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    Winter is a dreaded fiend. Its grasp chills beasts to the bone, locking them in a cold embrace forever. Once upon a time, winter was viewed as such, and even more. Beasts saw it as a colder season in which snow fell. While it had its infamous frigid nature, some beasts actually found comfort during its reign. After all, building snowmice was a hobby at Redwall Abbey for the youngsters.

    However, recent years had taught all beasts of Redwall to fear the coming of winter. Gone was the joyous Redwall Abbey. After season upon season, year upon year, someone had finally taken over the Abbey. It was thought impossible, but finally, vermin perseverance prevailed.

    Nolvolf Darkmoon had succeeded. The vicious wolf wore an iron fist. The Abbey had put up a valiant fight, but in the end failed. After taking it over, Nolvolf's army and loyal subjects even betrayed the vermin of Mossflower.

    Abbey dwellers forever became slaves, servants, working in and around the Abbey. Vermin and some gentlebeasts in Mossflower became peasants, low class workers, merchants.

    Oh, but Nolvolf's tyranny did not end there, not at all. Salamandastron? Decimated. It serves as a graveyard, a grim reminder of the final struggle to hold Nolvolf from attaining complete control. Unfortunately, their struggle was futile. Hares and the last badger lord perished, their names lost to the sands of time.

    Sure, Nolvolf then could have stretched out to foreign lands, or even deeper into the land Mossflower Country sat on, but he didn't. After all, he didn't need to. He had his own little kingdom, empire, seat of rule, however you want to put it. The wolf's powerful greed paid off quite well in his eyes.

    The Darkmoon family itself stretched five generations now, each ruler just as tyrannical as the founder himself. The Abbey? Smack dab at the back of large city. At the end of Mossflower sits a port town. In the middle, a very small town. The rest of Mossflower? Woods and a village here and there.

    Who heads the Mossflower "kingdom" now? Tyrian Nolvolf Darkmoon. The large brute is a mirror image of his distant relative. His eyes, black as an abyss. His fur, dark gray. His claws? Large enough to rip a seductive grin off any adder.

    A pretty grim image has been painted, has it not? Well, it doesn't get any better. Winter truly is a fiend. Tyrian knows winter is the harshest season and thus when he's the hardest on his "weaker" subjects. Does he care? No. In fact, that's when he taxes the most. It's "population control." He gets rid of the Mossflower insects and keeps his followers, guards, etc. healthy.

    Some say the winter will be the worst ever. Others say it'll the winter that one beast is pushed around one time too many….

    Snow placed its chilly blanket over Mossflower. Trudging through the endless blanket was a pair of beasts: a ferret and rat. If anything, the ferret did all the trudging though. The poor rat leaned weakly on his ferret ally.

    The ferret itself was lean, yet fit, sturdy in other words. He was composed of the standard ferret fur color. If anything stuck out it was his one emerald green eye. The left eye was shielded by a heavy black cloth tied diagonally around his head.

    He wore a heavy black cloak, wrapped tightly around his body. The hood was up, providing only slight warmth. A longsword and shield was slung across his back, both of which looked very worn. In fact the crest on the shield was almost gone. The symbol? Unknown to anyone save for he and maybe a choice set of beasts on the Darkmoon Council. Good thing it was worn away too, for if anyone knew his identity, he'd be the most significant hanging in ages.

    Greck, as he called himself, looked to his rat companion. The rat was suffering a major blade wound to his torso. Greck shook his head. Their journey was tiring. He didn't know how much longer he could carry Burro.

    Trying to be as gentle as possible, Greck plopped the rat against a tree. The ferret stood tall, panting. He rubbed his gloved paws together and looked in every direction. Smoke! the ferret's mind boomed anxiously. His emerald eye found its way back to Burro and a small smile formed on his features. "Hey, Burro…look...smoke, we're almost there eh? Looks like that Darkmoon guard didn't succeed eh? Told ya we'd pass through Mossflower jus' fine."

    " go on..." the rat replied weakly, his eyes shutting.

    Greck shook his head, bending over and attempting to lift the bloodied rat once more. "Ahh no no, no. No. C'mon Burro, we're almost there eh? Jus' a couple more miles. Beast would be crazy to refuse to treat you if we pay them. If rumors are true about this Mossflower place, beasts are despe-"

    "Stop...please...Greck...I could see it in yer eye this whole day mate...I'm dyin''re gettin' tired yerself...please...jus' keep goin'..." Burro almost pleaded, a tear freezing up on his face as soon as it fell.

    Greck shook his head, but was forced to say no more. He knew his companion's mind was made when a small bloodied necklace was plopped into the ferret's paw. Greck raised a brow and smirked lightly.
    "Mate, wha's this?"

