Brandisher Spoor Duskback

  • Nicknames: Brand; Spoor; Dusky

    Full Name: Brandisher Spoor Duskback

    Species: Red Fox

    Age: 28

    Description: Battle-seasoned but handsome, with fierce, piercing green eyes and a loud, confident laugh. Brand stands taller than most foxes, with a comfortable balance between muscle and fat; however, sleeping outdoors for several seasons has weaned most of the fat off his frame. He has burnt auburn fur with cream and black accents down the chest and around his paws. He wears a faded and ratty old shell jacket: the royal blue hues have become more of a color resembling approaching rainclouds, and the dulled epaulettes—each with one faded red star—on the shoulders have lost their braids. He usually wears the jacket open, baring a low-necked white undershirt. He wears grey trousers and mud-caked boots.

    Personality: Overbearing, proud and zealous. Brand despises most woodlanders, as he’s fought them for most of his career. He’ll bark orders, but rarely berates in open hostility—he knows the brave souls of the Tenacious Twelve, those few soldiers remaining under his command, and they trust him (and on occasion, doubt him). Brand enjoys the company of females and will flirt to his disdain and ruin, often having to defend his wretched honor against vengeful husbands and beaus. He’s killed more than he can remember, but that’s not important to him: he wants authority. Since the dissolving of Fleagut’s armies, Brand has been stuck at the rank of Leftenant—but he dreams of the glories and honor of being a general, even perhaps one day a Field Commander.

    Brand has some education but survives on instinct and “street-smarts.”


    1 customized side-sword and scabbard
    Several pieces of parchment (for writing orders or sketching terrain)


    • Able to command and delegate responsibility to subordinates
    • Excellent in “gentlemen’s swordfighting”
    • Strong vision, even in darkened conditions
    • Quick on his footpaws; able to dodge, roll and sprint
    • Easily remembers location and direction without the aid of a map
    • Expert in charm, flattery and “flowery” conversation


    • Weak in paw-to-paw combat without a blade
    • Terrible archer
    • Easily distracted by loud noises, can lose his train of thought
    • Doesn’t move well over rocky terrain
    • Easily susceptible to common illnesses


    Born in a time of peace, bred for a time of war. Brandisher Spoor Duskback was a successful leftenant in the western bridge of the warlord Fleagut’s army. Brand fought in several campaigns as a conscripted private, but his bravery and insight during the Blackstream Expedition earned him a promotion and command of a division of twenty-seven vermin soldiers. Brand was ordered to provide support for Fleagut’s western expansion into Mossflower, but he took his company off into the wilds of the southlands in pursuit of a traitorous deserter who attempted to warn the woodlanders of the warlord’s impeding attack. Brand’s pursuit of the deserter lasted over three seasons, and by the time they caught and executed the traitor, his company had dwindled from twenty-seven to thirteen soldiers. Hunger, thirst and exhaustion tested the wills of his men, culminating in an epic duel between the leftenant and his first sergeant in which Brand emerged victorious. Each soldier has found renewed support in their company commander, Brandisher Duskback.

    At the present, Brand and his company have arrived back in Mossflower woods, only to discover Fleagut’s vast armies have been defeated, the survivors scattered to the farthest edges of creation and the warlord himself buried under feet of ice after a climactic battle on a frozen lake in the far north. Brand is determined to recruit the former armies and have them follow after him, and he will stop at nothing to bring a new dawn of vermin tyranny over the pompous and vile woodlanders, enslaving them forever.

  • ahh, Frost! Let me be the 1st to say, EXCELLANT JOB. xD
    Loving the bio. Hope you role-play him soon! ^^

  • Hey, thanks Elizabeth! I'll do my best…I was planning on including him in the 'Cruel Spur' storyline, to try to give him an intro of sorts before interacting with others on a regular basis. 😉

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