Solari Nightshade

  • Nickname: Shadetail, Shadey, Shade.

    Full Name: Solari Nightshade

    Species: Red Fox
    Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her early 20's.

    Description: A small and agile vixen with a slender-athletic body. She has deep emerald eyes and a standard red and white fur pattern covering most of her body, with white tips

    on her ears, except for her tail which is entirely black. Shadetail wears a long, flowing dark green cloak and standard lightly padded clothing over her front, resembling a green tunic or robe, with the lower parts cut to just above the knees for easy mobility.

    Typically she holds a whimsical smiling expression around others, though her eyes maintain a distant and sorrowful look.

    Personality: Open, helpful and smiling brightly is the first image most beasts receive of this vixen. This is sadly also a downfall as it often results in distrust. She is a honest character and seems rather eager to please and assist in any way she can, though, being a vermin, jibes and comments on her nature or 'untrustworthyness' do actually hurt her.

    The happiness is a front she maintains, behind it all hides the dark past and a deep desire to be accepted and make up for the wrongs of her past, which she refuses to talk about, mostly because of her bloodline.

    She is kind ,warm and protective, often going out of her way to help others. This nature is possibly due to the urge to make up for past wrongs, and can result in reckless attempts at heroism.  She maintains a positive and perky nature, however in battle preparations and fighting her expertise shows, and a much colder side comes to the surface.

    She can often take decisions most beasts would consider wrong, as in her eyes, the ultimate goal is often worth sacrifice and rather 'unorthodox' methods of achieving victory.

    Shadetail absolutely adores dibbuns, as they are some of the only creatures to not judge at first sight. She can often be found taking part in their mischievous games, acting rather childish, perhaps to make up for her own childhood.


    1 Long bladed Rapier
    1 Long rapier hilt/scabbard, embroidered with a black flower on the side, scratched through by a blunt object.
    2 Small daggers, one holstered on each leg
    1 'Makeup' kit, containing:

    • Chalk
    • Several pieces of fur, Mostly white.
    • Dried Grass
    • Tree Sap
    • Black, Orange, Yellow, Brown 'colors' (crushed berry/fruit juices, to stain fur.)
      1 Emblem Necklace, in the shape of a flower, black, a symbol of her heritage.
      1 Pouch of Nightshade, crushed.

        - A skilled tracker able to follow trails with some expertise, if there are trails to be followed.
        - Very Basic knowledge of healing. I.E patch it up with rolls of cloth and dirt to halt bleeding.
        - Due to smaller frame, very athletic and agile enabling her to climb with some expertise
        - A strong sense of balance
        - A competent small arms user, able to hold her own in a fight with daggers and other small weaponry.
        - An experienced and skilled rapier user, knowing its strengths and weaknesses in a fight.
        - Able to disguise herself with some efficiency to look like most vermin.
        - Able to disguise herself to look like an otter or hare.
        - Able to disguise herself with some efficiency to look like a squirrel.

    Author Note: Shadetail was a disguise user and scout back in the patrol, however this was originally a very thin line. With the release of 'The Long Patrol' book, its a bit more feasible. Similar to Midge Manycoats, only certainly not as good, for obvious reasons.

        - Physically weaker than larger beasts due to her smaller frame and build
        - Very easily pushed back by large, brute force attacks If the opponent is larger/stronger.  (Badgers, Wolves, etc.)
        - Dislikes and cannot use heavier weaponry such as a Polearm, Longsword, Claymore etc
        - Unable to disguise herself as beasts larger than herself, I.E badger
        - Unable to disguise herself as beasts with different structure to herself, I.E Mole, Hedgehog, etc.
        - Most 'Goodbeast' Disguises easily seen-through on close inspection due to fairly obvious flaws, such as too big a tail for a hare, lack of tail structure for an otter, etc.
        - Most 'vermin' Disguises will not hold up to close and prepared inspection, I.E obvious sticky fur from tree sap, washing out dyes, etc.
        - Fear of water causing her to be edgy and nervous around large bodies of water.
        - Weak swimmer


    Author Note: This is a  summary and rewrite. As my old data is gone with the board, I'm basing this off memory and starting again from her 'arrival' at redwall. I will update this as roleplay progresses. I miss my old n gray vixen, but starting from arrival is much easier/fun!

    Solari Nightshade grew up with the Nightshade family of foxes, in Lands far from Mossflower woods in the south. The area was constantly under the tyranny of the Nightshade family and its army of vermin guards. She began life under her father and brothers watchful gaze, and much of her childhood was taken with fighting, training and learning the family ways. She was trained by her brother in the art of treachery, deceit and disguise. Her younger brother led the scouting parties, and so passed that knowledge onto Solari.

