Kyra Skyback

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    Nickname: Kyra

    Name: Kyra Skyback

    Species: Vixen (specific type unknown)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Deep dark blue fur, paws, and eyes though from the outside of her eye sockets to temples are two stripes of cyan fur (one on each side of her head)

    Height: Roughly equal to that of a badger

    Description: A scout for the personal guard of a monarch in one of the distant vermin kingdoms Kyra usually travels ahead of her monarch and the rest of the personal guard to make sure the area is clear but sometimes she also investigates areas of interest to her monarch.

    Kyra possess a keen eye and is good with a bow but if anything gets too close she has a decent broadsword for cutting her foes down. Kyra prefers ranged combat where she can dodge enemy retaliation and also has a tendency to do poorly against multiple targets in sword combat. Kyra lacks the know how of using throwing weapons and also finds larger weapons like axes and hammers quite stubborn to use leaving her to her longbow and sword.

    Possessions: Kyra hauls around her blue dyed yew longbow and niobium steel broadsword, which has a slight blue tint, as well as a quiver of arrows. Kyra has no armor to make use of, relying on her ability to dodge attacks instead. She wears a dark blue uniform and belt for clothing though her barkcloth boots are black instead of blue. Note: Kyra’s longbow has two sapphires, one attached just above the paw grip and the other just below.


    • Excellent with bows.
    • Excellent eyesight.
    • High agility.
    • Knowledge of on the field healing.
    • Capable of being stealthy when needed.


    • Only moderate close combat performance.
    • Cyan color is highly noticeable at all times of the day, including the night.
    • Sticks out in daylight.
    • Unusual height makes moving in tight spaces more difficult
    • Has a preference of not using words.
    • Lacks leadership experience (even Avalon is higher ranking)
    • Uncomfortable with squirrels who have good bow experience (she doesn’t like the idea of fighting them).
    • Easily lost for words in tight situations.

    High concentration - Excellent focus on her bow targets but in close combat it hinders her ability to fight more than one foe as she focuses entirely on one hostile.

    Raised and trained as a member royal guard Kyra demonstrated a particularly high amount of skill in the use of bows earning her the role of scout which was only reinforced by her eyesight. In the role of scout Kyra proved herself a worthy adversary, particularly against assassins that used short range blow darts and short bows in their attempts to kill high profile leaders including the prince himself. Despite her older age she is still subordinate to every single other member of the royal guard including the young Avalon.

    Personality: Usually silent with few things to say she generally keeps her thoughts to herself unless it is a risk to the health of herself or her allies. She is loyal to the royal guard but particularly so to Avalon who is particularly friendly to her, it may also be due to the fact Avalon has never gotten angry with her. Kyra prefers not fighting unless it is necessary or the innocent are in danger as it is her common experience that even allies can act unfriendly in all sorts of situations. Kyra continually dies her fur with dark blue dye claiming that her natural colors don’t display what she really is plus she seems to be more relaxed when she is dyed for some unknown reason. Also it is to be noted that the dye color serves as identification so that allies do not get confused when she is in a fight with other foxes distant from her allies who may be using ranged weapons. Another note is that she has a tendency to crouch when Avalon or other shorter beasts are trying to speak to her so that they don’t have to look up, Avalon is particularly embarrassed by this.

  • Character Attributes/Personality :Kyra
    Curiosity: High
    Imagination: Medium
    Ambition: Medium
    Education: Medium
    Prejudices: Low
    Alertness: High
    Ability to Reason: High
    Generosity: High
    Reliability: Medium / High
    Excited: Medium
    Content: High
    Lonely: Low
    Nervous: Medium / High

    Personality scarring event: Partially unknown however it appears that her true species of fox has somehow created an instability in her mind. It is rumored that when caught without dyed fur her personality is hateful and aggressive. The dye appears to act as a mental veil as well as a way to hide her true identity. The end result is a split personality that many don't know about.


    Classification: Vermin
    Kingdom Allegiance: Athairian
    Local Loyalty: Avalon
    Alignment With Dye: Mild (+3)
    Alignment Without Dye: Barbaric (-7)
    Ethical Status With Dye: Bright
    Ethical Status Without Dye: Dark
    General Mood: Shy
    Expend-ability (0-10): 2

    Other Skills (NOTES):
    Working alongside Avalon as a scout Kyra has taken the experiences to learn a few minor skills

    • Light sleeper.
    • Knowledgeable on a few wild herbs.

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