The Triple Aces

  • Name: Trearch Melfort

    Allis: The Ace of Spades

    Species: Pine Marten

    Affiliation: The Deck of 52



    Descrept ion: Trearch is the head assassin of the deck, thus is a efficient killer. He is excellent at leading his twelve followers. With the higher number or face, the deadlier. He isn't shy or cautious as many creatures would think a top rank assassin would be (The life of the party is the life for he). Trearch may look like a friendly fellow, that's because he is. The Marten doesn't like killing with out cause, so he sends out his lackeys to do it for hm.

    Appearance: He is the average looking Marten, though his fur is a slightly deeper red than most and a little more brown. It's like rusty iron. His eyes are brown and has a well taken care of body.

    Possessions: Trearch wears black, the spades color. The clothes fitting tight, yet comfortable around his body. He has two arm length swords at his sides and throwing knives on his belt. He has a short staff on his back. He has a lip and eye brow piercing, both gold and weirs an onyx cuff link with the spades embedded on it.

    Strengths:He is an excellent tree runner, being a Marten. He is proficient at hand to hand combat and small projectile weapons.

    Weaknesses: He is poor at large weapons and poles. He can be lazy at some points and detests working on his days off. He also is somewhat insomniac.

    History: Trearch started as a lowly, petty theft rapscallion of the common streets. All his life he snuck around, pick pocketed, and lied just to get by. Not that any of it made him sad, he just figured that was life for ya. One miraculous day, he made the mistake of stealing from the 2 of clubs. It was a frantic fight and chase, but it ended worse for the club, dead.
    Though it was by mistake the followers did not see it that way. They captured him and took them to their ace. He was looked at and handed to the Ace of Diamonds and evaluated by the dealer, a rare thing. Seeing his potential of being a great spade, he was given the 2 of spades spot. Years went by as he slowly, but surely made his way up. Now thirty, he hadn't been an ace for too long.

    Name: Malow Flash

    Allis:Ace of Diamonds

    Species: Stoat

    Affiliation: Deck of 52



    Description: She is the leader of the Diamonds. She is quiet and always working her troops to perfection. She isn't the kindest, but isn't cold hearted either. Malow just doesn't tolerate failure that much. She doesn't have any body to be with and is often alone in her tent. Flash always takes work over pleasure, not wanting to show weakness.

    Appearance: Malow is 5'5 with green eyes. She has the classic black tip tail and white underbelly. The rest is tan. She is lean and evenly muscled.

    Possessions:Malow has a short bow, cross bow, and criss daggers for close combat encounters. She wares a red robe at camp and stained red light armor in battle. She has a ruby encrusted cuff link with the Diamond in it.

    Strengths: She is execlent at archery and a strong swimmer. Her Hand to hand combat is nothing to scoff at either.

    Weakness: She can't fight large beasts up close. She is very strict making her a common hatred in the Diamonds.

    Background: Malow was born in the Deck from the former Ace of Diamonds, so she had the best of everything. The best food, training, and beds. Allot of the Diamonds detested her, envious of her special treatment. Seasons passed and she soon found her self at the rank, 10 of Diamonds. Her skills were quite impressive. One season, her father, the ace, passed on due to a stroke. A competition was held to be the new ace. Malow breezed through the competitors like they were nothing, her training. At the end she was ace, and gave every one the best of everything as well. That gave her the common like through out the Deck.

    Name: Beruda Mailstrom

    Allis: Ace of Clubs

    Affiliation: The Deck of 52

    Species: Werret

    Sex: Male

    Age: 29

    Description: Beruda is an highly aggressive and emotionally unstable being. He is the biggest of the aces and strongest, though isn't the most feared or respected ace. He dresses in a black cloak, helmet, and armor. He isn't paranoid but certainly doesn't let any body get to close to him emotionally.

    Appearance: Beruda is twice the size of his followers, but has the colors of his parents, brown on his back, arms, and legs, creamy white on his belly. He has hazel green eyes and welts and scars around his body.

    Possessions: Beruda carries a fairly large maddic. One side is like an axe, the other is a solid steel spike. His armor is solid black with the clubs etched all over it, his helmet is cast iron with padding on the inside. It too has the clubs on it.

    Strengths: He is tremendously strong and brutish, not the one to take prisoners. He has high stamina and a relentless attitude.

    Weaknesses: He is a slow runner in full armor and is not very agile, armor or no armor. He can't swim and stays away from deep water.

    Background: Being a hybrid, Beruda was constantly picked on and humiliated. His parents did their best to comfort him, but it did little good. His rage was an awful sight, severely  beating anybody who said the lightest of jokes about him. His strength soon reaching the ears of the dealer he was enrolled in the deck, starting out as a 4 of clubs. The old ace was a wolverine named Bloodstorm,  a very cruel one at that. One fateful day, Beruda's age 22, Blood made the mistake of barraging the werret with insult after insult. His limit broke and he grabbed a maddic and started swinging at the ace. Blood didn't move, he was in full armor. That turned out to be a fatal error. His armor had no deflecting abilities what so ever and the spike pierced all the way to his heart. Blood was dead before he hit the ground. Beruda has been the ace ever since and has had no challengers.

  • Aww rats Dank, you beat me too it XD  I was making my three characters in hopes that they'd be the first pine marten's on the site 😛

    Very nicely done Dank!!  They're very interesting so far.

  • I already had a pine marten, Ohanzee Nightshadow! He is a ninja. :3

  • But do you rp with him, hmm hmm hmm?

