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    BIC: Wet, cold mud coated paws trudged slowly through the dirt and grime of the woodlands, one paw after the other. The figure attached to them pressed forwards into the wind of the storm as it howled and screamed around them,dark green cloak held tightly against their soaking fur.

    What sort of creature it was would be hard to decipher from a distance, however from its fluffy tipped ears, its posture and plus a bushy large tail  swaying in the wind behind it appeared to be some sort of squirrel. Pushing forwards through the wind the figure sludged through the trees as branch's snapped, cracked and whipped in the force of the towering fury overhead.

    She stopped and glanced upwards, twin emerald eyes peering out of the hood as if to search the havens for some end to the terrible rage of the cloud above, but they ignored her silent pleas and the leaves, branch's and debris continued to fall around the figure, crashing and banging with the might of the winds wrath.

    "When will it end?" Muttered a hoarse, dry voice beneath the hood, water dripping down the sides of the cloak, sodden wet fur clinging to a small frame. Closer inspection would reveal patch's of orange amongst the dirt and grime, the chestnut colors reinforced by the bushy and large tail behind all helping to mark the figure as a squirrel.

    "This rains going to wash out my dyes…and unstick my fur.." She muttered, coughing and spluttering against the wind as it bit into her muzzle.

    Still the squirrel moved forwards against the rain and winds deeper into mossflower woods, seeking the red wall place she had heard of long ago, where she might find peace and respite.

    With a crash and a snap, several trees cascaded to the floor in front of the squirrel and she nimbly leaped forwards, the wind throwing her backwards out of the treeline and onto a long, red path causing her to roll and cringe in pain as she landed. She lacked the weight to resist such raw force while having no grip upon the ground,and it showed with the ease such mighty wind had thrown her through the air.

    The squirrel groaned and twitched, pulling herself upright and cringing from the impact.

    Though, she had no idea she was upon the pathway, eyes shielded against the wind with her hood pulled tight,. Once more holding her soggy cloak around her she pushed forwards into the storm, heading ever northwards down thepathway to the fabled place of peace and refuge, Redwall abbey.

  • "Ah, when do I have to choose this time of year to run out of all my herbs?" the mouse muttered as she bundled her cloak around her, her satchel full of plants she had collected.  She was already unhappy about it; it was storming, and to top it all off it was dark.  When she'd started, it was daylight and it was beautiful out.  But then all of a sudden dark clouds rolled in and she was saturated within minutes.  Sure she could have gone back to the Abbey, but since she was already wet she figured that she would continue.

    She grumbled to herself some more and wiped the water out of her eyes, the raging autumn wind drowning out all other noise, save for the thunder.  The trees in Mossflower Wood helped create the din, the wind whistling through the leaves and branches, many of them stripped of the dying foliage.  On more than one occasion she had to dodge falling branches as the gale broke them off and sent them crashing to the forest floor.  No, needless to say, Freedom the Redwall Abbey Healer was not happy.

    The jet black mouse finally had her paws on the muddy path when she happened to look to her right, and a flash of lightning revealed a figure not two feet away from her.  She almost squeaked in surprise, but managed to keep her composure.  "Uh, wow I didn't think I'd run into anybody else out here." she yelled over the gale, completely forgoing the traditional 'Hi how are ya?'

    Freedom inclined her head back up the path, to her left.  "Come with me then, let's get you out of this weather."

  • Rogg trudged down the path, grumbling to himself. He liked a bit of water just a much as the next otter, but this was getting ridiculous. The storm was getting on his nerves and he hoped to find shelter soon. Redwall was most likely the best place to find this shelter, so that was where the young otter was headed.

    He pulled the soggy traveling cloak tighter around his stocky body, shivering as the boom of thunder rolled across the woodlands. This weather always reminded him of his home; Green Isle. It always seemed to be raining there, but that led to the lush foliage that covered the island. He thought back to the family that he had left, wondering what had happened to his little brother and the one he loved. Rogg felt a twinge of regret as he thought of what might have been had he not left his home, but then gulped and shoved the feeling from his heart. There was no point in wondering what could have been… The past defines the present, but the future is defined by what we do now.

    And what needed to be defined now was where the otter would sleep for the night.

    Mud sloshed beneath Rogg's webbed footpaws as he stopped, hearing what he thought was a voice in the distance.

    "Uh, wow I didn't think I'd run into anybody else out here.""Come with me then, let's get you out of this weather."

