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  • Hey guys, I have wanted to do a FaceBook app for some time, but when I looked it up and tried working on it I discovered that I knew nothing about the required skills. I was clueless.

    If someone knows how to do this or knows enough that they could figure it out, we would all really appreciate that. We would also become a really big forum really quickly no one else has a Facebook app, so far as I am aware.

    It would also allow people to stay active easily, seeing as replies to their posts would go straight to their account and they could reply in a heartbeat. Even if they never returned to the site r made new threads, they would be much more likely to stay active in their current threads until said threads were finished.

    Any Volunteers? And feedback?

  • I'm afraid I cannot help you with that. I do not use Facebook. Not a fan of it , to be honest. However, I won't deny that having something like that could bring in more traffic. I myself prefer small tight-knit communities over large ones, but this isn't my site sooooo yeah. Just my two worthless little cents. 😛

  • Dost thou meanest an "app" as in a quiz/game/otherannoying thing, or as in a fan-group or fan-page?

  • It would be an application that sends the replies to your posts in a message, to which you can reply. Your reply gets sent back to the site and other members.

    Either that, or it would send a notification and you could view the thread and make a reply in a little window. That might not be as effective, though.

  • So in essence…..possibly......one could post from there phone via message to facebook?  Because I can't get internet on my phone, but I can do the message stuff since it costs the same as a normal text.

  • That's one way you could do it. Basically, it would make it much easier for anyone to post on RL. Anyhow, people visit Facebook almost daily, so they could post from there while they do other things.

  • I vote for that!

    Ok gotta go will get back on later, but yes this is definitely relevant to my interests.

  • One possibility is to simply have an RL fan-page. Kinda lame, but it would promote activity and we could announce contests/MoM/etc. and keep members in-touch with it.
        My one problem with it is that there are no pen names on FB. Everybody's names would be showing and it wouldn't be hard to figure out who is who. Does anyone here have a concern with that?

  • Lol no I have no problems with that; if people are really that desperate to find out what your real name is, they'll do it.  The internet does not = safe OR privacy for that matter XD

  • Then do you guys want a "Redwall's Legacy" page on Fabebook? We could work out a way to keep people updated on their RPs that way.


  • It'd give me reason to actually use my facebook XD


  • http://developers.facebook.com/
    I think this might help, i can confess to being one of those sad people who use facebook too much (blame the peer pressure) so i think its a great idea good luck with it

  • On a similar note, there are a couple "Redwall" fan pages on FaceBook, which could possibly be used as platforms for putting RL a little more in the spotlight with Redwall readers…  Not that we'd want to solicit ourselves, but it might be appreciated if people knew that there was another fairly active Redwall forum besides the Redwall wiki; which in my understanding is getting more than a little goofy these days.

  • Awesome, Bow! That is very helpful. Thanks 🙂
        I get to work looking at that and I'll see if I can't get it working in… wellllll... under a couple hundred hours of solid labor. lol
        In the meantime, I created a Facebook Page for RL. For privacy's sake, however, I would suggest that people generally refrain from friending other members.

    Redwall's Legacy Online

    We are now, officially, a totally unique ROC. Well, even more unique, I mean. 🙂 While there are Fan Pages on FB, there don't seem to be any Forum Pages. Also, if I can figure out how to insert the code into the Forum, I can make a FaceBook "Like" box and link appear on the Homepage.

  • Well, this seems to have worked rather well. I think that the auto-advertising on FB might be targeting people who have visited the site before, which is a good thing. I saw three less-active members log in a couple minutes after putting this up, including one who hasn't been on in a a very long time.

  • Sweetness!

  • We only have three people on FaceBook thus far. If we get enough people, activity will skyrocket. First off, we can hold story discussions there so that people receive notifications on it, then visit and post when it's their turn. Another thing is that it will attract people from the other Redwall pages.

  • I "liked" it, I guess that means you join it?

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