A christmas carol REDWALL EDITION

  • 'Twas two days before christmas, and in Redwall everyone was busy in order to make sure that the annual christmas party/parade/ceremony/celebration was perfect this year.

  • ok lets start it up. i want everyone to post something in this one.

  • Everett shifted his precarious position, balanced atop a stack of stools and chairs, while he bit down on a series of tacks, trying to keep his focus on the tack in his left paw while he raised the mallet with his right, ready to secure part of the large cloth banner that said WELCOME ALL FOR WINTER FESTIVITIES!

    "The squirrels won't help put this up?" he asked out of the corner of his mouth to the creatures below.

  • As the preparations continued, Link hurried to collect the christmas treed from Mossflower woods, with help from stronger folk of course. as he hurried to set up the tree, he accidently fell off his support right onto the squirrls that were watching Everett set up the banner. not only that, but the Christmas tree came tumbling down on top of him, chrushing him to death… ok not really. he pushed the tree off of him, and proceeded in resetting the tree.

  • Christmas. Stupid holiday. You know what my kingdom did in the winter? Prepared for the harsh season. What's this abbey do? Celebrate! Celebrate a harsh season that kills off the unfortunate… and now I'm stuck celebrating it. Thank-you Temp...thank-you, Kaden mentally groaned.

    The blond furred weasel was heading down the steps of the abbey with a pile of decorations. The pile was large enough to the point that he could barely see past them. His ears twitched uneasily. Oh no…dibbuns!

    A stampede of small furry critters began to race up the steps. Quickly, the weasel pulled himself tight to the wall, sighing in relief as they brushed by him. He had just escaped with his life! Okay, maybe it was an exaggeration, but dibbuns were infamous for their lack of mercy.

    Eventually, the weasel finished his journey. In fact, it was just in time to hear Everett's statement and watch Link get crushed by a tree. Gently, the weasel set aside the pile of decorations, his eyes switching between the two beasts. "Nice goin' Link…'n Everett, I don't think it's tha' they won't help you, it's just it's far more amusing to watch you struggle wit' it. I'm personally jus' waitin' for ya to smack yer own paw with the malle'."

  • Temperance had just entered the great hall with a long rope of garland that she and some of the other Abbey Dwellers had made by hand.  The object itself had been stitched together by the Abbey's skilled Infirmary Keeper, and some of the dibbuns had helped in the gathering of the many pine cones that adorned it.  Of course, all of the needles had been gathered from Mossflower Woods, and had been preserved in order to keep their lush, green color.

    She broke away from her group and eyed Everett up on the stools, contemplating scaling the makeshift ladder to help him; she may not have been a squirrel, but she was a fair climber.  Kaden's comment drew her eyes away from the ferret and she fixed the blond weasel with her look, before smacking his paw lightly.  "For shame Kaden, that is not very nice!"

  • It was looking like it was going to be a very Merry Christmas this year, so the Four Avengers decided to stop avenging for the winter months and help get ready for the fabulous day. Seeing Link's trouble, Bronzestripe held up the tree easily with one paw as the otter got it into position.

    "Maybe you should have helped him the first time," Loki chucked, "and I think you should be hanging that banner instead of Everett, Aislin."

    "Well what are you doing to help?" Galvin asked the rougish mouse.

    "Oh, I've already sampled a good bit of the… ouch!" Loki yelled as Aislin slapped him across the forhead. "Your point is taken loud and clear miss," Loki said sarcastically as he bowed to the irate squirrelmaid.

  • "Oh, lovely," Everett shot back, frowning. "I'm sure you could do better then?" He turned back to the tack. "I'll show you how it's done, then." He closed one eye, aimed, and struck.

    Wrong spot.

    "Yee-OOOWWW!" Everett tumbled from his pinnacle and landed in a heap of presents. He emerged grunting and nursing an oversized digit. He scowled at the sound of Kaden's laughter. "Well…maybe not exactly like that." He sighed and stared at the tree. "Link, I hope you're still alive under there. Oh, hello Temp. Here to help us boys with our meager decorations?"