    Rogg could see the form of some creature only a few yards from where he was walking. He started and almost jumped back, having no idea that there was another creature there. His first reaction was to grab his blade, but he instantly could tell that this other creature meant him no harm. Berating himself for not seeing the newcomer sooner, he raised a paw in a gesture of peace and smiled.

    "I know! I didn't expect to see anyone else out here either!"

    The otter moved a little closer to the stranger.

    "Are you from the abbey?"

  • "Uh, wow I didn't think I'd run into anybody else out here.""Come with me then, let's get you out of this weather."

    The squirrel flinched at the sudden appearance of the mouse next to her, barely hearing the words above the roaring fury of the autumn storm. As the wind tugged at her sodden cloak and the rain soaked through her fur, she decided that perhaps following this beast may be the better option to find shelter from the storm, before moving northwards in search of the red wall.

    Shadetail regarded the figure carefully and was just about to speak when another voice sounded through the darkness behind, she gazed back through the torrential downpour and darkness to see the form of an otter.

    "I know! I didn't expect to see anyone else out here either!" He moved closer. "Are you from the abbey?"

    She subconsciously pulled her cloak tightly around her form, her eyes darting downwards, attempting to see through the black and check her disguise. There was just no way to tell if everything was intact from the rain and mess.

    Clearing her throat, she smiled widely and slid herself into her current role of perky squirrel.

    "Well! It's certainly a relief for my sore eyes to catch wind of friendly beasts such as yourselves!" She smiled in the darkness and nodded to the two.

    "Abbey? I am afraid not. Ive gotten myself a little bit lost… lovely refreshing weather though, isn't it?" She giggled and stared up at the sky as the rain continued to pour. "Unfortunately, I'm stuck with walking. I tried a bit of tree hopping but it didn't end too well."

    Shadetail shrugged and smiled at the two. "So where can a beast find some vittles and shelter around these parts? Oh, I do apologise!" She held out a paw, soggy fur dripping. "I'm Shadetail, Squirrel Adventuress and Jumping Extraordinaire!"

  • Though the mouse was very unhappy, getting soaked to the bone and running out of herbs and all she couldn't help but smile at the beasts demeanor.  She shook the offered paw enthusiastically.  "Well Shadetail, Squirrel Adventuress and Jumping Extraordinaire, you are in luck.  I am Freedom Windwalker, the Healer and Infirmary Keeper of Redwall Abbey.  You too, sir." she said to the other beast.

    "I don't know about the two of you, but I think I've had all of this beautiful weather as I can.  Perhaps we should skip off to the Abbey and find a bite to eat?"

  • Rogg could hardly make out the two creatures that were talking to him through the driving rain. He kept his distance and waited for them to make themselves known as friend or foe.

    Shadetail shrugged and smiled at the two. "So where can a beast find some vittles and shelter around these parts? Oh, I do apologise!" She held out a paw, soggy fur dripping. "I'm Shadetail, Squirrel Adventuress and Jumping Extraordinaire!"

    The young otter moved forward, taking the proffered paw and shaking it heartily.
    "Pleasure to meet you ma'am, I'm Rogg…er...."
    He was at a loss for words for a moment, not knowing weather he should tell them his full name or not.
    "Just Rogg" he smiled kindly.
    "Well, I honestly don't know this area very well, but I think Redwall would be the best place for some foods."

    "I don't know about the two of you, but I think I've had all of this beautiful weather as I can.  Perhaps we should skip off to the Abbey and find a bite to eat?"

    Rogg's heart lifted at the mention of food, his ears perked up and he replied with a new excitement in his voice.
    "Well yeah! I don't think I've eaten a hot meal in days! Well a few hours…" He shuffled, embarrassed at his seemingly glutinousness demeanor.

    He then looked back up smiling, placing a paw on his stomach.
    "I could use a but of tucker for the old tum"

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    bic: Shadetail grinned at the two beasts as Rogg shook her dripping and cold paw. She nodded to the mouse and laughed,eyes twinkling in the darkness as she shook the otters paw.

    "A pleasure meeting a sturdy otterbeast such as yourself, especially on such a fine day for a swim. Afterall,theres no need to take off your cloths when we have weather like this eh?"she giggled.

    Grinning widely she bowed to freedom and licked her lips. "and a pleasure to meet you too ma'am, perhaps you could lead me to your abbey for a few vittles?it has been awhile since i tasted anybeasts cooking but my own. Not that I'm lost…" she winked "i merely prefer to wander without a guide"

    Shadetail peered into the dark and gestured northwards. "if you would be so kind my fair maiden-mouse healer?"

