Is this allowed?

  • If I wanted to start up a Star Fox-like RPG, would it be allowed here in the non-traditional section or would I need to go elsewhere?

    Assuming that it is allowed, how many people would actually be interested in it?

  • I'm pretty sure it would be allowed. The non-traditional section is basically for any RP not having to do with Redwall, so that covers Star Fox. I would join if you did!

  • Yeah, you could do a StarFox thread if you wanted to. I still want that game, I'm hoping I'm get it for Christmas.

  • Ah! Alright.  😎 I wasn't sure if other fandom rps were welcome here so I figured that I'd ask first. Thank you for answering!

    The only problem is that I only remember Star Fox 64 despite the fact that I have played all others up to Assault. >.> I only own the SNES and 64 games.  sadface

    Soooo if this was to be an rp in the future/present of the Starfox universe then I need to do some research. ^^;

  • Night, that sounds like a cool idea. I'd be up for it, especially if it was set around the SNES/64 timeline…those are the games I'm most familiar with. 😉

  • I was considering the game to take place during the Lylat Wars as I too am most familiar with Star Fox and the N64 version. However, I am open to a different time period if that is not an option that is favorable to the majority.

    I'll be brainstorming/researching in the meantime! :3

  • That sounds really cool! I'd be interested.

  • Yeah, That's perfectly fine. 🙂
        I, personally, am only slightly familiar with the games, but I have a hidden love for Sci-Fi, so I might join in If people are fine with that.

  • Seth, I'll tell you a secret: I've been developing a future ROC Survivor contest based around the combination of anthropomorphic fiction and sci-fi. I hope to see if I can launch it some time in 2011. More when that develops!

  • Hey, that sounds pretty nifty. Of course, it really isn't a secret anymore. lol

  • Ooooh. More people are interested than I thought. Cool beans! :3

    Haha…t'would be alright with me, Seth. You can always consult the Star Fox Wiki if you're not sure about something or us. xD

    Would anyone be against the idea of not allowing canons (Fox McCloud, Wolf O'Donnell , Falco, Andross…etc.) to be played as main characters but rather as important NPCs that are referenced to or used only when absolutely necessary?

  • In my opinion, that would be preferred. I'd much rather RP an original character after all XD Err, think I'll join in too… just to see how it'll turn out 😛

  • Well, I've started setting up the RP. I'm trying to keep it simple and flexible so people have as much freedom as possible and can have fun with it.

    The RP is titled "The Lylat Wars" and it is currently locked as I think I might have a couple more things that I need to add but am currently too tired to do so.

    You guys are welcome to make suggestions and comments about it here.

  • Sweet, I'll go ahead and check it out. I'll let you know if I think of anything good to add ^^

  • Alright guys. I'm going to say that it's alright to start creating profiles for the rp now. I am working on one of my own along with a plot to go with said character. I will post them up when I have a little more free time which should be before the end of this week. ^^

  • Night, I'll try and dig around in my archives, but I found a site that had all of the soundtracks to the Star Fox series for download and listening enjoyment; talk about some great "mood music," eh? Can't wait for this to get going! Where would you like us to post our characters?

  • Indeed. Very nostalgic! ❤

    I do believe that characters are expected to be posted here:

    I will have my profile ready by tomorrow. I think I may have to go soon. xD

  • Ah shoot, I'll start getting around to mine as well. I have another profile haven't started on either, and he's already in an RP XD

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