• .:Nessa:.

    Nickname(s): Nes

    Full Name: Nessa is the only name she knows.

    Age: Unknown, but looks to be in her early twenties.

    Species: Snow Leopard

    Height: 5'7"

    Profession:  Abbey Dweller

    Possession(s):  She has a cloak that used to belong to Mum, but other than that she has absolutely nothing.  She does not need weapons; she has claws.

    Physical Appearance: She is colored like your typical snow leopard, the only thing that makes her different than the rest are her canines; they were rather small for her species, and did not protrude from her upper lip.  She has long, thick white hair that she keeps back in a bun, the bangs on the left side of her face a bit longer than the other side.  Her eyes are a bright blue violet. She also has a tribal tattoo on the right side of her neck that stretches down to her shoulder and wraps around her arm to stretch down her forearm, and end at her wrist.  Part of it also branched off to highlight her right collar bone.  She has no idea if it has any significance or not, but she quite likes it.  She also found that she had a deep scar; it started above her left eye and curved down to her jawline, a part of it branching off to crawl up her temple.  She is slender and curvy, her body corded in sinew and muscle, making her a swift and lithe creature.

    Material Appearance: For the most part, she wears a long sleeved tunic, the material made of a soft cloth and dyed a light shade of blue.  A cream colored rope is tied about her waist, and she also wears a pair of black cloth pants, and black boots.  She is also usually decked out in a large and comfy midnight blue cloak; this belonged to Mum at one point of time.  The hood on said garment is rather large and voluminous, the thing able to hide her scar and tattoo if she so wished.

    Personality: Nessa suffers from a severe case of amnesia.  She does not know anything about herself prior to awaking in a blood-stained snow drift.  She has no idea what her true name is, if she has any family, where she actually comes from, or even her age.  Despite that, she does not let it bother her.  She shrugs it off, and journeys on, simply content to live in the now and wade her way through her new life.

    She is a very kind soul.  She’s nice to every beast, is always ready with a smile, and is polite.  As long as she receives the same treatment from others; if she’s treated with disdain, rudeness, hatred, etc. she will dish it right back and will not give said creature an ounce of respect.  She can also be quite timid and shy when she is surrounded by a significantly large amount of beasts that she does not know.  She is pretty chatty, but on the same token she is content in keeping to herself.

    She is fairly passive, which is why she chooses not to carry a weapon.  Though she will not say no to a friendly debate; she’s very hard headed and would argue with a fencepost if she knew she was right.  Part of the reason why she chooses not to fight is simply because she doesn’t know how.  Or at least, as far as she knows that is.  When she looks at a sword, she gets this dark and foreboding feeling, like she’s intimately familiar with the object.  She is frightened to learn of her past, which is why she hasn’t pursued it any.  She would rather live out the rest of her life blissfully unaware of who she is, than find out that she had lived a terrible life before.

    Unfortunately, she suffers from horrible migraines from time to time, and they spring from out of nowhere.  This is probably due to the head wound that she had suffered from.  During this time, she has minor flashbacks, but none of them hold any significance to her, and once she thinks she’s grasped tightly onto a memory, it slips through her fingers and she’s back in the same spot.  They last all day, but fortunately they do not happen very often.  They have a tendency to make her violently ill, and the slightest noise can cause blinding pain to shoot through her body.  Though the migraines are not a constant occurrence, she does get fairly mild headaches quite often.  These can hit her all of a sudden and last for a couple of hours, or they can gradually grow in intensity throughout the day.

    -Very friendly.
    -Has a strong mind for decision making.
    -Always has a positive outlook on things, even when others do not.
    -Has the ability to remain optimistic about her life even though she has no idea who she is.


    • Suffers from a severe case of amnesia, so she has no idea about her past at all.
      -Also suffers from severe migraines and mild headaches.
      -Does not know how to fight.
      -Swords have a foreboding effect on her person.

    Background: She had come from the Northlands, that much was evident.  But not much was known about her; even she was a mystery to herself.  She had no memories of her past, or her family, if she had one.    When she was about ten seasons, she had awoken in a snow drift, surrounded by bloodstained snow.  She staggered around the snow covered terrain for hours, before finally passing out from the blood loss and exhaustion.  Fortunately, an old snowshoe hare had found her and patched her up.  When she had awoke again, and looked at herself in a mirror, and saw the horrendous scar for the first time.  Of course the tattoo did not escape her either, but the scar was more shocking.

    She had no idea who she was.  The old hare that had saved her told her how she'd found her, and that's all she new.  Since she didn't remember her name, the old hare decided to call her Nessa, after the daughter she'd lost long ago.  Nessa stayed with her for almost two seasons, and was happy.  One day the hare simply went to sleep, and did not wake up again.  Nessa put her to rest, and regretfully went on her way.  She had referred to her as Mum, and Mum was what she remained.

    Eventually she found herself at Redwall Abbey, and she stuck out like a sore thumb.  She had occasionally wondered about her beginnings, but did not dwell on it long enough to go back to the Northlands and find out about her past.  She was content in believing that Mum was the only mother she'd ever had.

  • Argue with Kaji- er I mean fencepost.  😉 Haha…

    You're always good at them personality and physical descriptions. envyface!

    should not drink coffee before bedtime

  • Aww thanks Night! ^^

    You know, I honestly had no idea what to do with her; I just came up with her off the top of my head when Darkening Horizon was made.  I still have no idea what to do with her, but saying that she has amnesia worked out perfectly, because now that means I have more room to develop her further, and it just adds to her character 😄

  • I know what you mean. Though I avoid using amnesia.I do have a tendency to make basic histories for my own characters though so that I can freely expand on them when a new idea comes to me.

    To be honest, I have NO idea what to do with Kajika and the saddest thing is that he was supposed to be my main character. -.- I'm kind of disgusted with his history and want to rewrite it because he seems like just another one of those cliched lost souls or something. -.-

  • Aww don't worry, you'll come up with something ^^  Don't think on it too hard; I find when I REALLY want to improve on something and can't come up with a solution right then and there, I forget about it for the time being, and then things will just hit me like BAM and I can work with it then 😄

    This is actually the first time I've ever used amnesia with a character, and I find that for her it fits; I mean she apparently had a major head wound, and the hare that found her couldn't tell her who she was either, so it works :3  Plus that's a fact as well; people who suffer from it can either regain their memories right away, or said memories do not return to them for years to come.

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