Zarya of the Midnight Blades

  • Name: Zarya Stormfury

    **Nickname:**The Wind Warrior, The Whirlwind, Lady Storm…and so on.
    Species: Wildcat
    Age: Mid thirties to early forties. I haven’t decided yet.

    Description: She is tall, long-limbed and lean. Her paws are large and her hind paws are webbed much like snowshoes. Her head is thick and broad with long, distinctive cheek ruffs. The fur on her muzzle is worn thin and scarred, her whiskers white and mostly short as they have been burned or ripped out by opponents.  Her eyes are twin pools of pale golden yellow with elliptical pupils and reflect intelligence, wisdom and experience. Her ears are long , tattered and tufted and the rims are marked black. Her fur is thick  and lush with a silvery hue mottled with tan and russet.  She has a bobbed tail tipped black.  (Think lynx-like).

    She wears a midnight blue tunic trimmed with silver, a light gray long sleeve shirt/under tunic, white breeches, brown boots and a midnight blue cloak.
    Equipment: 1 steel long sword, 1 heater shield, 1 yew bow, 1 quiver of red feathered arrows (arrow count it about 50).

    1 Haversack worn slung over her right shoulder. This bag contains a week’s worth of rations for one beast. It also contains a rope, some flint and tinder, a carving knife, a whetstone, an incomplete map , –-- er not finished.
    Personality: She has a bit of an icy exterior that most creatures find hard to get past. She is what one might describe as an enigma, a warrior whose manifestation is always reserved and disciplined. She’s not a very social beast and speaks very little of her history.

    Surprisingly,  despite her taciturn manner, she does have a strong sense of justice and in her burns a chivalrous fire. No matter what, she remains true to her peculiar code of honor and will refuse to harm another beast unless they give her just cause.

    Earning her respect and trust isn’t always easy, but it is well worth the effort. She is fiercely loyal to any she names an ally or a friend and one of the most dependable creatures one will ever know.

    Disobedience, sloth and arrogance are three personality traits that agitate her and have the high potential to set her off. Jokes made at inappropriate times anger her even more.

    Though she is vermin, she isn’t evil but at the same time she is not necessarily a crusader of justice though when her path has crossed a creature in need, she thinks of her one and only friend and feels that it is only right to lend a paw because she knows it is something that he would have done. Helping others is  her way of honoring his memory.


    -Educated. She has studied history, literature, geography, military strategy under the best tutelage that Syrea had to offer.

    -Tactics and strategy .

    -Diplomacy is not one of her strongest points but she’s better at it than the average vermin.

    -Endurance. Physical pain is something she can handle.

    -Highly competent swords beast, decent with maces, but she is far better suited for unarmed combat.

    -Patience…though there are a couple things that will set her off almost instantly. (See weaknesses)

    -Skilled at swimming , climbing and fishing. She’s not exactly all that thrilled to take a dive into the water (she hates water, by the way)  but she can and will do so when the situation demands it.

    -Excellent night vision. Hey! She’s a feline!

    -Merciful and a bit more open-minded than the average beast. She isn’t without bias though.

    -Not afraid to concede when she is wrong or that she needs help.

    -Ability to keep composure under intense and perilous situations, but not always.


    -Cares very deeply for her charge, Willow. Sometimes is a little too overprotective without realizing it.

    -Ignorance and stupidity grate on her nerves. She’s learned to tolerate it and be polite to fools but she still has moments where she’ll lose her temper.

    -Soft spot for young ones though she tends to avoid them and claims that they annoy her.

    -Not all that maternal, but she tries.

    -Has a short temper when it comes to insubordination, cheek and idleness.

    -She can come off sometimes as bossy and patronizing.  Especially to those younger than herself and those whom she perceives as a slacker or reckless.

    -She tends to not trust creatures younger or less experienced than she with important tasks unless she feels that they have proven to her that they‘re mature and responsible.

    -Workaholic. She can’t sit still for very long. She always has to be doing something.

