Sorry about being so late with this, been really busy. Anyway, here is the November Member of the Month thread. I think I got everyone, if you have been left out, please let me know.

Seeing as there are so many people to vote for, I have given everyone three votes instead of the usual two.

The poll will end on the 29th so that the winners have time to bask in the adoration of the other members while it is still Nov.! 😉

This is probably the biggest list ever!

Awesome. Me and my two other personalities get a vote each!

Well, as ive only been here a few days Ill abstein from this one cos it might be a bit biased 🙂

Don't worry about it Shade, just vote for random people if you don't know who to vote for.

Oh, I guess I should add, no voting for yourself. Not that any of you would do such a thing… Does not look at Rogg

I feel as though my rights have been violated!

😉 Mwahahahaha! Feel your rights sucked away!

You voted for yourself Rogg… But oh well! Maybe you'll wn!

I'm super sorry, I really didn't know the rule

That's fine dude. Just so you know now .

I only realy know 3 people.

Everyone should totally vote for me, being relatively new and all and having still accomplished an involved (if not quite heated) discussion. 😛

That and/or jumping right into roleplay as soon as I could.

OH Jeebus there's so many to choose from O.O  Oh so people that have won it in the past can also be nominated the next month?  Not to be a pessimist, but isn't that kinda unfair? 😕

I agree, Temp. That is unfair.

It should like, reset at the end of the year though ^^

Yeah, I'll edit poll and start the voting over again.

ATTENTION! I just edited the poll so that thew winners of the last one will not be chosen again this month. Please submit your votes again!

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