Halicon Silver - The Reaper

    Character Profile: Halicon Silver - The Reaper

    Nicknames: Halic, Reaper

    Full Name: Halicon Silver

    Species: Red Fox

    Age: 21

    Description: Red fur with green eyes. Half the tail is tipped with white. Masculine in complexion, with sharp fearless eyes. His fangs and claws are distinguished and can be useful in fights without arms. Edit: Ahh, actually I'll keep both eyes thank you. XD

    Usually wears all black, with a cape, belted trousers, and shirt. Stands 6'3" tall, and bears an above average body build that appears average beneath his clothing.

    Wears a golden earring on his left ear and a silver chain around his neck.

    Personality: A cocky daredevil, who loves competition. He can turn out to be rather obnoxious with the way he operates.

    He is a former bounty hunter, and hence enjoys his rewards over an act of good. However, his good friends at the Midnight Battalion have steadily convinced him otherwise.

    Though he likes to talk with his heart rather than his mind, beneath his intimidating exterior, he can turn out to be rather friendly. The feeling he hates most is being left alone, and in due part has remains a proud member of The Midnight Battalion.

    Thanks to his reckless, independent, and arrogant nature, he and the leader Zarya in particular tend to butt heads ever so often. He finds her hard-laboring leadership to be cumbersome and almost slavery-like. Every once in a while, he'll be caught lazing. He used to complain bitterly, but slowly he's been learning it's best to do as the alpha says.

    He finds it rather humiliating to be scolded by her as much if not even more so than Willow. One too many times he has instinctively performed reckless acts during dangerous situations and been scolded highly for it afterward. He was once even threatened to be disowned by the battalion, which actually left him quiet and cooperative for a good week or so.

    Possessions: His most prominent possession is his silver-bladed scythe, mounted on a curved black hardwood shaft with a handle etched in that's able to sustain against most blades such as a long sword. A weighted weapon, especially a sizable axe, would easily smash through the shaft if it were to make a considerable direct blow. When traveling, he carries a black leather pouch on his belt for rations, and a canteen for water.

    Strengths: Brutal in terms of strength, with a weapon to complement
    Able to spin and swing out at his enemies at a range with intimidating agility
    Competitive, fearless and daring, with the steam to take up any challenge
    Somewhat moderate ability to quietly sneak around the darkness, as much as his equipment will allow
    Although a vermin creature, the Midnight Battalion has served as a steady motivator to adopt the ethical and moral nature of a good beast

    Weaknesses: Possesses no ranged weapons, nor the proficiency to do so
    Is daring enough to bite off more than he could chew and put himself or even his comrades into unnecessary danger
    Hot-headed and cocky to the point of being nearly obnoxious
    May give off a bad first impression to good beasts outside of the Midnight Battalion
    Views the concept of lives rather precariously due to his vermin instincts, although attempting to reform
    Is more partial to rewards than an act of good deed, although attempting to reform
    As he is tolerable to pain, and he will make an effort to hide his wounds, however fatal they may be
    Slow to adapt
    Fears loneliness

    Background: His parents remain a mystery to him. He survived as an orphan in a kingdom on a vermin-infested island to the west. He was left drained by fatigue and starvation until he was taken in by a two wildcats for a time while he was very young, only to be later raided and killed by bandits who they were indebted by some past gambling deal.

    Out to fend for himself a second time, he grew up on his own as a homeless young vermin beast, the experiences he drew traumatizing him as he performed cruel acts to his fellow beast to maintain his own survival. He heard that a bounty was placed on the group responsible for the death of his caretakers. He wanted nothing more but to avenge his caretakers, and he proceeded to train and discipline himself.

    He stole the largest weapon he could find from one of the merchants and claimed it as his own. Though his first seasons tackling low marks on the bounty boards were shaky and not without its injuries and risks, his skills grew and gained a reputation as the Reaper. As a mark of graduation, and noting that his main mark no longer resided in the kingdom, he took a ship to the shores near Mossflower, and proceeded with his career, venturing into vermin camps for potential marks.

    When he finally confronted his most hated enemies, he was ganged upon and was taken into hiding by a beast after nearly losing his life to them. As he recovered, he met with the other beasts associated with his new friend, and told them his story. By some stroke of luck, he managed to convince them to help him take down his main marks, thanks to the strategic guidance of the group's leader and the fact that they posed a threat to Mossflower.

    Much to his dismay, he was told not to take a reward for finally dishing his revenge. He regarded them as strange, having grown up used to a vermin environment. He slowly grew into a normal presence to them as he accompanied them as well as participated in their acts of aid to good beasts and defending the areas around Mossflower and a highly regarded fortress-like structure called Redwall Abbey.

    He painfully realized the differences between good beasts and vermin as they dealt with vermin attacks on the defenseless. He's learned to ignore the discriminatory comments of the good beasts they've come across.

    The group became somewhat of a family to him, and he's slowly grown to greatly value their company, and adapt to their customs and views. They sanctioned him from his former lonely life as a bounty hunter, and never again did he wish to return to it. Though he complains often about the hard laboring nit-picky leader, he still greatly enjoys his new found lifestyle with his fellow comrades.

    When the group felt finalized, and they started taking formal recognition around Mossflower due to their efforts to protect the defenseless, he grew rather excited when they named themselves The Midnight Battalion.

  • Nice guy, but how did you get him off the Clan board?

  • PM Setherion about it, and tell him where he would find it and the name of the character. He is the admin after all.

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