    -Perfectionist. Has a phobia of failure. She’s hard on those she takes charge of, but twice, if not three times as hard on herself. She hates making mistakes. Even the smallest ones and if she doesn’t get something right, she usually insists on doing it over if that happens to be an option and even when it isn’t necessary.  She doesn’t like being wrong either. However, she won’t be so foolish to deny or try to hide her own errors, she’ll just mentally punish herself over it for a long time.

    -Headstrong. She is very grounded to her beliefs and once she puts her mind to something, it can be a pain in the tail to get her to change her mind.

    -Blunt. She’s not the type of creature who will attempt to sugar coat her words to make another creature feel better. She believes  that being truthful is important. Unfortunately, her words can be harsh and because of that many a beast will misunderstand her intentions.

    -She is not as strong or as agile as she was in her younger years.

    -Pessimism. She is anything but perky and she‘s one of those sorts that believe if it‘s too good to be true, it is.

    -Racist. Though this is something she is trying to change, she still tends to entertain a bit biased views towards other species whom are not Syrean. She’s not very comfortable around good beasts due to her vermin upbringing, especially otters, but this does not stop her from helping them.

    -Fear of heights because she fell off a cliff once and it nearly killed her.

    -She really hates poor hygiene.  She’s  vain to a certain degree and must have a bath and her fur nicely groomed.

    -Chauvinism is not tolerated. Male chauvinism in particular.

    -Guilt over some of the terrible things she has done.  Killing her father for example or serving a snake like her former King.

    -Knows nothing about first aid/healing.

    -Terrible cook. Usually burns things because she doesn’t have any patience to sit and watch what’s being cooked.

    -Longs to be accepted for who and what she is.

    -A bit anal when it comes to cleanliness. She likes her haversack packed a certain way , camp has to be set up to her liking, clothes or uniforms must always be washed for she cannot abide things that are repulsively filthy, weapons must be taken good care of - clean, polished and sharp. She feels the impulse to fix another beast’s unkempt fur at times. Fur should always be groomed in her opinion.


    Zarya was born and raised in the icy north in a country called Syrea. Her family was  prosperous, of  wealth and nobility. Her childhood was filled with nothing but the study and practice of war. Her mother was a creature she never knew and her father was a cold and selfish man who could never appreciate his daughter because she was not  his son.

    Zarya grew to be a fine warrior of the Syrean empire. Her accomplishments in the military were few but the few that she had were something any parent should have been proud of. Her father was not and Zarya, at a loss of how she could gain her father’s favor which she yearned for so much, was at a loss of what to do with herself. She convinced herself that her father was never going to change and that his opinion of her no longer mattered. She stopped speaking to him and he stopped speaking to her, but secretly she never stopped dreaming of her father’s acceptance.

    She persevered, convinced that one day her father would have no choice but to appreciate her but even as he grew old and ill he still would not. And as her father lay dying slowly from the disease that plagued his body, Zarya confronted him and demanded to know why he refused to accept her for the way that she was. They argued. He only laughed at her and his words were more hurtful than before. Something in Zarya snapped in that moment and, unthinking, she seized a pillow from under her father’s head and used it to silence him. Unintentionally, she forced that pillow to his face too long and his silence became eternal. As his body went limp beneath her, Zarya dropped the pillow and was both shocked and horrified by what she had done. What was even more unsettling was the cool wave of morbid satisfaction that washed over after having committed murder.

    Fortunately for Zarya either no one ever found out about her transgression or no one cared that her father’s life had ceased, even if it was due to dishonorable means.  Life went on and she continued her service as a soldier in the military, gradually climbing her way up to the prestigious rank of a general by the time she was twenty-four.  A few weeks after her promotion, she was summoned by the King of Syrea and charged with the all-important task of leading an invasion force to the conquering of Green Isle.

