Personal Guard Officers

  • Kane!!! and Crazy Frank!

    Nickname: Kane

    Name: Kane Kruger

    Species: Ferret

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Appearance: Dark brown fur with green eyes

    Height: Average height for a ferret

    Description: One of two captains for the personal guard of a vermin prince that comes from a distant land Kane’s presence can mean only two possible things. One a large number of the personal guard has been sent to the region or two, that the prince himself is in the area with his personal guard.

    Kane utilizes close combat weapons and is not to be ignored, particularly where cover is available. Kane prefers using speed over armor and is able to dodge incoming attacks, particularly those from slings and javelins while also being able to use his flexibility to fight more than one foe at the same time if needed. Kane is not a particular fan of ranged weapons especially bows and crossbows however he can use throwing spears or slings with decent skill though every time he has tried throwing knives he always manages to hit the target handle first, at least until he walks up and stabs the target.

    Possessions: Kane utilizes an uncanny amount of weaponry, practically being a mobile armory as he carries a sheathed claymore vertically on his back with two long swords in diagonally crossed scabbards underneath his claymore while keeping a sling and a pouch of stones on his belt accompanied with two short swords and four daggers with the two on the back of his belt being coated with blowfish poison. In addition Kane also has a dirk in his left boots and a stiletto in his right. While he prefers speed over armor he specifically avoids heavy armor but utilizes hardened bark cloth boots, greaves, and cuirass.


    • Great skill with swords.
    • Great nearsight.
    • Good speed.
    • Above average agility.
    • Modest skill with his sling.
    • Skillful with hammers, when he comes across them.
    • Moderate skill with commanding the personal guard.
    • Strong paw to paw combat.
    • Able to engage multiple targets in close combat.


    • Despises bows and crossbows.
    • Below average farsight.
    • Believes younger warriors to be less knowledgeable and often ignores their ideas.
    • Quick temper towards younger warriors.
    • Arrogant when it comes to those that aren’t personal guard or of royal blood.
    • Sees no wrong in killing when ordered to do so.
    • Fears blood wrath.

    The son of two ferrets that worked as assassins in a distant vermin kingdom Kane was opened to the knowledge of stealth, speed, and poison however by the time he became and adult and joined the vermin hordes he found stealth to be quite annoying due to the great amount of care that had to be put in every movement and hiding spot so as to remain undetected leaving him with speed and poison as he was taught about more conventional warfare. Kane was recruited into the personal guard by the Colonel who found his sheer brutality in sword combat to be particularly effective in discouraging assassins that needed to get close to their targets, this was supplemented by the fact that Kane was raised by assassins and knew how they acted when close to their objectives.

    Personality: While he hates bows and is particularly ignorant of younger warriors he silently relies heavily on Kyra with her superior eyesight to take down long range targets. This has resulted in him understanding the importance of the beasts of the personal guard which has left him with an extreme sense of duty to make sure they all survive. While more vermin minded than woodlanders would like he has a rugged capacity to tolerate them as friends. This ability however is hampered particularly when younger woodland warriors a present as his sense of superiority is enhanced by their younger age. Due to his more vermin tendancies and loyalty to the kingdom he sees no wrong in killing beasts, friend or foe when he is ordered to do so by older higher ranking beasts believing that all orders regarding the death of others have already been justified by those giving the order, age doesn’t matter to him, even younglings.

    Expend-ability (0-10): 7

  • Nickname: (Crazy) Frank

    Name: Frank Hammerfist

    Species: Weasel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Appearance:  Brown fur with gray eyes

    Height: Half a head taller than other weasels

    Description: One of two captains for the personal guard of a vermin prince that comes from a distant land Frank’s sticks around the prince and rules through brutality and terror when he doesn’t get his way. The only beasts with more authority in the field are the Colonel and the Prince.

    Frank loves his close combat arms and uses them to horrify any beast smaller and even some beasts taller than him. He doesn’t have a strong feeling for the need for speed like Kane instead figuring you don’t need speed if you can kill your foe in a single hit and if you can’t it’s probably because they’re running from you. Frank sees ranged weapons as the cheater’s way out of combat and has found his own way of dealing with them “All you have to do is take your close range weapon from here and move to them, there.”
    Frank has also gained an understanding of poison and its uses which he has countered by building up a resistance to most major poisons making him a threat to assassins since he also is skilled at playing dead.

    Possessions: Crazy Frank carries a heavy battle axe on his back and utilizes his belt by carrying two large tomahawks and four smaller ones in it while also keeping two small spike hammers in holders strapped around his lower legs. To accompany his weapons Frank wears medium class bronze armor consisting of boots, greaves, cuirass, pauldrons, and knuckles; the knuckles for armoring his paws against breaking when he punches his foes. In addition Frank carries two flasks containing poisons that he samples daily to keep up his immunity.