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    BIC: Belarus hobbled south on the path with cloak pulled tight around him. It wasn’t common for him to venture out in such weather but Freedom’s absence had him concerned as nature had demonstrated her fury by breaking the limbs of several trees in the abbey orchard. The old fox mumbled to himself through the brute force of the storm using his pitchfork as a walking stick as well as a tool to check the conditions of the path in front of him. Belarus stopped and prodded at the path in front of him as he looked at his drooped whiskers then to the ditch that ran along side of the path  “Hmmm, this isn‘t looking too good.”
    He figured the path was solid enough to traverse and continued on as the roaring wind drained out the sound of beasts talking up ahead.

  • Freedom bowed slightly and smiled, feeling her cheeks heat up with a slight blush.  Maker thank goodness for the dark, this is rather embarrassing…  "Then follow me my dears, we should reach the front gates shortly.  I just hope they'll be able to hear us pounding on it through all of….this."  She gestured to their surroundings as they plodded up the path, the raging storm refusing to peter out.

    A flash of lighting illuminated another beast on the path ahead of them, though Freedom couldn't quite get a good glimpse of him or her.  Another flash showed that the four of them were now closer, and she could vaguely make out a staff of some kind.  A third flash and Freedom could tell that said staff was a pitchfork, and she had an idea of who the creature could be.  "Ahoy Bel, is that you?" she yelled out in the squall, figuring that he'd be able to hear her somewhat since they were walking towards each other and the gap was closing rapidly.

  • The rickety cart bounced along the exposed roots in the muddy path, and with each subsequent bounce, the troupe inside groaned and cursed the otters pulling it. They'd been traveling for what seemed like months, stopping occasionally to rest, relax and perform for any passers-by. The income they drew from spectators was pitiful, but they knew more coins could be found further north.

    Everett Morton latched on to the troupe by demonstrating his invaluable skills as a healer, patching up a gash on the lead actor's forehead and wrapping a sprain on the leading mousemaid. The troupe agreed to bring him along, as far as Redwall Abbey, in exchange for his mending skills. Everett didn't mind doing the occasional bandaging or examination, as long as it meant he could settle down somewhere permanent and continue his studies and practices.

    The cart halted suddenly. The troupe inside bowled over each other in a chorus of shrieks, curses and moans.

    "Shove off!" Grammercy cried, twisting his ear free from beneath a hedgehog's footpaw. The squirrel stood (as best he could) and frowned. "Why'd we stop?"

    "We're just outside the abbey, Gram," Boulton the mouse said, pulling the canopy of the cart open at the front. "Well done, lads," he congratulated to the otters.

    "This is my stop, then," Everett said, grabbing his bedroll and satchel. He stooped as he stood, saluting the scrambled troupe. "Thanks for the travel, everyone…best of luck on the performance."

    He leapt out of the cart and into the torrential rain, twitching as an angry chorus chased him from the cart and further onto the path leading up to the red walls:

    "Don't wish us luck! It's bad luuuuuck!!"

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    BIC: "Belarus! Where has that old coot run off too!?" Leonid growled. The hot-headed squirrel raised his arm against the force of the winds and rain.

    A black wolf was forcing through the storm alongside Leonid as they searched for any signs of Bel. "I believe he recently left to search for Freedom, as ironic as that sounds!" Kyrodo shouted over the noise. His white-tipped ears perked as they caught sounds of a cart bouncing through the rain somewhere behind them back towards the Abbey.

    "Grr! Save the subtleties Kyrodo, this storm's bad and we've got an old grump to find!" Leonid shouted angrily as he strolled ahead of him.

    "WAIT!" Kyrodo shouted stopped to look back.

    "Oh, what is it now?" Leonid grumbled as he whirled around.

    Kyrodo squinted as he caught sight of the silhouette of the cart standing. A beast had jumped off and was chased away to Redwall. "Well, isn't that the odd sight?"

    Leonid let out an audible impatient sigh before turning back forward to attempt to look through the rain. There what seemed like Belarus was trudging towards a group of creatures further down the path. "BEL!" Leonid shouted a few times, later aware that his voice wouldn't carry through. "Quit messing around Kyrodo, I think Belarus is up ahead, and there's a group further down the road!"

  • Everett raised a paw to his eyes, vainly attempting to keep the water from dripping down into his field of vision. In a matter of moments, he went from warm and dry to soaked and chilled. He knew he had to find shelter, and quickly, or else he would need a healer of his own.

    Despite the sporadic flashes of light, Everett spotted distant figures headed on a parallel course to his own. He grinned and waved a paw in a wide arc over his head.

    "Hello!" he cried out, to nobeast in particular. "Are you headed to the abbey?"

