Everett Morton

  • Nicknames: Ev, Verrey, E., ‘Doc’

    Full Name: Everett Morton

    Species: Brown Ferret

    Age: 31

    Description: Thin and moderately handsome. His headfur always seems in disarray. His icy blue eyes are warmed by his cordial and sincere smile. He has brown fur with a cream color around his mouth that goes down the center of his body. Everett wears a simple white buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows and simple dark slacks with deep pockets. When relaxing, he is known to add a dark vest with a sparkled pattern across it. While tending to patients, Everett wears an off-white apron with straps over both shoulders that ties in the back.

    Personality: Warm, gracious and friendly. Everett’s downfall is in the world of healing and medicines: with his knowledge and training, he often scoffs at simple ‘family remedies’ and finds himself frustrated when trying to explain to others how and why some herb, poultice or procedure will help cure an injury or sickness.

    When struck with an idea or problem that needs solving, Everett will dive into books, notes and manuscripts with little regard for conversation or basic necessities (such as sleep or bathing). He needs to solve the problem, always. If he can’t solve it, it’s simply unsolvable, but he’ll only reach that conclusion after working himself sick and being confined to bed.

    Despite his upbringing, Everett distrusts wealth and money, carrying a prejudice (deserved or not) towards those beasts with bulging purses and chests of treasure.

    Though he is educated and adept in his profession, Everett enjoys assisting others in physical labor—helping others move, build, work in gardens and getting dirty and sweaty.

    One disadvantage Everett has is not letting others get too close to him (proximity-wise), due to his tinnitus (see Weaknesses below).


    1 Medical bag, which contains:

    • Cloth swabs
    • Small vials of liquid (various chemicals and medicines)
    • Pouches of dried vegetation and leaves
    • Needle and thread for sutures
    • Three syringes
    • A scalpel, fashioned by Everett himself (contained in a small leather pouch)
      A book of poetry
      Several volumes of writings and essays on medicine and health, written by various authors


    • Lithe and flexible, able to dodge and avoid certain attacks
      -  Adept at boxing and close hand-to-hand (paw-to-paw) fighting, unless against larger foes
    • Expert at healing and diagnosing injuries and sicknesses
    • Calm under duress, able to delegate to others in a crisis situation
    • Able to identify herbs/roots in the wild, for collecting and making medicines
    • Quick with his hands (paws)
    • Decent swimmer, fair runner

        - Suffers from a specific form of tinnitus: when other creatures get close to him (proximity-wise), he hears a loud, painful ringing in his ears. This causes him to suddenly move away or leave, making the creature he was with very confused (and possibly hurt)
        - Easily injured by larger/stronger foes

    • Can be knocked unconscious easily
          - Dislikes all sorts of weaponry and refuses to use them (as he’s seen what they can do to others)
    • Fearful of birds and other winged creatures (doesn’t understand them or how they fly)
    • Easily susceptible to the effects of alcohol, poison or hallucinogenic drugs


    Everett Morton is the eldest son of the wealthy Morton family that resides south-east of the Moss River. Everett found healing and medicine a fascinating study, applied his resources and was accepted into the newly-founded Blackstone Institute, where he learned from prestigious vermin healers who hardened their skills on battlefields, in castles and strongholds, and tested their studies on slaves or prisoners of war. Everett did well in his studies but was expelled from the school for attempting a new field of healing, where the attending physician would physically cut on the patient to explore the affected area, drain any infection or remove any foreign objects or dead tissue. His expulsion didn’t quell his belief in the practice of cutting, and he defied his father’s orders to publicly apologize and renounce his ‘twisted and cruel’ practices, thus leaving behind a world of wealth and comfort for a cold, harsh reality where vermin and woodlander constantly quarreled, and where injuries often led to death.

    After being pressed into service as a field doctor for a mad stoat, Everett managed to escape by night and spent three seasons traveling abroad and peddling his knowledge of vegetation to local farmers and merchants, until he heard about the famed Redwall and how it offered services to needy beasts without prejudice. Everett thought he could best continue his profession as a doctor within the safety of those walls, and set off immediately with a troupe of traveling actors, hoping somebeast would offer him a place to stay—and practice his dream.

  • Very nice character. I like him already 🙂

    I literally made a ferret healer character earlier myself (a day or so back) I can see the two getting into an argument over practices which would be absolutely hilarious!

    Not ready for rp though, tis currently under work with the rest of the Midnight Battalion characters, as they all have interwoven backstories and such.

  • I like him, too.  A lot.

    Even though he is the stereotype sexy British doctor/nerd type.      😄

    Which is what makes him such an epic character.

    Props!  ^^

  • Aw, thanks! Now the challenge will be to make him believable (and get him to the abbey!).

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