    " wanted to know why I agreed to pass through 'ere?...promise me...if you find a mouse family by the name of Lightbreeze...tis theirs...they're distant cous..." Burro stopped, choking on the sinister cold air. He shook his head gently, patted Greck's paw. "I can see the Darkforest mate...tisn't...tisn'"

    Greck's smirk contorted. A frown became apparent on his features. Heaving a sigh he gave his deceased companion a long hug. With that, the ferret turned his back and continued onward to the smoke in the distance. He was now alone and desperate for food...

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  • "Gees, d'ya really think we're gonna find much out here?  I mean come on now, the entire bleedin' forest is covered in snow!" the ferret huffed as she hefted her basket up on her arm, the offensive thing sliding every time she moved.

    Her companion, a snow leopard, laughed lightly and continued to search through bushes.  "Well you never know, sometimes these larger bushes hide things for us.  See, look." she said as she pulled back a branch, the thing riddled with the last berries of the season.  The thick foliage and branches had shielded the fruit from the majority of the weather, but they were indeed frozen.  "When they thaw, they should still be tasty."

    The ferret rolled her eyes and shoved her companion playfully.  "Ok ok, so you're right.  I'm gonna go look for more herbs, the healer said she was almost out."

    "Don't stray too far, we're almost up on our time as it is.  Pretty soon they'll be sending the guards after is."  the snow leopard called after the retreating ferret's back.

    "Aye aye, I hear ya." she scoffed lightly, waving a hand over her shoulder.  She plodded on through the snow, humming quietly to herself.  Even though times were hard and the taint of their Lord seeped into every living thing's very being, there was still room to be joyous, even if it was hard pressed.  She loved the winter; the countryside looked absolutely beautiful under the fresh blanket of snow.  Sure it was cold, but that's just how it works.

    She finally returned to the present and stopped in her tracks, another ferret like herself slowly coming her way.  Only this one was distinctly male.  She didn't recognize him at all, but he didn't have the telltale signs of a guard.  She swallowed slightly and kept her sight trained on him, ready to run for it if it came to that.  "Are you lookin' for someone or some thing?" she called out to him.

  • "And in Burmenlile I'll find you there,
    Closer and closer my lady fair…
    Closer and closer I'll find you there...
    And...In Burmenlile, my lady...fair...."

    Greck finished a song softly. His voice was gruff, yet anyone could sing the lyrics in a lullaby like way, thus making it appealing no matter who's throat it traveled from. He gave a sickly sniffle. It was so cold, his friend was dead, and the smoke didn't seem to get any closer.

    He paused in his footsteps, adjusting the shield upon his back and glancing about. Cold air rushed through his nostrils, his attempt to pick out a scent, futile. Shaking his head in contempt, the ferret heaved a sigh.

    An unamused gaze planted itself on his face as his breath froze before him. "Curse the cold..." he murmured, shivering. Suddenly, his ears raised. Someone spoke? A female. His emerald eye glanced about, before locking on someone in the distance.

    The blistering cold was quite bothersome. Greck could not decide whether or not to approach or stay put. Desperate, he decided to approach. After all, he had enough money on him to buy a castle. The scary part was, although it was an exaggeration, he did have a hefty amount on him.

    When he approached her, he realized she was a ferret like himself. Odd. What were the odds anyway? Then again, he didn't think a great swordsman like Burro would take a blade for Greck! If anything, Greck would have thought Burro could parry the blade for him, but instead Burro pushed him away and took the blow.

    Thinking about the event made Greck curse under his breath once more. Banishing the grim memory, the ferret cocked his head to the side, his face hidden by the hood.
    "I need a place to warm up, 'n get a bite to eat, I can pay handsomely."

  • "Better not let the guards get wind of that, they'll take it all.  You're not from around here, are ya?"  she cocked her head to the side and studied him carefully, the cold wind blowing the silky black strands of hair that had escaped her hat idly in the wind.  The thing itself was rather large and floppy, but since her hair was bunched up inside of it, it fit rather nicely.

    Everything about her looked rather frayed and old.  The large coat she wore was thick and shaggy, the garment patched in several places.  The scarf around her neck did not fair any better, but at least it served it's purpose.  The gloves on her hands here made entirely up of patches, but luckily they were still rather thick.  The baggy pants she was wearing had some patches, and the color was horribly faded.  The boots on her feet were too big, and were just as patched as the gloves.  She was of course wearing several layers of clothes, and sadly all of them were in the same shape as those on the outside.