    During the later stages of her mission she came to befriend one of the PoWs, a young otter named Farleigh. He asked Zarya if she could do him a favor. He asked her that if he were to die a prisoner if she would find his family and tell them what had happened. Zarya  promised him that she would make sure that he would make it out alive. She made plans to help him escape but sadly, that was a promise she could not keep. Their escape plan was found out by one of Zarya’s captains who tried to kill her as the otter was making his escape. Unexpectedly, Farleigh intervened and saved Zarya’s life at the cost of his own. The selfless act opened her eyes for the first time in many years. The otter was the closest thing to a friend she’d ever had and she began to contemplate the meaning of her life. Zarya silently mourned her otter friend’s death and set

    Ultimately, the mission failed and it is believed by most that Zarya fell in the final battle but no beast can be certain. The last anyone had seen of her she had fallen from a cliff  to disappear beneath the ocean waves.

    Zarya survived and sailed to Mossflower alone. She knew that she could not return to Syrea a failure but returning home no longer appealed to her. Her time spent planning the invasion of Green Isle, she had learned some things about her former leader that she didn’t like and that went against her own beliefs.

    Once she set foot on Mossflower, she vowed to cast off her identity as a soldier and start fresh. From that point on she would live fighting for what she believed in. She would answer to an authority no more.

    She first thought of her friend, Farleigh and decided to seek out his holt and Farleigh’s wife to deliver the news of her husband’s death. Upon arriving, she knew that she wasn’t welcome . The otters chased her off, hurling javelins and slingstones at her though she had presented herself in a manner that she believed to have been non-threatening. As she fled for her life, Zarya shouted at them, claiming herself as a friend of Farleigh. The claim went ignored and Zarya escaped into the woods with many bruises from where some of the slingstones had unkindly found their mark.

    She made camp there and that night she was approached by a lone otter maid who introduced herself. The wildcat warrior and otter maid held a long conversation by the fireside and Zarya explained her reason for coming so close to the holt. The otter informed her that she was not at the right holt and that she needed to travel a bit further south along the coast of Mossflower to find the place that she was looking for and she apologized for the behavior of her kin whom had attacked Zarya, going on to explain that some otters from her holt had recently been attacked by vermin.

    Zarya thought of Farleigh again and offered the otter maid to help with her holt’s vermin problem. The next morning, the otter maid took Zarya to meet with her clan.  On their way back they encountered a group of otters whom had suffered at the hands of vermin. Zarya took note of a pair of slain ferrets nearby and of the small bundle being carried off by one of the otter mothers.

    Something felt wrong to Zarya as she watched the mother carry a dibbun to the fire. There was something in the otter’s expression . Anger, sorrow, hatred. The creature’s body language told the wildcat that something bad was going to happen. Without hesitation, Zarya rushed in to intervene. Aided by a pair of otter mothers, Zarya was able to restrain the otter and save the life of a ferret child.

    After the incident, some of the otter mothers warmed up to the strange wildcat warrior and they sat with her by her campfire and talked, shared stories of their lives with one another. When they heard what had brought Zarya to where she was, they were eager to point her in the right direction as to where her deceased friend’s holt was. Zarya spent a couple more days in the company of those otters before she packed her things up and made ready for departure. As she was about to leave, one of the otter mothers that had helped her to restrain the mother who would have killed the ferret child approached her and made the request that the warrior take the ferret child with her. Zarya was reluctant at first but agreed only when the mother explained that it would be difficult for her to raise a vermin child where there was so much prejudice.

    And so it was that Zarya unwittingly became the guardian of the ferret child. Raising a child proved to be more of a challenge than any battle she had ever fought. Zarya’s parenting skills were not…the best but they were exceptional for someone whom had never really spent a day around children before. At first, Zarya considered the job of parenting as burdensome but a few months into it, she started growing fond of her new charge though the child’s unstructured morality and discipline was often quite maddening. Honestly, why can’t children just behave themselves and follow orders ?

    Author’s Note: A couple of things I need to mention here.

    Zarya will be appearing in the story arch thread as a main antagonist, the vermin general serving under King Vadim. This profile is an older version of her.

    This is just a draft of her character. Framework, if you will.  It can and will be reworked so that it will fit the group better.

    Ugh…I know I made some errors and I also want to change a couple things in the history but I'll fix them when I have some more time. ><;

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