Willow Of The Midnight Blades

  • **Nickname:**Willow, Wind-eye

    **Full Name:**Vindauga

    Affiliation: The Midnight Battalion

    Species: Ferret

    Age: 20

    **Description:**A slender, small and feminine ferret with enchanting crystalline blue eyes, surrounded by silken white bands of fur, leading into chocolate-brown that covers her entire body.The silken bands of fur mark her eyes in a long tear-shape that leads out towards the edge of her muzzle,continuing from the natural curve of the eye upwards.

    Vin has several smaller bands of white fur markings surround her muzzle and pink nose, as well as coating the ends of her tail, ears and paws. Two rings of black fur circle her long chocolate-brown tail with the fur around them being gray and rough.

    She has a disarming and particularly deceptive smile, which she often wears when in trouble (or causing it!)

    Typically wears a long flowing green hooded cloak, with several hidden pouch's sewn into its cloth. Under the cloak she wears a short dark green tunic, with several pouch's sewn into the cloth, and finally she wears a belt strapped across her shoulders down to her chest which has small holsters woven into the belt that can hold up to 7 small daggers.

    Across her waist she has another two intertwined belts which secure her pouch's of herbs and medical supplies, with a final single holster at her side for a small sheath.

    Currently this holds a small short-sword, or tanto-like blade with elegant designs across the hilt and sheath.

    Personality: Vindauga is nothing but chaotic and often unpredictable. At first glance she appears shy and quiet, but this can change at a moments notice

    While she can show a gentle, caring nature she struggles with the concepts of 'good and bad'. One example of this would be she understands not stealing from her Friends, yet the only true reason she could give for not taking from another beast is simply 'because she was told not to'

    Vin has no real moral structure. She sees nothing wrong with stealing, killing or other such acts and has a small grasp of concepts such as kindness and charity. Despite this, the Midnight Battalion continues to have a positive influence over the ferret as evident by her sometimes resisting her impulses to steal and on occasion openly showing affection, thankfulness or warmth.

    Though she will deny it, Willow does in fact like her acting-mother, Zarya. She will at times reluctantly confide in her, and is very easily angered through others injuring Zarya. She will never admit to thinking of Zarya as her mother, though why else would she put up with the constant grooming, lecturing and other motherly-doting that Zarya attempts to make upon her?

    She is reluctant to go out of her way to help others when there is no obvious gain or reward, yet she is very enthusiastic when there is a reward to be had.  She will however help the other members of the group, although her reasons for this tend to be 'because she is the healer', 'because mom told her to' (though she wont say that one out loud), or 'because Zar said i should'  Vin will not admit to helping because she wanted to help, and will deny any such accusations furiously.

    Vin is easily distracted by pretty or shining objects, and she has trouble focusing under pressure, often resorting to petty insults and remarks when stressed, which can result in her accent becoming much more evident.

    Vin has a obsession with treasure that can sometimes lead to interesting encounters and a lot of exploration.

    1 Tanto, sheathed. Small lightweight dangerous blade, stolen during one of her adventures with the Midnight Battalion.

    1 Willow-reed flute, given to her by Zarya on her 5th birthday.

    7 Small daggers, nothing special. Holstered in the shoulder-belt.
    Herb Pouch's, containing various herbs for medicine use.

    • Sticklewort: To slow bleeding
    • Chickweed: For soothing and cooling irritation/burns

    Medicinal pouch, containing:

    • Cloth bandages
    • Sewing needle

    1 small blue crystal, stolen during an adventure with the Midnight Battalion.

        - Excellent and experienced healer
        - Agile
        - Experienced with the use of short blades such as daggers/tanto
        - Fairly competent at close combat
        - Adept Thief
        - Light and Quick movements
        - Excellent at picking locks
        - Fairly Silent Movement
        - Adept swimmer
        - Charming
        - Plays the flute well

        - Easily distracted
        - Trouble focusing under pressure
        - Breaks easily under stress
        - Impulsive Thief
        - Physically weak, relies on swift/fast deadly attacks.
        - Unable to use weapons longer than a dagger due to her small size
        - Struggles in heavy wind and weather due to small size
        - Deep fear of flames
        - Struggles with concepts of good and bad
        - Unable to read or write, she never learned.


    Vindauga, or, Wind-eye, is the current Healer of the Midnight Battalion, A band of roaming adventurers. The group's leader, Zarya,  named her Willow in an attempt to distance her from her vermin-heritage, however she will only accept the name from Zarya.  To everyone else, she introduces herself as Vindauga or wind-eye, and in fact she often argues with the group members who, all on Zarya's behalf, call her Willow.

    Since her birth, Vindauga has been constantly attacked, either verbally or physically on account of her being a ferret, traditionally associated with bands of vermin and corsairs. In her early dibbunhood, Vin happened to be travelling with her parents, Blackpaw and Flametail. The three ferrets came across band of otters who had been attacked by vermin, in particular a group of ferrets. Several babes had been injured and one lie still with the mother weeping over the child. Black made the mistake of laughing while Flame cringed at the sight, for even so called 'vermin' mothers fear for their young ones.

    The laugh was to be his last. Black was hit by a hail of slingstones from the returning party of otters who had been out foraging for food, leaving the Holt with only the old, young and mothers to defend it. Their vengeance was swift, within moments Blackpaw lie still from the hailstorm of the otters rage, followed by Flametail, who's pleas were ignored as she too was killed.

    The otters then left in persuit of the other ferrets, perhaps thinking that Blackpaw and his family were merely a rearguard who had stayed to have a little 'fun'. Vindauga was left, quiet as a mouse, under the still form of her mother who with her last breaths had hidden the dibbun beneath her own body.

    When the ottermother who's child had been lost moved the body, she spotted the babe. Her features became harsh and an immense rage filled her, all reasoning vanishing from her deep red eyes. Screaming, Vindauga was taken to the fire but she was saved by the arrival of the wildcat, Zarya,  who was in fact at that time just a roaming adventurer that would become the groups leader.

    The otter was held down by the combined efforts of Zarya and several of the Holt's other mothers, though tears stained their eyes. Through all of this, Vindauga screamed in fear, until the ropes slid from her paws and she fell into the flames, rolling to the side. She was stuck with her footpaws still tied, and unable to move her tail from the burning ashes, which resulted in the scar across her tail, and a strong fear of flames.

    After the event, Zarya took charge of the ferret on behalf of the otters, and the two went forth into the world.

    Vindauga was given a Willow reed flute, which was given to her on her 5th birthday. She was encouraged to practice and has become quite decent, secretly composing her own ditties and songs. She absolutely detests publically singing or playing her flute, and is incredibly embarrassed when she is discovered practicing.

    Vindauga is a fairly clean beast due to her 'mother', Zarya. She makes an effort to maintain a clean composure, mostly because if she doesn't she knows that her mother will groom her herself, which is incredibly embarrassing.  Through Zarya's guidance she is steadily, if incredibly slowly, becoming a better beast.

    Author Note: This is a clan-character profile, worked out with the other members to form a group of characters.

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