    She may have looked poor, rundown, and burnt out, but that was only they materialistic aspect of the young ferret.  Underneath that bulk of clothes was a strong and healthy creature.  She was tall and slender, an appreciative amount of muscle accentuating the soft curves of a lovely woman.  Her fur was a stark white, and if she didn't have jet black hair and bright blue eyes, and if she weren't wearing any clothing, she could have disappeared into her surroundings.  But fortunately, that was not the case.  This pretty young thing was Cicero Kurda, orphan and latest victim of the Darkmoon's reign of terror.  She was the only living member of her family.

    She smiled slightly and shook her head.  "Keep your gold sir, it'll only cause trouble for us." she rummaged around in her basket and handed him a small bunch of the frozen berries.  "It's not much, but I 'spose it'll hold you over for now.  If you'll come with me we can get ya someplace warm."

  • Greck listened to her words. Her voice was soft, nice. A deep contrast to what he would have thought, just judging by her rundown attire. The ferret crossed his arms and looked her up and down with his one eye.

    Of course he accepted the berries. A small smile morphed onto his muzzle. After she spoke, merely nodded, letting her know he'd follow. Adjusting his equipment on his back once more, he went forward.

    He glanced at the berries she placed in his gloved paw. His brow raised in confusion. Food is food.

    After shoving all the berries in his mouth and chewing them down, he spoke. "Thank-you. I'll be brief- so these 'guards' don't cause trouble," Greck spoke roughly. He spat to the side and watched her walk in front of him. He also realized he never answered her question.

    At first the ferret hesitated, but eventually he spoke. "No, but I've heard of this place. Tis pretty dreaded from the tales I've heard." Greck put rather bluntly. "This is Mossflower is it not?"

  • She smiled slightly, forgetting to tell him that the berries had been frozen but he hadn't seemed to mind.  She sighed heavily and nodded her head as she walked on, hands in her pockets.  "Aye, this is Mossflower, or what's left of it at least.:

    She fell silent as they walked on, and then realized that she hadn't introduced herself.  "Oh yes, I'm–"

    "Cicero there you are!" the snow leopard said, sighing in relief.  "I've been calling you and calling you, where've you been missy?  Our time's up, we have to get back to the village or the guards will be upon us any second." she deposited her findings into the basket on her friends shoulder and took it from her, the cat finally noticing the second ferret.  "Oh, who's your friend?"

  • Greck crunched those berries right back down to mush, mindlessly. His ears did perk curiously at her statement about "what was left" of Mossflower.

    She then went about introducing herself. Or well, was going to until a snow leopard beat her to it. Greck smirked faintly at the situation, slightly amused. The ferret's one eye flicked from behind the hood, watching the pair in interest. Cicero was the ferret's name? Beautiful name.

    Greck then found himself distracted by what the leopard said next. "Greck." He lied. However, his lie was so firm that it seemed like a truth. In fact he had gone by that alias for so long, that maybe he took on the persona of this "Greck" . No one except for those who truly knew Greck, knew he was not Greck.

    The ferret smirked, noting their haste. "And what's the hurry for?" he asked suspiciously.

  • "A pleasure Greck, I'm sure." the snow leopard said with a slight smile.  She did mean it, though at the present time she was more concerned with getting them back.  "I'm Nessa.  Our time allotment is almost up," she beckoned for the two to follow as she continued talking.  "We're allowed to leave the settlement and forage for things, gather supplies and whatnot, but if we're gone too long they think we're plotting something.  We have a curfew of sorts, I guess you could say.  The penalty ranges as well."

    Cicero let her friend talk, she was content to follow and listen.  Greck was a nice name, though something told her that it was more than likely not the ferret's name at all.  She let it pass however; she was not a nosy beast.

  • Oh the joy of meeting you as well, cat, Greck thought. Even if she had meant it, the ferret didn't take her word choice that well. Did he care? No, of course not. Greck was only passing through Mossflower, and this pair of ladies was simply a means to an end: getting out of Mossflower.

    His paws remained tucked at his sides, his arms crossed tightly across his torso. Cold? No, far worse. After having traveled for so long, winter's sharp touch was driving Greck nuts! He growled, rolling his eyes at their words.

    "A curfew? Why do you have  a curfew?" He asked uncertainly. A close examination of the two revealed that where he was from, they were old enough to perform such menial tasks any time they wanted. Maybe the tales of Mossflower were just as sinister, if not worse.

    "How much farther exactly? Obviously don't want to intrude on guard business."

  • "Hmm yes well we still may have to encounter them anyway mister, depending on the mood of their captain." Nessa said with a worried sigh, but she chuckled lightly.  "Never you fear though, we'll sneak you past them and get you some food and a warm place to stay one way or another."