  • Only once, but the thread kind of died.

  • Oh gotcha.  Well I hadn't noticed any pine marten's so I was like hmmmm…..

    Only I wasn't able to get their profiles done in time, resulting in Dank beating me to it XD  Oh well, it's all good :3

  • Interesting characters! I'd write more but my hands are freezing. wanders off to find his gloves

  • Nice chars, Dank!  😄  Quite well done.

  • haha, a werret! yay!

  • How about the Ace of Hearts?

  • Something tells me that an Ace of Hearts among vermin would get verbally beat to death. Honestly. What vermin would want to be called the Ace of Hearts? Now, black hearts maybe, but hearts… eh. Don't buy it. Haha.

  • (Who said there couldn't be an Ace of Hearts? 😉 )

    Nicknames: Valen, Valencross

    Name: Valencross Torpectore

    Title: The Ace of Hearts

    Species: Red Fox

    Affiliation: The Deck of 52, The Suite of Hearts

    Age: 25

    Sex: Male

    Description: Valencross is the self proclaimed Ace of Hearts and leader of the rouge group, the Suite of Hearts. The suite is made up of beasts that are skilled at espionage and deceit. Though Valencross is not skilled at stealth, he is a master of words and trickery. He is also just so strange that he is frightening. The fox has made the Suite of Hearts the torture masters of the deck. Valencross is very strange in his mannerisms and actions. He does everything with an over the top flourish and grace that most females can’t even match. He is very theatrical in his actions and words. Valencross’s voice is very smooth and sinister, if a bit high pitched for a male. He will occasionally add a hiss in his speech as if he were a snake or some other reptile. Valencross has a strange obsession with love and heartbreak. He loves to torture or kill a lover to cause mental pain to their partner. Valencross hardly ever appears angry or frustrated, but always psychotically happy. He never shows any hints of when he is particularly dangerous because he always sounds like he is. There is not a shard of pity, fear, or love in this twisted creature. Valencross is only obsessed with glamour, grace, and wealth. He is quite proud and considers no beast above him.

    Appearance: There is no way that Valencross could ever be mistaken for an ordinary fox. His appearance, his style of dress, his mannerisms, and his voice all are unique. Valencross’s fur is typically a normal bright red color with white paws and tail tip. But, the deranged fox is not happy to leave it this way. Valencross keeps his fur coated with strange oils and lightly tinted with a silvery dye. While it makes no great changes to his fur’s color, it causes it to sparkle in the sunlight and shine with an eerie glow in lower lighting. He keeps his fur groomed to such perfection that most females would be jealous. Valencross outlines his lips and eyes with black dyes (think Egyptian) that make his features stand out from his face. Valencross wears a tight fitting long sleeved shirt and long leggings. Both are made of a white, breathable materiel and decorated with hundreds of little silver hearts. Over these strange articles of clothing Valencross wears a long, white, sleeveless tunic that reaches his foot paws. This piece of clothing has slits on both of the wearer’s sides that reach from the bottom to the waist for increased mobility. Valencross also wears knee high white boots and elbow length white gloves. The fox’s eyes are a stunning sapphire blue in color.

    Possessions: Valencross wears no small amount of jewelry. He wears earrings, a necklace, and a tail ring all made of silver and set with sapphires. Valencross’s primary weapon is a long, thin, double edged sword. The hilt has no paw guard, and both it and the scabbard for his blade are decorated with silver and sapphires.


    • He is a beast of grace. To see him fumble or miss a beat is rare indeed.
    • Valencross can move incredibly fast when he is made to. Still, he loses none of his grace while doing so.
    • Seeing as the sword was the only weapon Valencross ever trained with, his skill with it is superb.


    • He could never sneak up on anyone except for a complete idiot. Not that he would want to anyway.
    • Valencross will absolutely never take orders. He deems himself just too good for them.
    • However, though his sword skills are incredible, there is hardly another weapon Valencross can use, if any.

    As a young fox, Valencross, probably grew up with a different name. Whatever it was he has since forgotten or just didn’t bother to remember. He was part of a small vermin village near the western sea. When he had just grown out of childhood he fell in love with a young vixen, who returned his affection equally.

    For years the two were engaged, but just a few weeks before they were to be married, disaster struck. When the pair were walking alone in the woods they were seized by another group vermin. These vermin were determined to get some sort of information out of Valencross though he said again and again that he knew nothing, which was perfectly true. All the same, the vermin tortured and killed his lover in front of him.

    After that, Valencross never loved again. In fact he became obsessed with making other lovers feel the pain he had. In a new found madness, Valencross became enamored by making himself the “lord of love,” though he was anything but. He dressed himself brilliantly and twisted his persona into the dramatized thing it is today.

    For some time, Valencross wandered alone across Mossflower, killing, robbing, and forcing tribute from those weaker than him. Eventually he happened across the Deck of 52. Surprised to find that none wished for the part of the Ace of Hearts, he snapped it up in a second. Several beasts shrugged at his sudden rise to power, but none really wanted a position with to be known as the leader of the hearts. Several beasts mocked Valencross’s new position but were either terrified into submission by him or killed outright. Eventually, they learned to fear the “Lord of Love.”

    Since joining the Deck, Valencross hasn't looked at any of the other members with any favor, even the other aces. In fact, Valencross dislikes Malow Flash very much. He hates her because of her high position and wealth. He loves glamour and he dislikes the fact she gets beautiful objects more readily.

    “Who am I? I am the Ace of Hearts! Your heart is mine to break, and mine to take.”

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