Threads Changing Location Multiple Times

  • Alright, I've noticed something that might be worth noting: some threads have jumped from one location to another quickly, leaving threads with only a minute's worth of reading or thought.  This, I think, clutters up these sub-boards and makes it a tad more difficult for thoughts to flow naturally.

    Therefore, I propose that, in the event a thread must rapidly change between several locations, it not be placed in any of the sub-boards.  For example, a running battle between vermin and abbeybeasts would involve multiple areas of the abbey (ramparts, main grounds, orchards, etc).  In the event of such a thread, I think it best to be left in the main forum, rather than bits and pieces in the various sub-fourms.  It'll be easier for someone posting to get a feel of the action of one thread than have to combine the total posts of three…

  • I think you're right. Good idea.

  • Yes. Unfourtunetly many people think that they must go everywhere with different themes.
    This is not the case. I shall add this to the rules.

  • Why not just move the threads according to their new location? I use that tactic on my RPG forums, it works great. 😛 Helps to have Global Mods who log on frequently, though. lol

    And has anyone suggested old threads be closed and locked away into an Archive section? This would guarantee new players do not get confused and post in a thread which is no longer active; or in which all the previous characters have departed. - Also, mayhap in the last post of an old topic, a link could be provided to show where the characters have departed to if they decide to form a new thread (which is necessary at certain times)? Same goes for the first post of a new IC thread, shouldn't a link be placed there leading readers to the previous thread for story purposes? It helps to keep stories flowing smoothly. I use the same tactic on my forums. lol, Works great.

    But yeah, just an otterwolf's two cents on the matter. It really is up to RL. Plus I don't know how these boards work or if there even is a 'Move' function for threads. I run off of InvisionFree, not this provider. 😕

  • It gets confusing Keira…I think we should just leave it in one place.

  • Not really, I've never had a problem yet. If nothing else, at least the Archive section idea is a good one.

    But really, what's the point of having different location forums if threads aren't moved or posted in the right place?

  • Based on the activity that I've seen here on the forum, I think it is a good idea to not change topics so fast.
    We've had three post topics that go somewhere else, then come back for another three post topic, that goes back for another three posts.

    It gets really confusing. ???

  • If topics are moved with the characters, there would be no need to start a new thread. That's why the 'move' function is so awesome. lol XD

  • Welll what did I miss?

  • I actually thought that it would be a good idea to store odl story arcs away in the fan-fic section. I think that the 'abbey recorder' should be voted on for their writing skill and then they compress the posts jinto a story without the sigs and other unimportant info. just a note to the side stating who made the post.

  • ya that would be good

  • I asked RL if I could do it, but never got a direct answer. Anyway, I thin that there are better writers here now anyway.

  • ohhh name a few

  • Cyber, Snagooth, and more. They might do a better job of it.

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