I'm A Scourge!..NOT! ((open))

  • The glorious sun danced with its vibrant rays, casting a joyous day across the land. Calm, timid, empty; the sands of Salamandastron's shoreline exhibited peace. On such a vivid day one would think that the empty beach would be filled with the hares of Salamandastron or even travellers for that matter! Yet, it was empty.

    A cool morning breeze went hand in hand with the sea, making the day just the right temperature for a nice swim. One would also think that the ocean itself would be a lovely place to be, right? Well, not for Allot Wittongue. Like a game of catch, the waves tossed about the orange fox. When the game became too much the drenched puffball was cast aside by the childish sea and pushed toward the sandy beach.

    Ears flat and tongue hanging out his open mouth, the sprawled out fox appeared dead, muzzle pointing to the sky. Appearances, however, can be very deceiving. A rush of life crawled up the thief's body and in a moment he rolled over, coughing up water. His bright yellow eyes snapped open and stared longingly at the sandy beach. The fox's jaw dropped and his paws clenched the sandy beach tightly, as if he'd rip up a chunk of earth.

    "I'm…alive!" he roared in exaltation, tossing up clumps of sand toward the sky. "Hahahahahahahah take that ya dummies! No 'un can ki' Allot the Scourge!" His paws stretched skyward as he took a huge breath of air.

    Overwhelmed with joy the thief danced across the beach with an imaginary lass, singing as he did so.

    "Oooooh, m'name is Allot the Scourge yes indeed,
    I'll take yer vi'tles 'n take yer feed
    Yer riches and trinkets are all I need!
    I'm Allot the Scourge oooooooooooooh
    Yessssss Innnnnnnnn deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!"

    The fox sung with such accuracy one could swear he had made and sung the song before. After taking one more large breath of relief, the fox checked his neck for his medallion he had rightfully stolen. "Check," he murmured. Allot then made sure to check his haversack full of treasure to make sure nothing was lost. The bag may have been strapped to him, but hey, he had just spent some time being thrown around like a ragdoll.

    A greedy grin formed on his features. The fox buried his face into the bag and started digging around it. He may have lost some treasures, but the golden prize that ended him up wherever he was, was still in his paws. The thief pulled out a large golden jeweled goblet fit for a king. "Yes!" he roared. Blinded by its beauty, he was unaware of whatever, or whoever would be coming his way. After all, it took concentration to plant a firm kiss on the treasure!

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  • Another creature had rounded the dune, the raucous singing drawing it closer.  The creature placed a hand on its hip, an eyebrow raised in curiosity, baby blue eyes watching the fox kiss his treasure skeptically.  "Uhh…..should I leave the two of you alone?"  The voice was distinctively female.

    When, and if, the fox ever decided to look up, he would see that the speaker was a vixen.  She had a lovely shade of gold colored fur, though the fur on the tips of her ears and tail, plus her feet and hands, were black. Her long, wavy black hair was blowing in the wind idly, and as stated before her baby blue eyes were stuck on the much smaller fox.

  • Allot's ears perked high in confusion. Hesitation was clear as the fox very slowly pulled his lips from the priceless goblet. His yellow eyes narrowed, and in one fluid act, he returned the goblet to the haversack and faced the speaker. The small fox found his jaw dropping once more. A living treasure right there! She's beaut'ful! the thief noted mentally.

    A sly smile formed on Wittongue's features. The self proclaimed scourge glanced back and forth before placing his haversack behind him once more. "Wha' does it ma'ter to yaself anyway, huh?" the fox asked, clearly protective of his treasures. After all, he had no clue where he was. The idea of behind on some stupid lost lonely isle hadn't crossed his mind until now. What if… what if she cannibal? By the Darkforest! Allot cursed the very idea of it!

    "...so, uh, wha' is it ya want Vixen. I know yer kind. Schemers," he growled, trying to act fierce. Unfortunately, we all know the fox was anything but intimidating.

  • The vixen threw her head back and laughed, clearly amused by the little fox's manner.  "Ah, what is the phrase; isn't that calling the kettle black, yes?" she cocked her head to the side, a slight smile on her lips, eyebrow still raised.  "What is that, a growl?  Or do you have something stuck in your gullet?"

    "It matters to me not," she said briskly, crossing her arms across her chest and swishing her tail back and forth idly.  "I was merely passing by and was coming to put the poor beast that was croaking either out of it's misery, or I was going to offer my assistance."

