Nickname: Ralph

Full Name: Ralph Copaberunak

Species: Weasel

Age:: 10

Description: Black eyes, White fur, brown tunic


Possessions: Fists

Strengths: annoyance, able to find his way easily

Weaknesses: anger issues, sleep-deprived

 He doesn't know who his parents were, but he is determined to find out… no matter what. When he was 7 years old, he set out in order to find his brother, Link, and make him use his puzzle solving abilities in order to track down his parents.

this character is Link's adopted brother

Link and Ralph are not very fond of each other though.

i need to know what u think about it everyone!

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"Fraid so. Try to put more detail into it.

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Hey… Will you show me how to start the role-playing forums? I would like to atart the story of their conflicts. :wubs:

Oh yeah… I was meaning to tell you all that i came up with the word "copaberunak," when i wrote a book 2 years ago.

You can go to any area board, such as the one entitled "Mossflower," and start a new topic. In it you can write a paragraph or to two just introducing them and their conflict. Then, anybody else can join and you'll go from there.

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