KayLee Saylor

  • Name: KayLee Saylor
    Nick-name: kay

    Age: 24 years

    Sex: Female

    Species: Squirrel

    Alignment: Neutral

    Size: Petite

    Build: Average

    Job/Title: Acrobat/Dancer of a disbanded traveling circus; Currently looking for employment.

    Physical Description/Gear:
    Because of her job as an acrobat, KayLee is quite small for a squirrel her age. Her light brown fur is neat and clean (or at least it was during her days in the circus) and dark blue eyes seduces even the cold of heart (or at least that is what she believes).


    • Two costumes from the circus. One for acrobatics, and one for dancing. Her acrobatic outfit fit snug against her body, making her as streamlined as possible to move through the air, while her dancing two-piece outfit is more looser fitting with puffy legs of a light weight fabric so it flows around her when she twirls (kind of like a genie). The top made of the same fabric, but more form fitting. The last of the costume was a scarf with thin metal coins embedded with it so when tied around her waist, makes noise to the rhythm of her moving body.
    • A set or two of normal everyday clothes.
    • For weapons, she has one dagger and a set of blow darts that are laced with a sleeping potion.
    • And a nap-sack to carry everything in.

    Being the highlight of the circus, she was accustomed to being in the spotlight and everyone watching her, which makes her a perfectionist as she thinks someone is always watching and so much do everything perfectly, especially her routines.
    With her family always traveling with the circus, she didn’t bother to make any friends as she would only have to leave them, making her lonely most of the time, though she did have her family and everyone within the circus. By her own choice, she would rather be by herself then to gain a friend, only to lose them. But loves to make people happy and see them smile during her performances.
    Kay is a high risk taker, not only when it comes to standing up for her self, but in making and perfecting new ‘death defying’ acts.

    Born into the circus lifestyle, her parents met and worked within the same traveling circus, ‘The Giggles Fun-tastic Traveling Circus.’ Watching them perform since she was small, her dreams came true when she was old enough to start performing along side her parents. She excelled at it and soon became the highlight of the circus.

    While everyone packed up one evening from a show that they had put on, vermin attacked the circus, killing her parents along with one of the clowns and injuring a few more. After that incident she found she was unable to stay apart of the circus as it reminded her of her parents too much. The final straw being up high during a routine and missing her mark, causing her to fall from the frame, into the protective netting below. She is saddened by the loss of her family, but realizes that it’s better to let go and not go looking for trouble.

    Now on her own, Kay usually travels through the places she had visited with the circus, seeking to join a new circus and start off fresh, which is better off said then done. She hopes to fine one in need of an acrobatic, though is doubtful. However circus life is the only life she knows of. She’s performed on her own to small groups of beasts for some shelter or food, to get her along until she finds what she is looking for.


    • climbing and balance come naturally to a squirrel, plus added experience as an acrobatic
    • small size allows her to squeeze through the cracks as she is not seen as a threat to anyone


    • small size and no fighting ability makes her an easy target for thieves and the like
    • no real friends

    ~ Note - Got the idea for her from doing my own belly dance (hence the ‘genie’ pants and ‘coin scarf’)

    Not sure what else to add …

  • Looks like a good new character; congrats, Kiara!

  • Thanks, Frost !! ^-^

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