Captain John de Jaque Vancherro Ramierez

  • Full Name: John de Jaque Vancherro Ramierez

    Species: ferret

    Age: 30

    Height: 6'1

    Build: lithe, wiry

    Appearance: John is a bit taller than the average ferret, and is a silver-white in color. One of his eyes is a deep sapphire blue while the other is a dark, almost stone-like grey. His tail is also somewhat longer than normal. Scars cover his body, with one crossing his face from right to left going down.

    Clothing: John wears a dark blue tunic, with silver embroidery all over it, namely roses and vines, an equally elaborate black cape, with a crescent moon woven into the center, a pair of black leather gloves, and a pompish, overly done black hat with a blue feather.

    Possessions: John posseses a few items, mostly things such as navigational aids, sea charts, maps, etc, but three things of note are his ship and sabers.

    Personality:  John comes off as a bit crazed, but truth be told it's more of an act than anything. He is somewhat aloof, absentminded, and sometimes, very emotional.

    Strengths: -Good leader

    -can cook

    -can pilot a ship

    -can navigate

    -good swordsmanship

    Weaknesses: -easily loses focus


    -somewhat paranoid

    -somewhat vain

    Background: currently under development

    Edit: Ok, got about half of it done, but I have to sign off for now so I will have to finish it later today. n.n;

  • No offense but why did you post this profile? It's practically empty. -.-

  • Well the way some people do it is they post their progress and work on it on the forum. He might not be done with it so. That might explain it.

  • Truth is, when I posted it I was half asleep at the time, so I couldn't concentrate too well and ended up going to bed right after. n.n;

  • ^^ It's ok, we just all know it's a WIP 8D

  • No it isn't! To make up for your transgression you must bring me back a shrubbery or DIE!  NOOOOOW GO!


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