  • well! no thanks to you, kaden, i finally set up the tree, with only minor difficulty, said Link as he rushed to bandage his rib cage where the tree landed on it." you know, i think i have realized that the people who actually like this time of year are mor enjoyable to have around. maybe it's just me, but that seems to be the case." link was trying to drill something into Kaden's head but it obviously wasn't working.

    "alright! what can i do next… anyone need any help... well concidering my last incedent i guess no one wants my help..... oh surly someone does." So Link rushed off to find an opportunity to be of some help.

  • Kaden winced as he felt his paw receive a slap. Temperance. Her voice rang true, proving that the slapper was indeed Temperance. The weasel rolled his eyes and rubbed his paw. "And?"

    The weasel's attention was then drawn in by Everett's remark. Kaden gave a coy smile and nodded. "Aye, I could, but the difference is, I dun' want to," he remarked with a chuckle. Kaden always had been, since his arrival at the abbey, a rival to all. Yet, at the same time, when it came down to it, the weasel would risk his tail for any beast in it. If anyone could confirm such a belief, it was Temperance.

    The weasel's chuckle was then followed by a loud laugh upon Everett's clumsy descent. "Y'see? I called tha'." The weasel was going to make a remark to Temp, but his attention was caught by Link. "You best watch your words Link, may be a 'oliday for all you, but doesn't mean it is for me," he said with a cruel grin.

    As Link scurried off, the weasel then looked back to Temp. "Where is Cookie 'xactly?"

  • OOC: Hey Pester, they don't have Christmas in Redwall. You could however say it was the Winter Feast.

  • OOC: You are right Sparko, but this is Non-Traditional so he has some freedom to do that.

  • Before she could answer him, the kit answered the question for her.  Another excited group of dibbuns barreled through the hall, the little skunk breaking away from the procession to barrel into the weasel and latch on to his legs.  "Missa Den Missa Den, didja see all de presen's an' decerayshuns an' an' an' de gardland dat I heped mama make?!" she grinned up at Kaden.

    Temperance was going to answer Kaden with her own sharp remark, but the appearance of her daughter stopped it.  She ruffled the kit's ears fondly and patted Kaden's arm lightly before she went to help Everett up, laughing lightly.  "Of course, if I weren't here things would totally slip into chaos, wouldn't you agree?  Besides, somebody has to keep yon weasel in line."

  • Everett accepted the help graciously, smiling at Temperance. "Naturally. Chaos follows us boys around all too often, I think." He stretched and grimaced when he heard something pop behind his shoulder. "Maybe I shouldn't climb any more chairs today…"

    He snapped a paw as an idea popped into his head. "Why don't we give the dibbuns something constructive to do? We could have them clear the snow from the walk and build snowcreatures on the lawn. We'll get two apples with one stone!"

  • Dug walked up to the large abbey gates. Behind him was a sled piled high with casks, barrels, whine skins, and at least 2 dozen flagons. He had pulled the entire thing all the way to the abbey of Redwall from his bar. Setting down the rope attached to the sled, Dug cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted at the top of his massive lungs"Dugs here with beers, ales, whines, and meads for the winter feast at Redwall!" After letting his voice boom for a few seconds he picked up the ropes and dragged them closer to the gates.

  • "Did I hear ales, wines, and meads? Well then, why don't I just indulge myself? ^^" Leonid nearly sung to himself as he paraded towards the abbey gates to help open them. After the entrance was clear, Leonid walked up to the sled.

    "Hello there, Dug. Your hull would make an absolutely fine addition to the Abbey feast, but first I must test the drinks to make sure none of them are poisoned or any- OW!" Leonid suddenly yelped as he was pinched.

    Kyrodo was standing right next to him. "Greetings Dug. Please do continue on your way!" he said with a cheerful grin, ignoring Leonid's scowls.

    "Honestly Leonid, do you not possess any manner of restraint? My humblest apologies, good sir. I hope this crazed squirrel hasn't caused you any harm," said Talina apologetically as she walked up to join Kyrodo and Leonid.

    Kyrodo's brother (KadAn XD arg, need to change the name soon) sat lazily up against a tree in the orchard, humming to himself. Red, who was helping with putting up the banners, strolled over to him angrily. "Aye… Kadaaan! Why am I doing all this work when ya have not the decency to help us out?" he growled.