    "That's just how it's always been." Cicero said with a slight shrug.  "It's not really a curfew, it's more like a time limit.  If we're gone for too long, they think we're up to no good; plotting against their king, formulating a rebellion, stuff like that.  And that is not tolerated at all." she said with a slight smile, the distant and pained expression in her eyes clearly evident.

    Nessa wrapped an arm around her friend and squeezed her fondly, choosing not to bring things up.  The first couple of buildings of the settlement popped up out of the snow laden wilderness, creatures hustling and bustling about as they went about their day.  Nessa scanned the creatures as they came closer, and sighed in relief.  "Well, I don't see any of the guards so mayhaps we'll shimmy on through unnoticed."

  • Greck took in their words and smirked. Even if they could not sneak him in, it made no difference. His blade hungered for blood after what the Darkmoon guards did to Burro. Thus, the more he heard about what the guard were like, the more he hated them and understood their backward reasoning for attacking Burro and he.

    Essentially, it took one look into Cicero's eyes for the ferret to know that the guards did indeed make the myths of Mossflower true. The ferret smirked. How could such a peacefully named place be so horrid?

    Beasts of all sorts ran around the quaint little village. They all looked so…downtrodden. Greck's stomach clenched and he felt rather sick. Yet, no matter how bad he felt, there was nothing he could do. Yes, he was a warrior, but this was not his problem to deal with.

    A pair of squirrels approached the trio. They were an older couple: Mary and Borus Greybrush. The kind squirrels made their way over to Cicero and Nessa, smiling softly.

    Borus looked between the trio skeptically.
    "You two need to watch yourselves, you're lucky the guards are late!" He lectured, stopping as Mary put a paw on his shoulder.

    Mary shook her head. "Don't mind him, you know how the village worries about its lovely helpers. But serio-wait, who is this?"

    Greck spat to the side. "Greck."

    Mary nodded to his weapon and shield slung across his back. "You might not want to be seen with those dearie...guards'll have at you."

  • KayLee made her way to Mossflower. The circus usually stopped near by and set up shop outside the boundaries of the King. Everyone in the circus knew about the suffering of the poor beasts and did a show for free, much to the disgust of the King and his followers. This time, however Kay traveled alone.

    The small squirrel traveled through the snow, she could see smoke in the distance. She smiled though noticed something…or someone leant against a tree. Upon further inspection, she sees the rat is in fact dead. “Shame…” She said looking around. Because the blood was still wet from the wound, she could tell it was a recent death, the unsure thing was how far away is the killer and who did it.
    She had the though of going to the treetops but then again there were no leaves on the trees so it was just as easy to spot her up there as on the ground. She then noticed footprints leading away from the body to where she was headed. To that, she smiled. As long as whoever it was stayed in front of her, then she should have no problem.

    Kay gave a sigh, her breath condensing as soon as it left her mouth and the ‘fog’ floated into the air. Her body shivered in her baggy clothes. The clothes were nothing special, just faded comfortable baggy clothes that she would wear while the circus was traveling from one place to another. Looking around a second time, she started to follow the footprints. She knew how the guards were, but hoped that she would be able to get through with little-to-no problems.

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    Nessa smiled slightly and nodded her head.  "Yes, but he's right Mary, we cut it too close this time." she unshouldered the basket and showed the couple it's meager contents.  "This is all we could come up with.  That first frost pretty much killed everything off.  Hopefully the others were able to come up with more."

    Cicero pat her friends arm.  "Don't worry Nes, we'll be fine.  And ya Borus I agree with ya.  Come on Greck, let's get ya somewhere safe until we can make ya blend in.  I owe you more food than that measly pawful of berries anway."

    "Ro have him hang his stuff in tha-"

    "Aye aye I got ya Nes, don't worry." the ferret said with a wave of her paw as she beckoned for him to follow her towards their abode.

  • Greck rolled his eye. His angered gaze was hidden behind his hood. Shaking his head in disagreement. "No, I'm not here to blend in. All I want is some quick food and maybe a bit of rest, then I'm gone," the ferret said in dismay. He watched the old squirrel couple wander back off.

    Heaving a sigh, he followed Cicero. Where they were going, it did not matter. As long as he received his food, he couldn't complain. "Alright, lead the way…"

    It only made sense for KayLee to follow the footprints to the settlement. After all, it meant a place to relax, correct? Well, someone else had decided to follow the footprints back to the settlement.

    Netti the Swift, or well, so he liked to call himself was the newest beast on the path. The gray furred hare sprinted, or rather trudged through the snow with haste. He was young, barely a young adult.

