Raktan Fen, Shrew Extraordinaire!

  • Nicknames: Rapier Fen, Raktan, Arrogant Twit

    Full Name: Raktan Fen

    Species: Shrew

    Age: Young Adult

    Description: Raktan Fen is a tall (for a shrew that is) and dashing (at least, he thinks so) figure, with light brown fur and eyes and a short goatee. Garbed in a kilt, a coat, and a headband, Fen is not bulky but fit, with lean muscle. A faint air of smugness seems to be about him at all times. He has a small scar across his snout that he thinks makes him look mysterious and dashing, although in truth he got it when he accidentally fell out of a logboat onto a sharp branch at a young age. Raktan fancies himself a swashbuckler and a duellist, although the truth is he's simply belligerent, egotistical, and skilled with a rapier. At heart however he is a more or less decent person; generally insufferable, but when it comes down to it he'll usually do the right thing. His goal in life is to earn the title of Log-a-Log, thus proving his worth to the world- and most importantly, to himself.

    -Long rapier
    -Main gauche dagger
    -Small buckler shield
    -"Duelling bow:" A child's slingshot made deadly in the pursuit of Raktan's delusions of swashbuclking grandeur, his "duelling bow" is a short piece of wood slightly more than a foot in length, with a handle at one end, two pegs at the other, and a mechanism to hold back a stretched pair of bands until the pull of a trigger. Raktan uses it to fire small crossbow bolts, darts, rocks, or if he's feeling in a prankish mood instead, nuts, berries, and pinecones.

        - Brave, to the point of foolish bravado at times.
        - Honest; Raktan prides himself on his honor, and as such his word is his bond.
        - Highly skilled with rapier, main gauche, and buckler.
        - Loyal: Despite his bluster and bragging, Raktan has the potential to be a very dedicated friend. The problem so far is that he's been too much of a jerk to make any.
        - Musical: Raktan's a fair hand with the lute and other stringed instruments, and his singing voice isn't too bad either.

        - Argumentative: Raktan is a shrew's shrew, belligerent, easily offended, hot-tempered and possessed of a burning desire to Always Be Right. This often gets in the way of his working well with others, or acknowledging good ideas if they weren't his.
        - Arrogant: Raktan is a boastful know-it-all and generally acts as if he's better than everyone else; he has quite the ego.
        - Pushy: Raktan can be a bit of a bully sometimes. The stern disapproval and intimidation of his peers is generally enough to remedy this.
        -Inferiority complex: Raktan's bluster and jibes and apparent self-aggrandizing mean-spiritedness aren't really about other people, they're about Raktan trying to feel better about himself. His ego seems large but is actually rather fragile, and his desire to prove to himself that he's not worthless or a miserable excuse for a woodlander is the driving force behind most of his more laudable actions. He is also very, very lonely, but it's his own darn fault.
      -Inexperienced: Raktan is supremely confident of his skill with a blade, and not without good reason, but he has yet to actually use it in a real fight for his life, or be in any truly life-endangering situation for that matter. He is also a rather hopeless woodsbeast, with little idea beyond regular Guosim training (most of it therefore pertaining only to rivers and streams) of how to find his way, forage for provisions, set up a camp, etc., particularly by himself.

    Raktan Fen is the son of Rango and Denna Fen, two solid and dependable shrews as Guosim as could be. Rango was formerly a skilled swordsbeast and childhood friend of the Log-a-Log, who had since been injured aiding his leader in battle, and could no longer fight. But although for this reason the Log-a-Log had a touch of a soft spot for young Raktan, the boy inherited none of his father's good sense, only skill with a blade and a headstrong spirit. The young shrew excelled at swordplay, but had none of the respect of his peers because he was also a hellraising nuisance, constantly starting fights and generally irritating all he came across, driving his parents to their wits' end.

    Of the entire camp, the only shrew whose authority and skill young Raktan seemed to respect at all was that of the Log-a-Log, and so it largely fell to their cheiftan's feet to keep the intemperate young shrew in check. And so for a time, the tribe put up with him despite his constant asinine behavior, as they hoped that his wildness was simply something that would pass under the firm direction of the Log-a-Log. However, one day Raktan got himself into a swordfight over some imagined slight, as he had many times before- but he flew into such a rage, that when the log-a-log dragged the pair apart, Raktan tried to strike the one shrew he respected. As he surged forwards, the log-a-log gave his signal with a tired sigh, and Raktan was quickly laid out cold by a blow from one of the tribe's outraged warrior shrews. Matters had come to a head; Raktan had struck out at the one person he'd respected and obeyed. It was a betrayal that would not be tolerated when piled atop his other, many misdeeds.

    Raktan was blindfolded, lead away from the Guosim encampment, and then coldly told by his log-a-log to leave, as he had proved by his actions that he was nothing but a burden and a detriment to his fellow shrews and a shame to himself. Stung, outraged, and unable to responsibly deal with the consequenses of what he'd just done, Raktan stormed off…

    It was only well after he had gotten himself lost and the Log-a-Log and Guosim were already well gone that Raktan calmed down enough to begin to see that his Log-a-log was, in fact, right. Feeling somewhat remorseful but still very much the arrogant Raktan Fen he always was, the shrew has since been wandering Mossflower, resolving without quite admiting it to himself that he wishes to change, and perform deeds mighty and valorous enough that he can return to his tribe someday without shame, having made up for his misdeeds and finally become a shrew worthy of their respect. However, lofty goals or not, he still has quite a ways to go...

    Mary Sue Litmus Test Score: -2

  • Awesome character! He will be interesting to RP!

  • Your characters strengths and weaknesses seem fairly balanced and certainly well thought out.  I really like how he has an inferiority complex and that while he is skilled with his choice weapon, he's still green when it comes to real combat.

    What can I say? He's perfectly imperfect and he promises to be a memorable character, indeed. I look forward to reading his history.

  • Very good character, nice job

  • Rainman! You made a shrew! I was just about to give up and make another one. x)
    I had the logalog, and he was just about the only shrew.
    I don't care if he's arrogant… Logalog will get him. xD
    I might still make another shrew...
    IF I GET TIME...! O.o
    And I need to make High Queen Rhulain..
    And pirate crew...
    Anyway, nice job. I can't wait to see the background! :3

  • Well now, I finally seem to have gotten around to writing out Raktan's story. Let me know what you folks think!

  • Ha, I like how you put the Mary Sue litmus test result at the end. XD

    Quite the interesting character! Just as Nightfang said, the strengths and weaknesses are well-balanced. A shrew was a good choice, as their argumentative nature makes them stand out, which is good ^^

  • I like it for the sheer fact that he's not liked by everyone , he isn't a former slave and that he isn't an orphan.  😜  He's not absurdly tragic either which is also a nice change.

    His background isn't epic which leaves much room for this character to develop into a very interesting creature indeed.

    Well done, sir!

  • Very nice! This is very true to the Redwall style, too. Very nicely done. 🙂

  • Well, thanks a bunch for all of the praise and kind words, folks. :3

    Any reccomendations on (preferably startup) roleplays that'd fit well for Raktan to jump in on?

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