    Kadan opened and eye to glance at him before closing it again. "Now why should I soil myself over hard labor when Redwall's hospitality is infamous? Heh, it was your choice to help out in the first place. You should know by now that I'm not in any way an honorable knight. Therefore, sucks to be you doesn't it?" he finished with a grin.

    "WHAT!?" Red exclaimed in anger. He furrowed his brow. "Why, ya ungrateful bast- OOF!" he let out as a snowball struck him in the face. He rubbed the snow out of his face and glared at Kadan. "Oh, yer gettin' it now!" he growled as he crouched to form a snowball. Another ball struck him in the shoulder.

    Kadan grinned to himself as he got up and started running away.

    James was helping put up the decorations on the tree. Red let loose the snowball, only to strike James in the back. He let up a small growl as he finished placing another ornament, before whirling about. "Mr. Firecross? I never expected you of all people to strike people with their backs turned. Consider yourself lucky that I left my bow and quiver at my quarters. However..." He smiled competitively as he quickly crouched to form a snowball.

    "Err, there lies a very good explanation for all this if ya'll let me- Hey, wait!" Red let out as he was struck in the chest. He raised a brow as James worked on another snowball, then turned to run after Kadan.


  • After pulling the large sled into the abbey grounds, Dug decieded to join in with the friendly snowball fight. Crouching down, Dug scooped up massive amounts of snow into what would be known as "A snowball capable of ending a war" Looking left to right, Dug coose his target, a fleeing Kadan. Bringing his arm back and judging the distance with one eye closed, Dug let his apocalyptic snow weapon fly forth from his grasp yelling after it "Catch Kadan!"

  • "Err, what's going on now?" asked Halicon to himself as he rounded the corner to observe the scene before him. Kadan was headed his way.

    "Ah, the Reaper!" greeted a tired grinning Kadan.

    "Catch Kadan!"

    He whirled about just as the giant snow ball was let loose. He turned back to Halicon and ran towards him. "Well why don't you see for yourself?" he answered as he bumped Halicon into the approaching snowball.

    "Oh…?" Halicon helplessly watched as the speeding mass closed in and collided with his muzzle, spreading snow all over his face and chest. He furrowed his brow as he resentfully wiped the snow out of his eyes. "That does it, your challenging the wrong fox. So, who threw me the gift!?" he called out.

    Red stopped a ways away, making a snow ball to throw at Kadan. "Err..." he gulped as his eyes met with Halicon's.

    "You!" Halicon grinned as he immediately crouched to prepare his own apocalyptic mess.

    James stopped within a fair distance from Red and raised his arm to throw.

    Kadan couldn't help but smirk to himself as he followed suit.

    "Good grief..." Red bitterly grumbled as he narrowed his eyes. He stood there as the three snowballs struck him at the same time. The wildcat shuddered then immediately shook off most of the snow.

    Kadan held his sides as he burst out laughing. He was soon cut off as a snowball caught him in the mouth and knocked him over.

    "Happy Winter Feast." Red let up a satisfied grin as he patted off his paws. "I do believe my work here is done," he said as he turned about to walk away.

    James watched him go. "Hmph, wish you were a bit more competitive, Mr. Firecross. However, there is still much to do," he said as he walked off as well.

    Halicon crossed his arms in disappointment. "Aww, you guys done already? Is anyone still up for a snowball fight?"

  • As if by reply, the doors to the Great Hall burst open, and a torrent of dibbuns exploded onto the snowy lawn, each armed with a miniature shovel and bucket. Everett jogged behind them, trying to give them last-minute instructions as they raced towards their goal.

    "Careful, little ones! Just be sure to clear the snow off of the walk, okay? Yes, Dinsel, the main walk over–no, over here! Yes. Boofal! You silly oaf, what are you up to? No, don't climb that tree–it's covered in ice! Llewyn--ack! Llewyn, you wretch! Don't pull on my tail so hard! Sewly! Don't eat the snow, darling, you'll freeze your little tongue. Oh, Fates protect us!"

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