    As for the basket of herbs in paw, he tried his best to prevent them from spilling as he ran. He could not allow himself to get caught late by the guards! The poor young guy had already been caught on two separate offenses! And where was Nessa, Cicero, Onn, or any of the other scavengers?

    Distracted by fear and worried thoughts, he did not pay attention as he cut onto the path, smacking right into KayLee!

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  • "Woah!" Kay yelled out of surprise as she stumbled backwards from the impact. Not being able to stablize herself, she fell backwards landing square on her bottom.
    "Ouch…" She said wrinking her nose as she got back up. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" She asked looking up at the hare.
    Just looking at him, she relaized he was from the nearby village, and once that clicked in, she knew why he was in such a rush, although she hadn't realized it was that late.

    "I think we should save the introductions for later. Right now, we should get going." She suggested looking along the path then at the hare.

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  • Cicero led him through the throng of creatures towards a house near the far side of the the settlement.  This is where Nessa had lived to begin with, but after the slaughter of the younger ferret's family, the leopard had taken her in.

    She pushed the door open and shut it behind Greck, the abode rather homey and cozy, a major contrast to the outside world.  "Well, welcome to our home I guess.  I'll show you where you can hide your things and then we'll see about getting you fed." she said as she pulled her scarf off and hung it on a peg next to the door, her outer coat and hat soon following, leaving her long black hair to fall down her back in a cascade.

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    Greck scanned the quaint little building. The ferret sighed. A house was a myth to the ferret. Having been a wanderer for some time now, Burro and he had no choice but to continue onward, moving from place to place. Of course, he wasn't a wanderer for no reason. Every wanderer, whether they knew it or not, had a purpose.

    His? Not telling. Only time would tell. Silently, he watched her move about the house, still cloaked and hooded. After a moment or so of hesitation, he finally removed his hood. What was revealed? The one eye, and his other? No, that was hidden, or well what was left of it, behind the heavily wrapped cloth that rested diagonally across his face.

    There was a nasty scar on his muzzle that looked like a beast clawed into it. His gaze was hardened, full of experience. Unfortunately, one would assume bad experiences: war, battle, death, loss, etc.

    A small grin formed on his features nonetheless. "Thank-you, by the way. I'm not staying long however."


    Netti's eyes widened. Time seemed to move in slow motion for him. That was, of course until he found himself with a face full of freezing snow.

    The young hare's basket took flight, sending the herbs all over the snow. In a panic, he began to immediately thrust snow and herbs back into it. "Oh no no no no no no no NO!" he whimpered helplessly, almost ignoring Kay.

    Suddenly, he remembered her words.
    "Y-yes, best to hurry else the guards'll have at me!"

  • KayLee watched him for a moment before he got back up from shoving show and herbs into the basket. She smile at him. "Then we best get going. We don't want any trouble now do we?" She asked as she started to walk along the path again, following the footprints that were already there.
    After taking a few steps she turned to see if he was following her.

    It was true, that she didn't want any trouble for him or herself from the guards. But she knew if they recognise her from the circus that things could get ugly. She had hoped that they couldn't remember a single face from the circus, but it wasn't like she was much of a threat by herself to cause any suspicion.

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    Cicero examined his features for a subtle second, concern and curiousity welling up inside her as she commited everything about him to memory.  What had happened to this poor beast?  Maybe he had a history that was similar to her own, only more so.  It was clearly evident that something horrible had happened to him, and  yet he was still able to treat others with curtosey and kindness, albeit a little indifference, but that pretty much went without saying.

    She laughed slightly and beckoned for him to follow her through the house as she headed for a room towards the back of the house.  "Oh really?  What makes you so sure?  Once you're in here it's pretty hard to get back out without being noticed."

  • "Well if anyone thinks they're keeping me here, they're sorely mistaken," Greck smirked. Obediently he followed, his eye following her footsteps.

    How peculiar it was that Greck found himself in such a place. The ferret couldn't believe his situation. Mossflower wasn't the safest place to be, especially for him. Yet, at the same time this house was probably the safest spot. Irony.

    Tiresome, Greck adjusted his shield once more on his back. "So 'ow long have you lived here?"


    Netti nodded eagerly to Kay. He didn't need her to tell him twice that he better be heading out. Curious, his ears perked high. Then again, how did this stranger know about the laws of Mossflower? Perhaps its reputation reached farther than he knew.

    Swallowing hard, the young hare sprinted over to Kay. "Y'know it may be best for you to leave ma'am," he whispered as if someone was listening in.

    Eyes flicking back and forth, he heaved a sigh when his paranoia settled. "Mossflower tain't the safest place at all..." Netti confessed. "Plus, it really is hard to leave once the guards get a tab on ya. They've been cracking down."

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