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  • Author's Note: This is a main antagonist for the High Rhulain story arc.

    Alright, to those of my clan , I wrote this profile first.  This is another rough draft that I realize needs editing but I don't have time to do so at this moment.

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    Physical Information
    Name: Zarya  (her last name is still kinda pending)

    Nickname: The Cold General

    Age: 24

    Species: Wildcat
    Birthplace: The Lands of Ice and Snow

    Appearance: Few foe beasts have ever seen what she truly looks like for when they encounter her, she is usually clad from ear tip to foot paws in her armor.

    While she may not be the largest of her species or the most physically imposing, Zarya is a picture of deadly beauty,  elegance and grace. She is of average height, and possesses an athletic build. Her thick silver fur is streaked with obsidian and chocolate. Her eyes are a pale brownish-gold. Her ears are tall, triangular and tufted. Her tail is short, bobbed. ( Like a lynx). Her fur is worn thin in a couple places particularly on her back and her forearms. In these places she bears brutal scarring. Mostly claw marks from one of the beatings she received from her father.

    Clothing: Zarya wears a midnight blue tunic with silver trim, long-sleeved light gray undershirt,  white breeches , black belt, dark brown boots. Over this, she wears silver armor. The armor has a breastplate, shoulder plates, leg plates, grieves, and gauntlets. Over her head she wears a closed helm. Her long, flowing cloak matches the color scheme of her tunic.

    Weaponry: Zarya favors a long sword and heater shield.
    Possessions: Her family is wealthy and since her parents have passed away, she is the sole inheritor to all that they had. Her family owns a sizable library which contains written documents such as books, maps, journals etc. from various parts of the world.
    Occupation: General


    One could say that she is somewhat knightly. She is very loyal and self-sacrificing for king and country. She never puts herself or any one particular person or small group of persons before either of those two things.

    She believes that her country and people are superior to others. She supports the country’s expansion and actually thinks that in conquering other lands and educating their people that her country is doing the rest of the world a great service. If you tell her otherwise, she will become angry and offended.

    She is ignorant of her leader’s viewpoint towards his people. If she knew, she might not be so supportive of him,  but she does not take the word of others against her king so easily. She would have to hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth or bear witness to something truly unspeakably cruel in order to change her views.

    She is a quiet individual whom keeps a lot to herself. She endures company only when it is necessary  She prefers to spend most of her free time either in her study reading about subjects that interest her such as history, culture , geography. She is particularly interested in acquiring foreign documents written by the hands of those whom are not Syrean because she believes in getting to know an enemy before killing them. When she isn’t pursuing knowledge, she can be found training and improving her combat abilities.

    She is ruthless and cunning when the situation demands it, but she is also fair-minded and merciful. She’s not quick to lose her temper or rational and kill a soldier whom fails their task. This does not mean failure is acceptable to her or that it goes unpunished. She favors punishment be dealt typically in the form of hard manual labor and she will often stand over a soldier and have them down on their hands and knees, scrubbing a fortress or ship from top to bottom with nothing more than a bucket of water and rag.

    It really depends on the failure or offense of the one being charged with a punishment. She would never hesitate to kill a traitor or any beast that Vadim marks an enemy.

    Outwardly she projects herself to be cool, confident and capable but inwardly she constantly struggles to assure her wavering self-esteem that she is every bit worthy. Because her father was so hard on her and never acknowledged her or her accomplishments, she has a fierce hunger to impress others and be appreciated.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    Note- I'm reworking this because my clan version has a much better list than this.
    She is proficient at melee combat and trained in a variety of close range weapons such as swords, daggers, axes, maces etc.

    She is a heavy creature due to the armor that she wears. With that said, she is virtually immune to most conventional forms of attack and she cannot be pushed or moved easily. At the same time however her armor works against her. It slows her down a great deal and this can play the advantage to a swifter creature. Blunt weapons in the hands of strong beasts are devastating on her armor and while wearing her armor she cannot endure long-drawn out combat for she will become overheated and dehydrated swifter than those who wear lighter or no armor at all.  It is important to note that she wears her armor mostly for show.

