• Name:Tanyn
    Gender: Male
    Age: Late 20s
    Species:River Otter
    Occupation: Tribe leader

    Physical Appearance:
    Tanyn is medium height with short stocky legs. His body is long and husky. His shoulders are large and muscular and long. His rudder is very long, and strong. His neck is short and muscular.
    Tanyn has a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder.

    He wears a long leather jerkin that is dirty and worn with age and use.
    His fur is a dark brown almost black color, except for his front. His chest is a pure white, he can lye with his back in the snow and be almost invisible. Between his eyes is white also. His eyes are a periwinkle. His tail is a lighter brown than the rest of his body and the very tip of his tail is and darker white. Despite his being stocky he is quite agile in the water. Under water his sense are stronger, he can smell and see better. And in the muddy water his whiskers help to detect other creatures.

    Tanyn Carries a giant long bow, a little taller than he is, accompanied with a beautiful leather quiver of green feathered arrows. And for other weapons he has a Katana, and a couple of small daggers hidden about him. Besides that he a green jeweled circlet. It was passed down to him from his father who no longer fought in battle. He said that it would bring you gracefulness and skill in battle when wielding a weapon. His Katana was also his fathers weapon .It is very ornately decorated. The handle was made of bone and had beautiful carvings on it. Most of them were tribe markings. The blade also had drawings on it. They were strange but beautiful drawings. Tanyn Also has a small lyre.

    Tanyn Is a very gentle but serious beast. He takes care of his tribe and he leads them well. He is a wise and careful leader. His tribe loves and respects him. They would follow him through anything thick or thin.

    He interacts with his tribe as well. He will celebrate and feast with them. He will sing and dance with them as well. After a long day of work they will all take up instruments and start dancing. When things cooled down, Tanyn would play his Lyre and sing a song in his deep soprano voice. The young ones would start to nod and then fall asleep. Slowly the rest of the otters would start falling asleep. Then when the song was finished Tanyn would himself after tucking in a few blankets go to his own bed.

    His dream is peace. He fights for peace and harmony among tribes. He hopes that when the fight against the army is over the tribes will stay united in peace and live together.

    Tanyn only loved one otter. Her name was Niebra. She died in his arms though. In a fight with the rats she was killed. He grieved deeply over her loss and it took him a while to recover.

    Leadership: Tanyn Since his Father grew too old to fight as their leader Tanyn has taken over for him. His tribe would follow him through anything, they trust him and love him.

    Music: Tanyn has always loved music. His father would sing for the tribe every night and Tanyn would fall asleep listening to his fathers deep voice. Niebra gave him his Lyre which he learned to play, and played it well. He also has a very good singing voice like his father.

    Frustrated: Tanyn gets frustrated quite easily. A little too easily, he doesn't give up though. He just tries all the harder.

    Clumsy: Tanyn is a little clumsy on land. He can't run or walk as well as he can swim.

    Tanyn live with his tribe which wanders around the lands hunting, gathering and fighting. Tanyn's father used to be the leader of the tribe put he was wounded in a battle.
    He was leading the tribe warriors to fight against the stoat tribe. He lead the charge right into their camp, one of the stoat sentries threw a spear and hit Rhourns footpaw. Ever since then he has had a permanent limp. And Since then he has retired and his son Tanyn has taken leadership. He is a very strong and wise leader. His tribe trusts and loves him. They would follow him through anything thick or thin.

    Lives with his father and mother in their tribe. Tanyn has no siblings but his mother adopted a young otter whose mother died while giving birth. And his father was taken by one of the vermin tribes.
    There are many different tribes. There's the savage squirrel tribe, and the mouse thief tribe. There is another otter tribe but their mostly sea otters, there is even a badger tribe. But Tanyn tries to avoid them. The rest are vermin tribes, there's the Stoat tribe, the rat tribe, the ferret tribe. And there's a fox tribe which is always fighting among themselves.

    Once when they were out roaming they were ambushed by the badger tribe.
    They fought like madbeasts to escape. Finally they got away, they had also rescued one of the captives that the badgers were holding. It was a female otter name Niebra. She was healer and had saved Tanyn's life. He had taken a a deadly wound to side, their tribe healer had been killed and none of the others were skilled enough to heal Tanyn. So it was Niebra who saved him through her skills. It took a long time for him to recover. Over the weeks of his getting better he had come to love Niebra.
    It was when they had gone to battle with the rat tribe. Tanyn had led the charge and while they were fighting the main group of rats some of them slipped around behind to attack the camp where the old and the young were. It was then that she was killed. When Tanyn realized what had happened he was enraged. The Bloodwrath came over him for the first time. He slew the rats wiping them out, but it did not bring back his Niebra. She died in his arms pierced with an arrow. He wept bitterly over her death and it took him a long time to recover.

    Tanyn has heard rumors that there is a fabled beast who is said to be from far of lands. He is a vermin and he has been massing the vermin tribes. Tanyn knows that it is no easy thing to get the tribes to make peace and he knew that this strange beast has more powerful motives to join together these tribes. After a long time the tribes started to join together. They then began moving through the land attacking and killing the woodland tribes. They were going to wipe out the other tribes and take the land for themselves. Tanyn knew this would happen, and he knew the only way to stop them would be to join together with the other tribes. He knew that this would be very hard. But this was the only way that they could defeat the army of vermin. So Tanyn began to go around to the tribes and talking to them. Trying to convince them that they needed to join together. They would not listen of course as Tanyn knew. He got frustrated but he still did not give up.
    "This will take months!" He said to his father.
    " I know son, you must stay strong though if you wish to bring them together in peace."
    So Tanyn set out under a flag of peace and tried to reason with them.
    " Well after some of them get wiped out of attacked they will begin to listen to me" He said one day after he had arrived home from one of his visits to the badger tribe.

    Mother: Kirey
    Father: Rhourn
    Adopted brother: Chimp

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