  • Allot kicked up sand in response. Like a shy child, he drew away from her. How was Allot Wittongue not a scourge-like being! Silently, the fox scratched his jaw in contemplation. Two little Allots appeared on his shoulder. One was dressed like a true vermin warlord and the other was like a abbey beast you'd see at Redwall.

    Warlord Allot gave a wicked grin, "Ya should attack 'er, strike fear in her 'eartless…'eart!

    Nice Allot shook his head, clearly disagreeing. "Ya 'ear that Allot? She might assist you in...well, somethin'! She won't kill you! So...uh, don't kill 'er!"

    The fox looked back and forth on his shoulders, clearly confused and strange. "Decisions decisions," he murmured. "Away with ya two, ya come out at the wors' times y'know that?" he growled to himself, brushing his shoulders off.

    With screams of agony, the imaginary Allots fell to their sandy doom. The thief then smirked and examined the stranger. "Wha' ya sayin' 'xactly huh? I kin take care o' meself. Maybe I coulda put mysel' out o' my misery eh? Didn't think o' tha' did ya?"

  • "Then that, sir, would make you a coward seeking a fools way out." she said bluntly, choosing to ignore his little episode for the time being.  "But whatever, if that is your wish then I will be on my way and leave you to it.  I'm sure you know exactly where you're going, being from around here and all." She brushed a speck of sand off of her shoulder and waved cheerily to the small fox.  "Ta then sir, have a nice day."

  • "You're a coward," the small fox blurted. His ears perked high, listening to her every word. He watched as she turned away from him, waving as if he were to be swallowed whole and never be seen again. Life surely was odd. Maybe something like that could happen! The fox bit his lip nervously at the thought of it! Sandmonsters! Or, what if he tried to go somewhere here and something else got him!

    Or worst of all, he could get lost, wandering around for ages until he died of old age! With a gasp, the thief scurried after her, bag slung across his back. "Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, WAIT!" Allot called, chasing after the vixen. "Pretty beast wait! Se'iously! I dun' kno' where I am!"

    Allot Wittongue's greatest fear of being lost had gotten the better of him. Big surprise there.

  • She stopped walking and allowed him to catch up to her.  She laughed lightly and shook her head.  "Of that, I was already sure of.  There are no treasures like the one you'd been fondling in this part of the country.  Perhaps at the Fire Mountain, but our badger lord would have gotten to you before you got to that chalice."

    The vixen looped one thumb in her belt loop, and rested her other hand on the basket-hilt of the elegant rapier sheathed at her side.  She studied the small beast before her, not sure what to think about him just yet.  "Well sir before we go much further, I suppose some kind of introduction should be made.  I'm Miranthia WarArrow, and this is Mossflower Country.  Well, you're on the coast of it anyway, but same is I suppose." she said with a slight smile as she held out her hand to him.

  • Allot gave a pause, his big eyes glancing skeptically at her outstretched paw. His tail wagged curiously and at first he sniffed her paw. After a moment or two of silence, he finally took her paw, shook it, and quickly retreated his paw back to safety.

    "Hmm yes, well, that badger lord wouldn't 'ave been able to deal wit' me, Allot Wittongue, aka Allot the Scourge, aka the Scourge, aka Wittongue, aka Genius Thief of the Century, thank-ye very much," Allot introduced himself, giving a bow. He was clearly modest… Can't even type that with a straight face.

    "Oh, 'n may I say ya is a bea'tiful lassie," he said with a wink. "I'm so 'onored to 'ave a guide like you, 'n YOU should be 'onored yaself! Mossflower Country yasay? Looks like a beach righ' now to me."

  • She blushed slightly at his compliment, but it lasted for only a second, since the little beast insisted on ruining it.  "Thank you kindly.  I think I shall call you Scam, for now, or perhaps even Al.  If your prove yourself worthy enough, I may eventually even call you Witt.  But for now, Scam will do just nice." she said as she turned and walked away from him, heading towards the trees that were half-a-days march away.  She was mentally cracking up at the thought of him giving a badger lord a run for his money, but of course all things were possible.  She just highly doubted it.

    "Ah I see you catch on quickly." she replied with a smirk after his beach comment.  "How did you come to such a conclusion?  Come on now, we have to walk quickly if you want to make the trees by nightfall.  It can get dreadfully could out here amongst the dunes at night."