    She does not always fight in her armor or with a weapon and this is, in fact, when she is at her deadliest. She’s far better suited for unarmed combat, martial arts. She is not physically powerful but her attacks are quick and lethal. Her claws are even more lethal.

    Zarya does not take criticism very well. She doesn’t explode aggressively towards a critic but negative comments directed at her are not easily forgotten and depending on who makes them, she will either work hard to change her critic’s mind or she will find a way to make them regret what they said.

    Zarya is intelligent and educated, well-versed in the art of warfare and of tactics but she does , on occasion, over think things and makes a situation harder and more complicated than it needs to be.

    She is blindly loyal to Vadim and oblivious to what her leader truly stands for.


    Zarya was born into a family that was renowned for raising legendary Syrean warriors with the exception of Jurek. At his best, Jurek was never better than average at anything and this deeply aggravated him because others were constantly comparing him to his father whose list of achievements was great. Secretly, Jurek was ashamed that he could never fill his father’s great pawsteps but perhaps he could raise a child that would.

    Zarya’s father wanted a son. He was growing old and his time to produce an heir to carry out his legacy was short indeed. As many times as he tried and as many mates as he took, old Jurek could only produce a daughter by the time he had reached his late middle ages. Zarya was born. With great reluctance, Jurek accepted that his desire for a boy would never come. Adopting a child was never an option for the noble, his legacy would have to be carried on through blood.

    Jurek raised Zarya on his own. He trained her in the art of combat and he paid handsomely so that she would receive the best education possible. Zarya’s primary focus was combat and tactics but she also had a keen interest in history, geography, and the culture of other peoples. She spent her childhood learning and training. She had little time for friendship or play time.

    Her father was hard on her and never seemed satisfied with anything she did despite how well she followed his will. Constantly he tortured her in private as well as in public with cruel words, claiming that because she had not been born to be male that she would always be inferior. On the occasions that she would lose her temper with him snap back at him to defend herself, he would become physical and beat her within inches of her life. Always he reminded her of inferiority and that he believed that she could never bear the weight of her family’s legacy.

    Zarya was determined to prove her worth to him, to prove him wrong  and she fought hard, growing to become a strong  and intelligent warrior, better than the majority of her peers. She returned from a few battles (Four)  victorious and her accomplishments were impressive. She was known for ending conflicts quick and efficiently with minimal casualties. Her father wasn’t impressed. Always, he insisted that she was just lucky or that her enemies were so weak that even a cub could defeat them.

    As father and daughter grew older, they drifted further and further apart from one another. Zarya slowly began to realize that her father was never going to appreciate her just because of her gender and she shifted her efforts to impressing to making a good impression on others and found that this was a lot easier. She wasn’t liked by everyone but there was quite a number of soldiers that respected her more than her father ever would.

    Her father grew irritated and perhaps jealous of the positive attention his daughter was receiving and even more irritated that she was no longer paying much attention to him. He stopped talking to her and let her do as she willed. The years wore on and soon old Jurek found himself ill and on his death bed. Surprisingly, his daughter was there to take care of him but even at death’s doorstep he never paid her a kind word.

    She was still determined to get one positive word from him so she asked him, even though deep down she knew what the answer would be, why he refused to accept her. She had become everything he expected and her list of accomplishments were even greater than his own. Why could he not admit that he was wrong about her? An argument ensued and the end resulted in Zarya losing her temper. Unthinking, she took one of the pillows from her father’s bed and used it to smother him to death. He was too frail and sickly to fight back.

    When his body went limp beneath her, Zarya dropped the pillow and stood back shaking with disbelief and she felt a confusing mixture of feelings. She didn’t expect killing her father would have felt so good but at the same time she had just killed her father! Some vermin would kill their families without feeling a thing but Zarya was somewhat grateful to her father for letting her live and giving her the opportunities that she had and found herself feeling guilty for what she had done.

    Her life moved on but the act of murder would haunt her for the rest of her life. As she scaled the ranks to the position of general, her father’s ghost followed her in her dreams, reminding her of her every flaws and of her sin…

    A few weeks ago , she was promoted to the rank of a General and though there are some that doubt her mostly due to her youth and inexperience , she has a thirst to prove herself.

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