow and sword and fight against them. Her need to protect the forest-and a certain curiosity about the rest of the world-could easily drive her out of Mossflower and into the arms of adventure.

  • Cool! This is coming along nicely! I like it!

  • I'm unsure as to where I should post in the story at the moment. Do you think I could step in without it being too confusing somewhere?

  • Which story were you going to join?

  • Whichever one has regular posts, I guess. I'm not too picky. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Well you might join Interesting. And if you were interested (no pun intended :P) you might join the Story Arc. Its called Assassins Creed. There is a Story Arc discussion where we discus whats going to happen and that such.

  • My apologies ahead of time for for being blunt. This character is off to a good start but , Chelsea is severely imbalanced in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

    I  would suggest that you consider giving her more flaws and adding a bit more detail to her history as well as her character/personality because right now I'm not quite sure who she is or what she stands for.

    One question though. Why does she only loathe searats opposed to all corsairs? Are they not the same?

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