    • Excellent with axes.
    • Horrific swinging strength with his axes. (Chops through spindly trees with one blow)
    • Armor protects from lighter weapons.
    • Armor hides his breathing movements helping him play dead.
    • Immune to several types of poison.
    • Skillful with hammers, when he comes across them.
    • Good commanding skills.
    • Excellent strength in paw to paw combat.
    • Pain is of little consequence to him.
    • Instills fear by laughing in combat and when hit by foes. (Seems to enjoy pain)


    • Not very fast with all his gear.
    • Poor socializing skills.
    • Laughs even in serious situations.
    • Sees all others as disposable tools of war, save for the Prince.
    • Ignores the suggestions of his subordinates.
    • Amused when other angry beasts shout at him.
    • Pokes fun at beasts undergoing blood wrath.

    Little is known about Frank’s past all that is certain is that whatever happened caused him to crack to an extent as demonstrated by his reactions to combat and his love to inflict terror. The first know piece of his past is when the Colonel saw him laughing as he taunted a badger in blood wrath to follow him through a stream containing pike before disabling the badger by throwing a hammer into the beast’s knee leaving him to be eaten alive by the fish in the stream which Frank watched with glee.

    Personality: Loves axes and hammers and enjoys pain whether it’s being inflicted on him or his foes. Frank finds angry beasts amusing as they try to force him to do their will by either yelling powerlessly or attack which he knows they’ll fail at in his mind. Frank also loves to torture beasts and has been known to resort to sickening methods to get his prisoners to scream which in his mind is all the information he’ll ever need. When subordinate beasts in the personal guard doubt his orders he loves to terrify them into doing as he wills which has resulted in him reliably getting things done even if it does cost half his unit. Frank also likes young beasts but not in the way most others do, he uses the flat of his battle axe to bat (golf) them and see how far he can hit them.

    Expend-ability (0-10): 8

  • The Colonel!

    Nickname: The Colonel, Blood Eye, Grave Digger, Graves

    Name: Kindar Graves

    Species: Stoat

    Gender: Male

    Age: 48

    Appearance:  Red-brown fur save for a spot of white fur on his belly, Kindar has blood red eyes.

    Height: A head taller than other stoats

    Description: Colonel of the personal guard for Prince Thanatos, Graves holds the highest position in the personal guard taking orders only from the prince and the prince’s parents. Graves keeps close to the prince and sometimes acts as his advisor particularly due to Thanatos’s younger age and lack of significant field experience.

    Graves is a general combatant being all round muscular able to hold his own against even badgers. He has no favorite weapon and appears to be stuck in a permanent blood wrath though this is not totally true. His eyes have permanently become red after he had blood wrath, just once, it has hampered several of his abilities but remnant effects still linger as the blood wrath is gone but not completely, his already muscular strength is boosted by the effects resulting in more hitting power, speed, and agility though this has resulted in poor eyesight and aggressive judgement.

    Possessions: Graves makes use of a flail and heavy mace as well as two bolos he keeps in his belt though he also carries a composite bow and a quiver steel tipped arrows for ranged combat. In the way of armor Graves wears bronze boots, heavy steel pauldrons, and medium steel gauntlets leaving his body covered by a dark brown bark cloth uniform which he wore under a bronze chain mail cuirass and greaves. Graves also carries around a smoking pipe and a belt pouch carrying a variety of smoking herbs as well a s tobacco.


    • Can participate in both close and ranged combat.
    • Horrifically good strength.
    • Armor protects from lighter weapons.
    • Heavy pauldrons for shoulder ramming doors and foes.
    • Gauntlets prevent injury from paw to paw combat.
    • Skillful with flail that extends his reach.
    • Good commanding skills.
    • Devoted to completing the mission.
    • Ignorant of pain.
    • Eyes deceive foes into believing he has blood wrath.
    • Above average speed and agility.


    • Bad eyesight.
    • Unnecessarily aggressive at times.
    • Intolerance to beasts that disagree with him, save for the Prince.
    • Sees all others as disposable tools of war, save for the Prince.
    • Refuses to back down from fights unless a superior orders him to.
    • More aggressive towards angry beasts.
    • Potential short term memory loss due to brain damage from blood wrath.

    Received a blood wrath spell during a large skirmish with an opposing kingdom resulting in him killing a third of his own beasts as well as seven eighths of the remaining opposition. Fell unconscious after the spell subsided and was saved by his remaining troops who were shocked when he came to and his eyes were still blood red. Healers discovered the blood wrath had inflicted significant damage to his eyesight and memory but despite their advise he refused to retire and absolutely refused spectacles to help his eyesight instead relying on his other senses more for combat. Was recruited into the personal guard because of his field experience and strength.

    Personality: Sometimes completely calm and relaxed and other times is loaded with rage and hatred. During his times of hatred he may have outbursts of yelling or may physically attack objects both living and not living. During combat his aggressiveness increases and he prefers ramming his shoulder to break down doors rather than opening the door the conventional way. Enraged by subordinates that question his orders and is known to harm them or potentially kill them on occasion which has resulted in the personal guard having beasts that always obey his orders. During his more relaxed times he is actually a decent beast to be around for both vermin and woodlanders as he distinguishes through cooperativeness rather than race.

    Expend-ability (0-10): 5

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