• Maybe it's just because I was gone for so long, but I was excited to see so much activity a few days ago. But since then really the only things I have seen active are the OOC threads. 😕  That wasn't really the goal of this site. Sure, I am thrilled to see everyone mingling and creating a place that everyone enjoys, but it is time to step everything up a notch.

    Seth has filled me in on the Clans thing and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun. But it requires people being up to par or the capture the flag will fall flat on its face. Let's get some RPing happening, ok?

    If you don't know how to start one, then start one anyways. We are all novices at varying levels here. We all started somewhere. It is quite enlightening once you get the hang of it.

  • I believe its due to everyone having issues:

    Temp's moving house.
    Kyrodo lost his computer/internet briefly
    I was away since thursday night
    Frost is usually away on weekends.


    Clan forums arent up yet, though the blue-clan is now midnight battalion and we've all ended up creating a sort of band of adventurors with linked characters.

  • Haha, I see. But "While the cats are away, the mice will play" right?

  • Im a cat 😛

  • I've been heavily interested in starting one, but I have a bit of planning I haven't got around to working on yet. It concerns my main three sibling characters.

    In any case, if anything's put up, I'll be up to join. Monday I get interwebs, so I'll be a bit more lively then. ^^

  • Don't be so hard on them CQ, you haven't been around and seen all the cool threads that are going on. I know I could probably stand to post more than I do but…

  • Well were it up to me, most of my posts would be IC. However, nearly all of my RPs have taken a stand still, mainly due to users here and there not showing up to post for one reason or another.

    I'm more than willing to join any new RPs that come up. Existing RPs that I am not yet involved in I find rather intimidating, especially those that have accrued a considerable amount of pages or good RP posts.

    Though I suppose I really should be taking the time to read everything just in case I'd be able to work a character in anyway.

  • With all due respect, Cregion, quality roleplaying is happening. Perhaps not as frequently as you like but we've had to put a few threads on hold due to the fact that quite a few members are busy at the moment, as Shade has already pointed out.

    Marshall, Liz,Temp, Rainman, Kaden, Frost…and so on.

    I am involved in a lot of threads already which are frozen due to
    some of these missing folks. I also run a couple of rp sites that are busier than this one so...I have a lot of threads to reply to, you know? ^^;  I'd rather not start too much more because when these frozen threads start up once more, I will become overwhelmed.

    I will be starting up a couple more rps. One of said rps shall be a non-traditional but heh. Anyway, in the meantime I don't see anything wrong with chatting with my fellow members out of character.

  • Thanks for the info Nightfang. I wasn't meaning to jump down anyone's shirt. Just pointing something out. I had gotten on when about five people were on, and the last post had been the day before. When I was on before, I know there were a number of people intimidated by Role Playing posts. There are always exceptions.

    Haha, no real need for the "all due respects" thing. I appreciate it though. I don't think I have met you before.

  • Indeed.No sir, met we have not. I never registered as a member until October of this year. I have been a lurker for much longer than that ,but I never joined because I haven't had the time to spend online or roleplaying. Now that I have time, here I am! xD

    Welcome back and nice to meet you.  🙂

  • I will definitely take the blame as far as keeping others from posting as they're waiting for me. Sorry, guys! But at the same time, look at how much great writing is going on! There's a lot of different plots/characters/landscapes going on at the same time. I think that says a whole lot…especially coming from a place that used to bustle with activity and is now lurking on the edge of obscurity.

    Night, you mentioned some of your forums. Would you give us a link to those?

  • Hey CQ might you be interested in joining the Story Arc? There's one going, its called Assassins Creed. There is a Story Arc discussion where you can see which positions are open.

  • Hey Frost, call me random, but I was viewing your writing the other day and I must say I am impressed. You remind me of some older members such as Biddy and Cyberstorm Alpha. It is quite good.

    Sure, Rorg! I will hop right on it.

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