Tabasco Beadfeather

  • Full Name: Tabasco Beadfeather

    Nicknames:  Include "Tabs", "Tab'o" and "Tabby".

    Age: 15 Years

    Species: Red-Shouldered Hawk

    Gender: Female


    Healthy and energetic, this bird of prey is a prime example of an avian. Considerably larger than your average hawk, Tabasco measures at a height comparable to an adult badger. Throughout of which, her weight is evenly distributed, making her relatively healthy and portable. Her wingspan is an appreciable length, and plumage, although on occaisions neglected, is preened habitually. Breast feathers resemble a checkerboard of white and orange, while wings, backside and tail feathers are respectively blackish brown, hatched with opalescent white. A distinct feature are the bird's characteristic copper-red shoulder patches, hence the species name. Her head is slim and attractive, marred only by tan and grey stripes. A savage beak, pearly blue tapering to black, protrudes savagely from a yellow cere at the apex of her head. Onyx talons, housed within yellow leathery encasings, are formidable and keen edged. Eyes are round and ferocious, peering out like amber droplets from under permanently knitted feathery brows.

    Weapons and Personal Items:
    Two, seperate, twined leather cords are fastened securely to headfeathers on her right side, embellished with wine-coloured beads.
    Talon and beak reside as primary weaponry.

    Job or Position:
    Abbey Bellringer

    Often very stubborn and headstrong, she can be blunt at times without meaning to. Otherwise, you'd never meet a more friendlier bird. When it comes to fighting, she sticks to the basics, and dislikes pulling anything fancy, for she finds that the intricate moves agitate her and end up looking sloppy. Also defensive, and reluctant to give up a verbal fight, the bird tends to become a real spitfire when confronted.

    Weakness: Being quite a big bird, she makes an easy target while in flight, or out in the open. She's not completely afraid of bow and arrows, but she becomes quite paranoid when archers are lurking about.

    Strength: Though there are disadvantages to being big, there is a positive side. It's easier to take down foes with talons and beak, plus her sight is definitly something to be admired.


    Tabasco's history is a basic one. Hatched on an early summer morn, the hawk was spirited and lively from the very moment she struggled through her speckled shell. Raised along with her brother by loving parents, it wasn't long before the young hawk ventured away from the nest, like all young birds must. She had flown long distances and many a season uneventfully before she finally reached Mossflower, and when she did, she was nearly full grown. Making friends was no easy task at first, but after about a season of living in solitude near the banks of Mossflower River, she was greeted by a homely looking sparrow. It surprised Tabs that the little bird wasn't frightened of the foreign hawk, but there he was, speaking with a friendly tone in his unusual dialect. It came to be that the little fellow was from a place called Redwall, and it was from the small sparrow how Tabasco came to learn of the place. Just recently has the bird begun to check out the giant sandstone building, which brings us to present day.

    Father: Roc Talonreach
    Mother: Chian Speedeye
    Brother: Socrates Sharpcall
    Mate: None, preferably.

    Other Relevant Information:
    She tends to speak in choppy fragments, usually beginning or ending her comments with a 'keh', or other chirping noises.

  • Yay for bird Charras! I like it. Very detailed. Good work.

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