The Search for the Stone

  • It was the same routine every day. He would wake up, prowl around, usually trying his best to stay near a large body of watter. After all, he was an otter, and the best way he thought to travel by was by usinghis swimming abilities. Link was unordinarily tired today , givin the fact that he stayed up almost all night making sure that who ever tried to capture him the day before wouldn't come anywhere close to doing it again.

  • Haha i think that the swimmers ear would be an ironically great item to have in his possession.

  • OOC: I don't mean to disappoint you, but magic isn't a part of the normal Redwall world. This doesn't mean your thread is not allowed on the site, it just won't be in with normal RP. For threads with things not included in the Redwall books you would use the non traditional RP board.

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  • OOC: I don't see a problem with this. There is no mention of magic at all. Just an otter named Link. No worries. It can stay here. 🙂

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  • He thought that it wasn't fair that he couldn't sleep in all day on his birthday, but he knew that if he didn't get moving soon, he wouldn't make it to the South Path by nightfall. so, he set out into the dense vegitation of Mossflower Woods, while at the same time trying to continue heading in the same direction, so that he wouldn't keep going in a complete circle like he had been doing for the past couple of days. He always seemed to deeply regreted ever going on this adventure in the first place, concidering the fact that he was miles away from Otter Camp, so there was no going back.

    He slowly truged through the woods for a couple of hours, noticing carefully where he was headed, and about 3 hours into his advancement, he noticed he was exactly where he had started. Link couldn't believe it. He had done everything in his power to try and make an improvement on his final destination's distance away from him, but it was as if something was not wanting him to continue, so it was keeping him in one specified area…

  • i tried to remove all magic as possible.

  • Link tried to realize what had happened. Was it his mind playing tricks on him? Or, was it the fact that the forum that his adventure is taking place in is called Mossflower, thus preventing him from leaving? Either way he was going to find a way to make it out of the eerie woods before nightfall… if that was even possible.

    He started looking around to se if there was something that looked out of place. But everywhere he looked, he saw the same thing. Trees... trees trees and guess what... more trees and bushes also. Than he noticed some light that was shining down apon a particular shrub. And what made it even more peculiar was the fact that he heard something that sounded like one of those church choruses singing a loud Laaaaaaaaa. It was pleasent, yet hard to bear at the same time. so to get them to stop, he went over to the shrub, and looked into it. And much to his surprise, he found absolutely nothing.

    Thinking that 20 minutes of valueable time was just wasted, he started to pick up the pace on trying to figure out why he couldn't leave the area.

  • He decided that insted of heading the way he was supposed to go, that he would go the exact opposite… and don't ask why he does that sometimes. He continued to wonder on and on until he finally came to the entrance of Mossflower Woods(not finished)

  • Then, no matter how much he tried, he couldn't leave the entrance of Mossflower Woods, so he sat down in order to think about what could possibly be going on. "If I can't leave mossflower woods, than i guess that i will have to make the most of the dense forests and the countless rivers that wind throuought the woods," he thought. than he realized something… He wasn't meant to wonder around like this. he was meant to SWIM around like the otter he was. so he started to make his way to the nearest river, when he came upon this brightly glowing stone...

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