Link Copaberunak

  • Nickname: Link

    Full Name: Link Copaberunak
    Species: River otter

    Age: 10

    Description: Blue eyes, soft brown fur, sleepy expression, green tunic

    Possessions: sword and shield, necklace given to him by dying mother

    -shortness make him able to squeeze through tight spaces
    -friendly personality makes him have a hard time picking fights.

    -the girl of his dreams
    -can't run fast
    -loses temper easily

    Background: When he was 4 years old, his father died in the great war due to a battle wound. his mother took care of him until he was 6, when she died of malaria. When he was 12, he set out to explore the world that he didn't know. he didn't know it then, but he was dragging himself into certain bodily harm.

    As he progressed… he met a clan of warrior wolves who accompanied him throughout his journey, and help nurture him also, even though he thought it was kind of embarrassing. it wasn't long until he found what he was looking for... well, he didn't know it was what he was looking for until it was already taken, the river stone. it was said in prophecy that a young otter would fight a gigantic foe in order to save the  river stone from being destroyed, and by which it being destroyed would cause every river in the world to vanish.

  • Interesting start! An otter named link! Legend of Zelda ftw!

  • I finished my character!!

  • Hrm. Very short, but an okay start. I think you could work on this a little more.

    There are a couple things here that you may wish to consider:

    1. Don't you need Temp's permission to include her character in your profile?

    2. A river otter that can't swim? Why ?

    3. The background is supposed to be a telling of the past events in your character's life. What you have written is more like a personality description.

    4. There are no such thing, to my knowledge, as shades/sunglasses in the Redwall world.

    Note: I am only commenting as I do to help , not to discourage or deliberately be impolite.

  • It's an OK first character Pester, I have to go with Night though, I think you need to fill in a little. Did you read the How To Create A Character Profile thread? If not, please do and then copy and past the relevant thread material over into a new topic/post or word doc and fill it in.

  • Don't mind me but for shades could it not be crystal spectacles that have a blackish garnet or quartz in them?

  • Looking better, Pester. : )

  • Umm no, I would prefer that you don't use my characters.  At all.

    I would appreciate it very much if you edited that.

  • I agree with Temp on that one, I wouldn't like it if people just went along and used my characters without asking me either. (Though I wouldn't mind Vadim Whitedeath being a controlling enemy in somebody's past. He is supposed to be everywhere! ;D)

  • November 23, 2010

    As Link took a mindless stroll through the woods, he noticed an odd looking object lying on the ground beside a gigantic royal pine tree. When he went over to pick it up, he was turned head over heels and was caught in a trap. He was hanging 30 stories in the air, so he knew that if he broke free, he would plumit to his death. So he waited… and waited... and waited, untill he fell asleep.

    When he awoke, he found himself tied down to a piece of driftwood, and was floating straight toward a gigantic waterfall! Thinking quickly, he managed to bite his way through the rope that was securing him to the wood. Then he leaped of the board and swam to safety. obviously whoever thought of the idea wasn't very smart... after all, they were expecting a river otter to not be able to swim.

    exausted... he found a nice, secure spot to rest, and he did just that.

  • do i need to mention somewhere that he is adopted?

  • You don't need to, but it helps people understand your character.

  • thanks

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