Cicero Kurda (WIP)

  • .:Cicero:.
    [Sis-ero OR Sic-ero]

    Nickname(s): Sis, Ro

    Full Name: Cicero Kurda

    Age: 21

    Species: Ferret

    Height: 5'8"

    Profession: She’s just a lowly peasant for now, the rp just started so she has room for improvement.

    Possession(s): She has a few possessions of her families that constantly remind her of the vengeance she seeks.  She keeps them stashed away so the guards will not take them though.

    Physical Appearance: She may have looked poor, rundown, and burnt out, but that was only they materialistic aspect of the young ferret.  Underneath that bulk of clothes was a strong and healthy creature.  She was tall and slender, an appreciative amount of muscle accentuating the soft curves of a lovely woman.  Her fur was a stark white, and if she didn't have jet black hair and bright blue eyes, and if she weren't wearing any clothing, she could have disappeared into her surroundings very easily, providing it was indeed snow she was surrounded by. Her hair, in question, was very long; it stopped at about the middle of her back, and she would either keep it up in a bun, ponytail, or braid.  SOMETIMES she wears it down, but that’s only on rare occasions. The tresses themselves are thick and fairly straight. The only mar in her white fur was a black birthmark that she has on her right hand.  It’s of some sort of shape that I have yet to come up with, so keep checking back here if you really want to one; I’ll come up with one eventually.

    Material Appearance: Since I JUST came up with her and she is currently in one rp, and it’s winter time, I’m just going to be describing what she is currently wearing. However if I get a sudden brainwave while I’m typing I will add the rest at the end of this section. With almost every outfit she has, she wears a hat with it. The thing itself was rather large and floppy, but since her hair was bunched up inside of it, it fit rather nicely.

    Everything about her looked rather frayed and old. The large coat she wore was thick and shaggy, the garment patched in several places. The scarf around her neck did not fair any better, but at least it served it's purpose. The gloves on her hands here made entirely up of patches, but luckily they were still rather thick. The baggy pants she was wearing had some patches, and the color was horribly faded. The boots on her feet were too big, and were just as patched as the gloves.  She was of course wearing several layers of clothes, and sadly all of them were in the same shape as those on the outside.
    And no I didn’t get any brainwaves so I will stick with that for now. I suppose that she could wear a rather large and patchy long-sleeved shirt over an equally large and patchy pair of pants. Sure why not that works.

    Personality: WIP



    • WIP

    Background: She is an orphan, and the latest victim of the Darkmoon’s reign.  Her entire family was killed, and now she is all that she has left, along with a few of her family’s possessions.  Like I said, she’s as of right now still in development so I will be editing this as the rp progresses.
    Or until I get a sudden brilliant streak.

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