    Her father, Solarus, was a Captain of the Scurvydog, a ship in a rapscillian fleet. The fleet was engaged and destroyed at Salamandastron by the Long Patrol, with only four ships escaping to safety. Solarus and his wife, the vixen Syn, led the ships to the southern shores, where they crashed.

    The four remaining ships were scuttled and the vermin, following Solarus's command, went inland in search of a home, following the river. The family treated the beasts in the area like slaves.

    The local Holt, Pearl, led a uprising against the initial settling of the Nightshade family. Unfortunately it was decimated by the Nightshade family in the battle, and those who escaped fled north, the rest thrown into years of slavery. Most of the forest creatures in the area and those that didn't escape were soon held in captivity of the slave pens following the uprising, as the sheer force of numbers subdued the surrounding lands.

    The family set up in the ruins of an old manor house, surrounded by two moats, an interior and exterior line of defense. They settled in the house and had their army settle in the interior circle, building wooden barricades along the lines of the moats.

    Solari was born several years after the settling, and her parents had grown old. She was the last to be born in the family of seven, three girls and four boys. It was accepted that her elder brother, Lupin would take over the family, and so Solari was trained to be a scout and follow in her brother Kingsly's  footsteps as a second officer in the patrols of the area.

    With all suppression and tyranny comes rebellion. There would be several during Solari's childhood, of which a few she took part in subduing, following Kingsly.

    Kingsly was slain during one such raid after an ambush on the way to a supposed location of the rebellions current home, and Solari had to take over the scouting party, they took heavy losses and she panicked, leading it back in disgrace. When she returned her father sent out the entire guard, bar a minimum force, to hit the location of the village hard. The rebel force had not evacuated entirely and so several parents were held captive, though many chose death against slavery.

    Solari was put in prison cells opposite the captives for several weeks as they were questioned. Solari endured their jibes and questioning throughout the weeks, getting to know the captives, despite her own nature and dislike, bred in from her family.  When the last prisoners, a mother and her child, were to be executed something in Solari snapped.

    She was allowed to exit the chamber by her guard who had orders to free her, but upon doing so she killed the guard and unlocked the cells. With the mother and dibbun free, Solari escorted them through the gates using her status and authority to get them past the guards, using the excuse that she had interrogated them and was scouting out a potential location for another Holt.

    Solari then returned only to take her rapier and gear, before herself leaving into the woods. She stayed with the otter and her child throughout the winter as they hid from vermin, Solari scavenging food for the two who never did quite trust her, but she avoided home, afraid of her fathers wrath.

    Instead, Solari was taken towards the southern coastline, where she met up with the Jade Holt,a family made up of the remnants of Holt Pearls descendants.

    They gave her simple thanks and a polite, if firm, refusal to allow her to travel with them southwards in search of allies.

    Solari accepted this refusal, and through talk of where she might travel to, heard of a red walled place north where any beast was welcome to stay, and she decided immediately to seek it out and perhaps, shelter there where she may be able to find peace…

    _Authors Note: for those of you who knew her from TMP, this is a 'restart' so to speak. This shadetail has only just begun her adventures and is a long, long path away from the old grizzled veteran patrol leader. Sadly, but id like to build her up into this place and take part!

    Also, i apologise if its horribly written. University decimated my capability to write coherently, I'm starting to get back into it all now._

  • Not a problem Shade, we can definitely work with that!  Rebuilding can be a good thing 🙂  I'm basically doing the same thing with Freedom, Mira, and Saoirse, though I've added a little age on them.

    This is great, especially since most of it is from memory.  From what I can remember, this definitely sounds like the old Shade.  A couple of things may be off, but all in all it sounds just like her.

    I can't wait, it's going to be great to rp with you again Shadey!!

  • Wow, really nice bio! Happy to have you role-pay with us!

  • thank you ! 🙂

  • Horribly written? I think not!

  • I'm embarrassed >_<

    Thank you all.

  • No, definitely not horribly written.  No need to be so critical of your work.  ^^  Looks great.

  • Shadetail is a liar! XD Shade, in no way is it horribly writen. Great bio, seriously : D, and wow very detailed

  • Thank you all 🙂

    I still dont think its that great, but i will admit i have confidence issues xD

  • @Shadetail:

    Thank you all 🙂

    I still dont think its that great, but i will admit i have confidence issues xD

    [Insert GINORMOUS hug here] I remember, no worries 😛

  • I'm really liking her history so far. ^^ I have also taken a restart as well. I've seen Redwall's Legacy as a new world for us to explore and develop in.

    Take heart, that you're writing is certainly not terrible. From what I can remember back in the MP days, in my opinion you were one of the most prominent role-players there.  I'm sure you're not as rusty as you think. ^^

  • Minor cleanup. Back in action.

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