  • Allot quirked a brow. Scam? What kind of nickname was Scam? And Al? That was just an abbreviation of his name! A stupid abbreviation at that! The small fox scowled and muttered curses under his breath. With that, he followed her because well, Allot had no other choice.

    At first he was silent, ignoring her ending statements. The only sound he emitted was that of him trifling through his sack of treasures. After a moment or two he glanced at her, spitting to the side.
    "Mhhmmmm suuuuuuure it does. Cold 'ere? Impossible!"

  • She shrugged and stopped walking, choosing to sit down in the sand.  "Or we could stay here, your choice.  If you catch cold and die though it's all on you.  Can't say I didn't warn you."

  • Allot's ears flattened and his gaze shifted restlessly. He swallowed hard before progressing in Miranthia's footsteps. " Okay okay," he began softly, bringing himself up alongside her.

    A playful grin appeared. "Look, you don't have to beg anymore, I'll come with ya, I know yer scared pretty lassie." Allot responded brushing his ears back even flatter. "Who wouldn't want me as their guide eh?"

  • Mira rolled her eyes and got to her feet, brushing herself free of the sand.  "Oh I shall sleep easy tonight knowing I have a strong, handsome fox like yourself looking over me."

    "So, where would you propose we go then, oh fearless leader, since you're the supreme guide around here." she asked, indicating the vastness of the beach with a wave of her hand.

  • Allot stopped dead in his footsteps. He blushed lightly, unable to hint the sarcasm in her tone; it flew right over the simpleton's head. However, what followed from her lips made the small fox panic.

    His eyes opened wide and he swallowed nervously. With a claw, he pulled anxiously on his collar. "Heh, well umm, y'see…it was a joke okay!" Allot blurted.

    Chest rising. Heart thumping. Obviously, he was suffering from a panic attack at this point. "L-l-look you lead okay? T'was a joke!"

  • She recognized a panic attack when she saw one, and was regretting her words already.  "Haha it was a very clever joke too, brilliant!" she said with a winning smile and a soft tone.  "Don't worry I'll lead you out of here, but first how about some lunch?  Here just sit down and relax, it will be alright.  Just take a deep, calming breath.  I'm not the kinda beast to just leave a body stranded out here, so don't you worry about that." she said soothingly, patting the smaller fox's head tenderly.

  • Allot felt overwhelming rush of relief come over him. He heaved a large sigh and sat down, his chest still pump, pump, pumping away. Silently, he sat and mentally calmed himself. After a moment or two of pause, he spoke once more. "Thank-you," he replied simply and sincerely.

    A flush formed in his face as she patted his head. The fox as almost like a child in his naive and foolish nature. Grinning he looked up at her. "Say, why ya 'elpin' me 'nyway? How do you know tis a good idea?"

  • She busied herself by rummaging around in the haversack that she had pulled off of her shoulder (pretend it was there the whole time) and shrugged one shoulder slightly.  "Oh I don't, but I prefer making friends rather than making enemies.  If you treat everyone with kindness and they return the favor, you know that you've possibly made the right decision and will indeed gain from the experience.  Of course that doesn't always work, but it's my own philosophy that I like to stick with."

    Mira pulled out several different items of food and set them on a rather large rock that was conveniently flat and close by.  "I'm not sure what it is you like to eat, so here take your pick.  None of it necessarily has to be warmed up, but I suppose I could build a fire if need be."

  • Kenji Haruki groaned in annoyance as he looked upon the same clearing he was certain he had walked through a minute before. "Curses, why does every single tree look the same!" Kenji asked nobeast in particular, "sure, each one is a little different, but who bothers to look?" He trudged on wearily, looking everywhere for some sign of the path to the Abbey from which he had come.

    Kenji suddenly stopped as he caught sight of Allot and Miranthia through the brush. "Finally someone else! I hope they arn't as lost as I am…" Kenji said to himself. He pushed past some low bushes in his path, ingnoring the small thorns that tore at his skin. A beast as tough as he didn't mind that.

    Upon realizing that both of the beasts were foxes, Kenji saw they may not have been the best beasts to ask where Redwall is. But, it was to late to turn around and he had no better ideas. "Um, hello my good beasts, you wouldn't happen to know where Redwall is would you?" Kenji asked somewhat nervously, "I get lost very easily." The ferret laughed nervous laugh.

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