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    Bic:  Shadetail regarded the rain warily, as the water soaked through her fur, though the mud coating her form potentially kept the dyes in her fur she wondered if her disguise would still pass.

    She peered through the gloom at the beast that the mouse Freedom had called towards, attempting to discertain what type of creature it might have been as they plodded forwards towards the abbey. She couldn't quite tell what he was, though she heard what sounded like more voices up ahead and she squinted, eyeing the dark outlines as the lightning crackled overhead.

    "Hello!" She tried to see who, or indeed, what had been yelling but gave up, instead stepping back to behind Freedom and following her forwards.

  • Belarus stopped hearing a muffled call and narrowed his eyes as the lighting revealed a few beasts ahead. He grumbled to himself for a moment then shouted at the beast that sounded vaguely like Freedom over the wind “Freedom, is that you? Come on this weather’s just begging to hurt some beast!”
    The old fox waddled towards them with the intent of using his larger size to try and block at least some of the wind for them.

  • Hello!  Are you headed to the Abbey?  Her ear twitched slightly towards the noise as it faintly drifted towards her over the thunder, wind, and pounding rain. Freedom blew a drop of rain from the end of her nose as they finally became level with the old fox.  "Aye 'tis me, and I have a couple of weary travelers with me as well.  Get them to the Abbey Bel, I think I may have heard some other beast calling over the wind.  Why anyone would willingly be out in this weather I would not know."

    She nodded to Shade and Rogg.  "I will see you two in a bit, now go and get warm." she smiled slightly and retreated back down the path before anybody could say another word.  She ventured off the path slightly and stared into the black mass of trees, willing her eyes to focus through the weather.  A flash of lightning lit up the scene and she spotted the beast waving his arm above his head.

    "Aye, keep coming this way!" she shouted back towards the new comer.

  • "Aye, keep coming this way!"

    Everett nodded and pushed through the boggish underbrush, careful to dodge the swinging braches that flayed in the violent wind. He walked carefully, maintaining his pace so as to not give the welcoming voice a reason to doubt him.

    "Thank you," he called again as he drew closer. He ran a paw across his forehead, trying to keep the water from his eyes. "It's been difficult walking in this weather…and I know I shouldn't be out, but..."

    He caught himself as he approached the mouse. He didn't want to tell her everything, but he knew he needed to give her more of a reason for his walking in the wilds on a terrible night. He stopped and smiled, drenched and helpless.

    "...but I needed to get to the abbey, because I know that's where I belong." He extended a dripping paw. "I'm Everett--hello."

  • She laughed lightly and shook his paw warmly.  "I know the feeling, trust me.  Well met Everett, I am Freedom, the Healer and Infirmary Keeper of Redwall Abbey.  Now, how about we get out of this weather, eh?"

  • "Come on this weather’s just begging to hurt some beast!”

    Shadetail regarded the fox carefully, frowning. She reminded herself that she was indeed still disguised, and so she smiled widely at the fox.

    "Hello!" She grinned and waved her paws in a cheerful manner. "Im told you can lead us to the abbey! Do lead on. Not that I dont enjoy this lovely weather…" She gestured at the dark sky. "..But I am certain I would enjoy making the aqquaintance of your delightful abbey and its chief cook!"

  • Everett's smile grew wider at Freedom's introduction. "Chief Healer, you say? Just the creature I wanted to see. Yes, let's get inside and out of this dampness…I appreciate the personal welcome, but it won't do us any good if we catch cold and are put to bed for a week!" He gestured to the entrance. "After you, please."

  • "Interesting, it seems we have a good group of guests today. How exciting!" said Kyrodo with a grin just before another flash of lightning struck nearby. A deafening blast of thunder soon followed as a branch fell near them.

    "Kyrodo, of all times, this is none to be happy-go-lucky and careless!" Leonid growled.

    Kyrodo waved at them as they approached, rather quickly seeing as the group seemed to be following the path their way towards the Abbey. "HEY! You all headed back to the Abbey? Names Kyrodo! Oh, hello Belarus and Freedy!" he said cheerfully as a flash of lightning gave way to recognition.

    Leonid noted Belarus was leading the party back. "Wow, I see you are still alive. Err, I mean back to the Abbey where it's all nice and warm! I see there's a new face or two as well, how delightful," he said as they joined up. He noticed Rogg, Shadetail, and Frost who Freedom was out to retrieve. He frowned and gave a good glance at Shadetail as he tried to figure out if she was a fox or a squirrel like him. He shrugged to himself and continued forward.

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